Beach 35th Street On The Boardwalk
Photos by Mark Beckerman, Class of 1963

 THANK YOU to Mark Beckerman for sending these outstanding photos.   Those of us who spent our summers on the boardwalk at 35th Street will recognize the view.  I personally spent every spare moment (and dime) playing Fascination.  I never thought I would see a photo of the building ever again.  This is truly an outstanding memory for me as well as many others.  Thanks.  Mark has promised us a few more memories in the weeks to come so please keep checking this link for updates.

I'd really like to thank Mark for these photos.  I stared at them for half an hour.  In the second photo, you can see my bar and grill (SAMS). What a wonderful memory.  My father, Sam, opened it in 1939, and we went into partnership in 1961.  In 1969 35th street burned down.  The entire family worked summers there, including many boys from Arverne and Edgemere.  My mother, Naomi, who worked side by side with dad, just passed away June 19th of 2003.  Thanks again.  Artie Schechter, Class of 56.

Thanks for posting the photos. I worked at B35th Street (32nd street shack) as a lifeguard from 1963 thru the summer of 1968. Great times and great memories. Thanks for the pictures of Sams I had breakfast there everyday of every summer I worked at the beach. I remember Sam, Naomi, Artie and his brother Mel. Also remember Renee who sold frozen custard next to Fascination. What great time and place!! Best regards.

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Boardwalk At Beach 35th Street

Boardwalk At Beach 35th Street
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Fascination On The Boardwalk

Lenny of Lenny's Fascination On The Boardwalk

Fascination On The Boardwalk - Roll It Up!

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