Did you know this man?  

  1876 - 1967
Chairman,  Science Department
  Far Rockaway High School
   1906 - 1946

The late Edwin A. Barnes' portrait was recently found in a trash bin at FRHS.  The
person who eventually ended up with it had it matted and framed and would like
to know if anyone out there knew anything about this man who spent the better
part of his life as Chairman of the Science Department at FRHS.    Did he
have family?  If so, we would like to get the portrait back to them.

If all efforts fail to return the portrait to its rightful owner, we will donate it to
The Rockaway Museum, which is asking for anything from FRHS' past for their
Far Rockaway High School Revisited exhibit.

Please get in touch with either me (Carol) or Skip and give us any information you might
have about Edwin Barnes.

A reply:

Dear Skip,
Mr. Barnes taught physics at Far Rockaway High School.  I had him as a teacher during
1944 for physics and also as a home room teacher.  He lived on Seneca Street, now Beach
12th Street.  If my memory serves me correctly he had two sons.  Don't remember their names.
I realize that this info may not help in placing his portrait but it might lead to something else. 
It is a shame that some one would just throw his picture away. 

Harold Berkowitz

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