Class of 1963 New York Reunion
October 23, 2004

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Thanks to all of you who sent in photos of the wonderful reunion.
A big thank you to Susan Gottlieb, Mark Beckerman
and the rest of the reunion committee for all their hard work.
If you have additional photos of the reunion, send them to
Please also send me missing names!
Hi,  This is Linda (Zabinofsky) Schnitzer, the Spanish language braniac from the class of 1963, with Mr. Epstein, Ms. Kursar and Mr. Leventer. I live in Las Vegas and was not able to get back to the reunion......but I finally sat down to look at the photos and remember Fern Treiber and Marcia Arnold. Fern was stuck at my house our first day of high school, when hurricane Donna hit.
Thank you so much for the photos. I can't help you to identify any of the others but it was a wonderful trip down memory lane to see the familiar names.
Linda      Email Address:

Robert Rothblat, Ray Neinstein, Alan Frost, John Murray

Ellen Schwartz, Fern Treiber

Pam Meadow, Fern Treiber, Lana Popow

Linda Robey, Fern Treiber

Stan Cohen, Gary Winnick
Susan Gottlieb Beckerman, Mark Beckerman
Mona Magida, Steve Grossman, Karen Kaufman
Ellen Schwartz, Stan Cohen
Iris Lichterman Weinger, Stan Cohen
Saul Raw, Joe Davis
Fern Treiber, Ellen Schwartz, Pam Meadow

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