Can You Assist Bob Nesoff With Information About Bernie Madoff?

Hi Skip:
Not sure if you are familiar with my name. I was FRHS Class of '56. I left school before graduation to take a job as a magazine editor in New York.
I have been in touch with classmate Bernie Madoff and will be on my way to Butner prison in the next couple of weeks to meet with him. I will be writing his bio.
If possible, I would be most appreciative if you could post a note for me on the FRHS site. I am looking for anyone who has personal anecdotes about Bernie in high school, on the swim team or just in general as to what kind of person he was. I could also use any photos (no originals, please. Send JPEG or PDF).
A lot has been written about him post scandal, but I would like to present the entire picture. I'm not going to gloss over what he's done, but I believe there is a huge gap in what has been presented.
I can be reached at any of the below contacts:
Bob Nesoff
626 McCarthy Drive
New Milford, NJ07646-1029
(201) 385-2000
Thank you. The help is greatly appreciated.

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