Including the old Reunion Hall list
"American by Birth, Rockaway by the Grace of God"
Donna Gaines, Class of 1968

Lord, give us the strength to overcome our sadness and loss during this violent time in our lives and country.
Help us to rise up and protect our shores from those filled with hate.

Support Freedom

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Page One - Alumni Listings A-H
*Deceased alumni indicated in red*

Aaron, Roberta (Shulman) 1973 Dix Hills NY
Aaron, Roy 1961 Providence RI
Aarons, Myrna (Lackey) 1956 Boynton Beach FL
Abadia, Tyson 1986 Kissimmee FL
Abelson, David Mark 1967 Woodmere NY
Abelson, Paul 1961 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Abiuso, Joseph Jr. 1963 Lindenhurst NY
Abraham, Stu  1962 Holmdel NJ
Abrahams, David 1973 Bayside NY
Abrahams, Marcia 1982 North Babylon NY
Abrahams, Robert 1965 Great Neck NY
Abramowitz, Michelle (Levokove) 1976 Long Beach NY
Abramowitz, Susan (Albaz) 1982 Sunrise FL
Abrams, Aren (Alfaro) 1963 Linwood NJ
Abrams, Doris (Goldstein) 1955 Tucson AZ
Abrams, Jo Ann 1970 Royal Palm Beach FL
Abrams, Larry 1943
Abrams, Martin 1956 Far Rockaway NY
Abramson, David (Roya) 1964 Neponsit NY
Ackereizen, Mark 1962 East Meadow NY
Ackerman, Chris 1971 Butte MT
Ackerman, Diana (Lieberman 1959 East Rockaway NY
Ackerman, Rochelle (Borden) 1976 Newton MA
Adamo, Joanne (Kilgallon) 1972 St. Peters MO
Adams, Patricia A. (Miller) 1972 Las Vegas NV
Adamsky, Rick 1984 Far Rockaway NY
Adelman, Harold 1960 Tampa FL
Adelman, Helen Lisa 1975 Weehawken NJ
Adelman, Howard 1947 Seminole FL
Adelman, Rita (Zuckerman) 1962 Slate Hill NY
Adler, Elaine (Goodfriend) 1973 Los Angeles CA
Adler, John 1959 Highland Park NJ
Adler, Mindy 1975 Santa Fe NM
Adler, Myron "Moose" 1954 Delray Beach FL
Adolphus, Sheila H. (Klein) 1960 Coconut Creek FL
Afroimsky, Edward  1972 Rockwall TX
Afromsky, Ellen  1964 New York NY
Aginsky, Helene (Zucker) 1951 Boynton Beach FL
Agliata, Chip (Hartweg) 1966 Ringwood NJ
Aiello, Joseph 1981 Lakewood CA
Aiello, Vinny 1973 Staten Island NY
Aigbe, Okenfe 2000 Far Rockaway NY
Albanese, Cathy (Callegari) 1966 Scarsdale NY
Albanese, Roseann (Maltese) 1969 Massapequa NY
Albert, Francine (Berg) 1965 Albany NY
Albin, Marilyn (Rosenblum) 1947 Oceanside NY
Albin, Patricia (Amer) 1952
Alexander, Harold (Harry) 1944
Alexander, Howard 1966 Coral Gables FL
Alexander, Kenneth 1971 Hackensack NJ
Ali, Kategia 1975 New York NY
Allen, Michelle (Scarlett) 1985 Far Rockaway NY
Alliger, Eric 1961 Westbury NY
Alliger, Phyllis (Bogart) 1963 Long Beach NY
Allocco, Julia (Ahearn) 1941 St. Petersburg FL
Alman, Dan 1953 Davie FL
Alpert, Michele (Garashi-Ellick) 1970 Hendersonville NC
Alter, Roberta (Heitman) 1965 Pompano Beach FL
Alter, Sandy (Sid) 1955 Lauderhill FL
Altman, Harvey  1972 Delray Beach FL
Altschuler, Lillian 1942 Rockaway Beach NY
Altschuler, Michelle (Wudowsky) 1982 Far Rockaway NY
Amaya, Luis  1989
Ambrico, Michele (Barnard Thompson) 1967 Ocala FL
Ambrico, Wendy (Schwartz) 1969 Walnut Creek CA
Amelkin, Brian 1969 Helena MT
Amelkin, Susan (Lipton) 1957 Hendersonville NC
Amiel, Elliot 1969 Glendale AZ
Amiel, Helen Lana (Galapo) 1976 Coral Springs FL
Amiel, Lana (Azzato) 1974 Coral Springs FL
Amiel, Maurice 1978 Coral Springs FL
Amster, Marilyn (Klugman) 1946 Rockville Centre NY
Anderson, Gert (Tutundjian) 1943
Anderson, Lawrence W. 1961 Boynton Beach FL
Anderocci, Julie C. 1971 Phoenix AZ
Andracchi, Frank 1964 Annapolis MD
Andracchi, Linda (Hanley) 1961 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Andresen, Margaret (Pinto) 1972 Shirley NY
Andriano, Dominique (Marie) 1973 Boca Raton FL
Angel, Jack 1966 Great Neck NY
Anis, Mindy (Hausman) 1979 Stamford CT
Apfelbaum, Adrien (Panitz) 1971 Plantation FL
Apfelbaum, Judy (Karp)  1967 Oceanside NY
Apfelbaum, Malvina (Kluger) 1966 Kew Gardens NY
Apolaro, Antoinette (Lippi) 1958 Oceanside NY
Apostolou, Constance "Cookie" (Kershaw) 1975 Wantagh NY
Appel, Linda (Stratico) 1972 Merrick NY
Appel, Yvette (Hall) 1973 Rockaway Beach NY
Appelman, Ellen (Guggenheim) 1970 New York NY
Appleman, Selma (Abrams) 1965 Boca Raton FL
Apsel, Dorine (Gordon) 1965 New York NY
Arcoleo, Joseph 1970 East Islip NY
Arens, Beverly (Heller) 1956 Somerset NJ
Argento, Frank 1978 Lawrence NY
Argento, Michael 1981 New York NY
Arleo, Pauline (Kline) 1971 Prosper TX
Armet, Stuart 1959 Williamstown MA
Arnao, Diane (Sadowski) 1964 Slingerlands NY
Arnao, Doreen (Phelan) 1978 Seaford NY
Arnao, Thomas 1978 Smithtown NY
Arnel, Curt 1974 Merrick NY
Arnel, Jeffrey 1981 Orange CT
Arnel, Marc 1976 Port Chester NY
Arnold, Marcia (Zeitlin) 1963 South Orange NJ
Aronowitz, Michael 1973 Mamaroneck NY
Aronowsky, Barry 1958 Greenlawn NY
Aronowsky, Carol 1967 Los Angeles CA
Aronowsky, Michael 1963 Massapequa NY
Arons, Candice "Candy" (Koerner) 1967 Forest Hills NY
Arons, Rona (Silver) 1964 New York NY
Aronson, Barbara (Curreri) 1958 Bellmore NY
Aronson, Larry 1954
Aronson, Marc 1970 Manalapan NJ
Aronson, Marty 1973 Wayne NJ
Aronson, Rhonda (Glickman) 1970 Lynbrook NY
Arrick, Ronald 1964 Cedarhurst NY
Arroyo, Sylvia E. 1975 Pembroke Pines FL
Artis, Robert 1986 Parlin NJ
Ascher, Bob 1962 Merrick NY
Ascher, Iris 1959 New York NY
Ash, Saul 1969 Seaford NY
Ashe, Amy (Ehrlich) 1970 Rockaway Park NY
Ashe, Iris (Bernstein) 1972 Woodmere NY
Ashe, Scott  1969 Far Rockaway NY
Ashley Haenel, Judith (Shear) 1959 Rock Hill NY
Ashley, Rita (Berdahl) 1966 New York NY
Atlas, Beatrice (Levi Wellens) 1932 Islip NY
Atwood, Bill 1976 Honolulu HI
Audain, Courtney (Tudor) 1976 Wahiawa HI
Auerbach, Jeffrey 1974 Jackson Heights NY
Auerbach, Jerry 1950 Del Mar CA
Auerbach, Michael 1981 New York NY
Austern, Helen (Lichtner) 1941 Lawrence NY
Aversano, Teresa 1973 Rome NY
Avidon, Gerard 1958 Locust Valley NY
Avidon, Kenneth 1953 Princeton Junction NJ
Avin, Janis (Hassid) 1972 Oceanside NY
Avirom, Jonathan 1956 New York NY
Axelrod, Bonnie (Warstadt) 1967 Long Beach NY
Axelrod, Howard 1961 Avon Lake OH
Axelrod, Jon 1965
Axelrod, Scott 1970 Bayport NY
Axelrud, Abraham (Abby) 1964 Woodmere NY
Babian, Leslie (Effman) 1962 Amherst NY
Babich, Amy (Port) 1969 Bakersfield CA
Babich, Howie 1973 New York NY
Backenroth, Manny 1972 Nesconset NY
Backman, Gail (Grossman) 1959 Boynton Beach FL
Backman, Gerald S. 1955 Miami FL
Bader, Bobbi (Baumgarten) 1963 San Rafael CA
Bader, Elaine (Sarfati) 1960 Brooklyn NY
Bader, Helaine (Nelson) 1960 Del Mar CA
Baez, Kim (McCartney) 1987 Kingstowne MD
Bahr, Alyce (Winnick)  1940 Lake Worth FL
Bahr, Ruth (Beach)  1936 Boynton Beach FL
Bailey, Laurie (Bailey-Thomas) 1997 Far Rockaway NY
Bailey, Linda (Davis) 1974 Goldsboro NC
Balen, Illana (Johnston) 1965 Brookfield CT
Balen, Lynn (Gabel) 1968 Manalapan NJ
Ball, Scott 1975 San Lorenzo CA
Balzano, Caroline (Jones) 1981 Valley Stream NY
Balzano, Kathleen (Markey) 1979 Inwood NY
Bandler, Michael L.1955 Alamo CA
Bandy, Valentina (Bandy Norris)  1983 Opelika AL
Bank, Norman  1955 Aventura FL/New York NY
Bank, Phyllis  1954 Clermont FL
Banks, Leslie (Banks-Sills) 1961 Kfar Saba Israel
Banner, April 1986 Long Island City NY
Banner, Sharon 1967 Trinity FL
Baraban, Lois (Todd) 1949 Deerfield Beach FL
Baran, David (Baransky) 1980 Tokyo Japan
Baran, Ray 1989 Fort Ann NY
Barasch, Elliot C. 1965 East Windsor NJ
Barbarasch, Barry 1968 Princeton Junction NJ
Barg, Brenda (Schlechter) 1966 Cedarhurst NY
Barg, Heather (Rosenhoch) 1963 Largo FL
Barisano, Eddie 1961 Long Beach NY
Barkan, Beverly (Mandel) 1960 Winnetka CA
Barlowe, Carol (Brown) 1958 Pipersville PA
Barlowe, Marion (Glushenko) 1963 Margate FL
Barna, Barbara (Brown) 1963 Phoenix AZ
Barna, Carole (Scherker) 1961 New Albany OH
Barnes, Monica (Thioune) 1985 Jamaica NY
Barnet, Stuart 1963 East Meadow NY

Barnett, Teena 2000 Far Rockaway NY
Baron, Ellen (Falk) 1960 Nesconset NY
Baron, Goldie (Rothenberg) 1939 La Jolla CA
Baron, Linda (Friedman) 1962 Whitehall PA
Baron, Renee (Mandel) 1957 Hollywood FL
Baron, Sue (Edelblum) 1973 Galloway NJ
Baron, Susan 1963 West Palm Beach FL
Baron, William 1971 Suffern NY
Barovsky, Ronna 1976 West Palm Beach FL
Barr, David 1969 Dallas TX
Barr, Irene (Price) 1956 Cranford NJ
Barreto, Shasha 1997 New York NY
Barron, Helene 1953 Longwood FL
Barry, Bruce 1959 North Babylon NY
Barry, Ed 1966 North Lauderdale FL
Barry, Edward C. 1924
Barry, Jane (Spezio) 1974 Valley Stream NY
Barry, Maureen (Hubschmitt) 1977 Arverne NY
Barry, Rae Anne 1961 Orwell VT
Bart, Gary 1964 Beverly Hills CA
Bart, Judy (Kancigor) 1960 Fullerton CA
Barten, Elise 1969 Matawan NJ
Barton, Richard 1965 Merrick NY
Barwell, Nancy (Mandia) 1964 Kings Park NY
Basch, Shari (Behar) 1983 East Rockaway NY
Basch, Steven 1979 Coral Springs FL
Baskin, Joanne 1970 Brooklyn NY
Basser, Bernice (Turoff) 1942 Stockton CA
Bassin, Carla (Polakowski) 1960 Anaheim CA
Bassman, Rena (Samuels) 1966 Coral Springs FL
Batwin, Howard 1969 Longwood FL
Batwin, Shelley (Cobbel) 1971 Dallas TX
Bauman, Emily (Fink) 1968 Fairfax Station VA
Baumel, Susan (Baumel-Cornicello) 1980 Brooklyn NY
Baumgarten, Doug 1973 Rockville MD
Baumgarten, Fred 1975 Sharon CT
Baumgarten, Roger 1978 Mechanicsburg PA
Baumrind, Martin 1969 Brooklyn NY
Bayard, Emily 1971 Shutesbury MA
Bayard, Steve 1968 Manalapan NJ
Beacher, Bobby 1965
Beal, Helaine (Koch) 1972 Neskowin OR
Beal, Leslie 1969 Unionville CT
Beck, Jackie 1980 Rockville Centre NY
Beck, Steven 1964 Miller Place NY
Becker, Andrew 1959 Plantation FL
Becker, Carol (Peper-Goldsmith) 1947 Bayport NY
Becker, Carolyn (Propis Lippman) 1959 Boca Raton FL
Becker, Eddie 1967 Washington DC
Becker, Jerome 1953 New York NY
Becker, Leslie 1950 Delray Beach FL
Becker, Marc 1971 Manalapan NJ
Becker, Michael 1962 Dallas TX
Becker, Richard 1965 Los Angeles CA
Becker, Robert 1957 Victoria TX
Beckerman, Gail (Resnick) 1965 Brooklyn NY
Beckerman, Mark 1963 Saratoga Springs NY
Beckoff, Alan 1974 Hollis Hills NY
Beckoff, Jay 1979 Westport CT
Beckoff, Robert 1972 Bergenfield NJ
Bedell, Harriet (Shea) 1962 Columbus OH
Bedell, Syma (Silverman) 1957 Boynton Beach FL
Behar, Lenore (Mankoff) 1970 Long Beach CA
Behar, Joyce 1975 New York NY
Behar, Marc 1971 Seattle WA
Behar, Vivian (Goldfarb) 1965
Beheller, Linda (Mazziotti) 1969 Long Beach NY
Behren, Irwin 1956 East Windsor NJ
Beilinson, Marc 1963 Chicago IL
Belicove, Vera (Gitten) 1956 Neptune NJ
Belilos, Elliot 1979 Arlington VA
Bell, Colin 1984 Midlands England
Bell, George 1955
Bell, Gwenda (Medford) 1975 Mebane NC
Bellabe, Cassandra (Rosemberg) 1989 Bronx NY
Bellings, Herbert  1941 Oceanside NY
Belluck, Jeff 1963 Naples FL
Beloff, Robert 1956 Milford PA
Bencosme, Fe Liza R. 1983 Fort Lauderdale FL
Bender, Richard 1957
Bendo, George 1935
Benedetto, Marie (Hagan) 1952 Bohemia NY
Benick, Patti (Rosenbloom) 1975 Cherry Hill NJ
Benison, Eloise (Hersch) 1969 Valley Stream NY
Benjamin, Barbara 1963 Milville NJ

Benjamin, Kirk 1995 Houston TX
Bennett, Joel 1972 Fort Worth TX
Bennett, Ronald 1953 Dallas TX
Benowitz, Ruth (Kravitz) 1933 Cedarhurst NY
Benson, Mitchell 1977 Coconut Creek FL
Berciano, Juan 1994
Berelson, Howard 1957 Teaneck NJ
Berg, Gail (Shlian) 1976 Phoenix AZ
Berg, Norman 1955 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Bergazyn, Bette (Jacoby) 1964 Lauder Lakes FL
Bergazyn, Neil 1956 Boynton Beach FL
Bergazyn, Robert (Bob) 1951 Palm Desert CA
Berger, Allan 1963 East Northport NY
Berger, Bruce 1974 White Plains NY
Berger, Bruce 1960 Oldsmar FL
Berger, Carol (Feintisch) 1972 Far Rockaway  NY
Berger, Glenn 1984 Overland Park KS
Berger, Jonathan 1971 Stanford CA
Berger, Marilyn (Burns) 1960 Miami Beach FL
Berger, Matthew 1953 Avon NY
Berger, Richard J. 1950 Canton GA
Berger, Richie 1963 Boontton NJ
Berger, Stephen 1960 Ramat Gan Israel
Bergman, Daniel 1937
Bergman, Helen 1965 Port St. Lucie FL
Bergman, Jeffrey 1961 Potomac MD
Bergman, Lynn (Goldsworth) 1962 St. Marys GA
Bergrin, Gary 1977 Staten Island NY
Bergstein, Esther 1969
Bergstein, Sylvia (Schuster) 1967 Huntington NY
Berk, Beth (Bey) 1976 Randolph NJ
Berk, Carole (Steinberg) 1960 Lansing MI
Berk, Faye (Weiner) 1952 Lake Oswego OR
Berk, Rhonda 1973 Forest Hills NY
Berke, Nancy (Lee) 1969 Setauket NY
Berke, Richard 1962 New York NY
Berkely, Carole (Kralstein) 1971 Coral Springs FL
Berkenfield, John 1951 Santa Fe NM

Berkowitz, Andrea 1979 Clifton Park NY
Berkowitz, Edna (Sendach) 1937 Valley Stream NY
Berkowitz, Harold 1945 Boynton Beach FL
Berkowitz, Jeff 1973 Manalapan NJ
Berkowitz, Sara (Navas) 1973 East Patchogue NY
Berl, Sandra (Ross) 1971 Fanwood NJ
Berlin, Edward  1954 Miller Place NY
Berlin, Elizebeth "Libby" (Wilk) 1939
Berlin, Marty 1952 Chesapeake VA
Berlin, Ronnie (Pascal) 1959 Congers NY
Berlin, Virginia 1957 New York NY

Berliner, Lynn (Silver) 1976 (Lawrence HS) New York NY
Berliner, Paula 1961 Delray Beach FL
Berman, Allison 1972 Woodmere NY
Berman, Barry 1975 Reading MA
Berman, Glenn 1972 Miami Beach FL
Berman, Joanne (Bender) 1971 Woodbridge CT
Berman, Ken 1974 North Potomac MD
Berman Leslie 1970 Lake Charles LA
Berman, Linda (Shustek) 1961 New York NY
Berman, Lisa 1973 Davie FL
Berman, Maria (Koby) 1977 Cooper City FL
Berman, Marc 1977 Toledo OH
Berman, Sandra (Ostrow) 1958 Coral Springs FL
Berman, Trude (Schwartz) 1970 Columbus NJ
Bernhard, Harry 1950 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Bernstein, Alan 1975 Coram NY
Bernstein, Analee (Sternberg) 1970 Forest Hills NY
Bernstein, Arthur 1954 East Setauket NY
Bernstein, Barry 1972 Middletown NY
Bernstein, Claire B. (Kopp) 1948 Los Angeles CA
Bernstein, Jeffrey 1966 New York NY
Bernstein, Ken 1964 Amherst MA
Bernstein, Perre (Calderon) 1963 Long Beach NY
Bernstein, Phyllis (Markoe) 1951 Houston TX
Bernstein, Robin (Shnitkin) 1976 Melville NY
Bernstein, Sandra (Guttentag) 1956 Cedarhurst NY
Bernstein, Sheryll (Levine) 1964 Monroe NJ
Bernstein, Stan 1960 Boynton Beach FL
Bernstein, Sylvia "Honey" (Price) 1949 Oceanside NY
Berrick, Artie 1961 Tarzana CA
Berrick, Jan 1969 Sheffield MA
Berrick, Jessie 1973 Shrewsbury MA
Berrios, Richard 1975
Bertolino, Jack 1973 Youngstown NY
Bertolino, John 1977 Lewis Center OH
Berzner, Robert 1953-1954 Lido Beach NY
Bessard, Reuven 2000 Elmont NY
Best, DeMarco  1981 Tacoma WA
Bey, Brian 1976 Randolph NJ
Bey, Richard 1969 New York NY
Bickwit, Ellen (Herold) 1965 Dunwoody GA
Biener, Alan 1953
Biener, Charlie 1976 Larchmont NY
Biener, Judy 1981 Brooklyn NY
Bier, Barbara (Rosenthal) 1967 Butte MT
Bier, Rosalind (Leonessa) 1976 Mahwah NJ
Bilinsky, Leonore (Weiss) 1943 Cedarhurst NY
Billig, Melinda 1970 Yonkers NY
Billig, Michae  1973 Lancaster PA
Billig, Ronda 1965 Irvington NY
Bilyk, Wolodymyr "Ron" 1964 Hillsdale NJ
Binder, Alan 1966 Tolland MA
Binder, Judy (Kesin Faherty) 1958 Whitehouse Station NJ
Binder, Marilyn (Unger) 1948 Tamarac FL
Bindman, Albert 1954 Powell OH
Bindman, Judith 1959 Jackson Heights NY
Binn, Joel 1971 Lynbrook NY
Birenbaum, Fran (Rapport) 1968 Prineville OR
Birnbaum, Philip 1968 Brooklyn NY
Birnbaum, Robert  1949 Lafayette CA
Birnbaum, William 1966 Brooklyn NY
Bishop, Mort 1943 Delray Beach FL
Bishop, Renata (McMichael) 1983 Orlando FL
Bisk, Benjamin 1946 Oceanside NY
Bisk, Richard 1969 Princeton MA
Bitensky, Mickey (Waldman) 1940 Charlotte NC
Bixenspan, Gerald 1966 Long Beach NY
Bixenspan, Meryl (Posin) 1971 Long Beach NY
Bizios, Nick 1981 Douglaston NY
Black, Peter 1965 Phoenix AZ
Black, Shimmy (Kornblatt) 1948 Commack NY
Blackburn, Bridgette (Rivera) 1984 Bronx NY
Blackburn, Frank 1970 Brooklyn NY
Blackler, Stephen 1957 Cambridge NY
Blackman, Jeff 1972 Edison NJ
Blackman, Keith 1977 Glendale AZ
Blackman, Lisa (Moreno) 1976 Peoria AZ
Blades, Elliott 1981 Apex NC

Blake, Angelene (Blake-Bisnott) 1989 Marietta GA
Blashka, Norman 1971 Woodbury NY
Blate, Rhoda (Mogul) 1942 East Norwich NY
Blatt, Morton 1958 Mountain View CA
Blau, Milton R. 1945 Johnstown PA
Blaukopf, Henry 1967 New York NY
Blaukopf, Sandy (Kogut) 1973 Montreal Quebec CA
Blaustein, Marty 1963 Great Neck NY
Blaustein, Simon 1959 Boynton Beach FL
Bleier, Edward 1947 New York NY
Bleiwas, Martin 1970 Baldwin NY
Blicksilver, Owen 1968 Garden City NY
Bliksylber, Rachel (Dressler) 1972 Roslyn Heights NY
Blitz, Regina (Martins) 1964 New York NY
Blitz, Roberta "Robbie" 1970 Livingston NJ
Bloch, Edward 1961 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Bloch, Howard 1945 Plantation FL
Bloch, Ralph 1950 Keswick VA
Block, Norman 1954 Great Neck NY
Block, Paul 1969 Lunenburg MA
Blocker, Clinton Sr. 1986 Aiken SC
Bloom, Craig A. 1971 South Huntington NY
Bloom, Ellen (Feinberg) 1974 Merrick NY
Blue, Todd Mitchell 1988 Atlanta GA
Bluestein, Michael 1967 Hamstead NC
Bluestone, Sharon (Goldman) 1973 Freehold NJ
Blum, Elaine (Jacobowitz) 1961 Poughkeepsie NY
Blum, Elliot 1970 Jacksonville FL
Blum, Helene (Weicholz) 1962 Boca Raton FL
Blum, Howard 1952 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Blume, Audrey (Farber) 1977 Roslyn NY
Blume, Judith (Foreman) 1980 Roslyn Heights NY
Blumenson, Carol (Irwin) 1964 San Jose CA
Blumenthal, Carol (Scott) 1976 Long Beach NY
Blumenthal, R. Dean 1968 Woodmere NY
Boatswain, Noel 1976 Chantilly VA
Bobkin, Marc 1965 New York NY
Bobroff, Andy 1962 Valley Center CA
Bock, Batsheva "Shevi" (Salberg) 1971 Manalapan NJ
Boeninghaus, Anthony 2003 Worcester MA
Bogarsky, Robin (London) 1970 Hewlett NY
Bogen, Wendy 1969 Denver CO
Bogin, Brian 1969 Jacksonville FL
Bohlman, Caryle (Freifeld) 1968 Long Beach NY
Boland, Tina 1976 Laguna Hills CA
Bombe, Ruth (Favarulo) 1966 Chesapeake City MD
Bonilla, Joseph 1981 Brentwood NY

Bono, Salvatore 1976 Watervliet NY
Bonsignore, Karen 1978 Oceanside NY
Boockvar, Billy 1960
Boockvar, Gail (Freid Jurrist) 1957 East Meadow NY
Book, Shelley (Vogel) 1965 Ocala FL
Bookchin, Michael 1975 New Rochelle NY
Borden, Eric 1968 Mt. Laurel NJ
Bork, Phyllis (Shabazian) 1973 Sewell NJ
Berland, Marc 1977 Orlando FL
Bornstein, Dorie (Cohen) 1962 Woodmere NY
Bornstein, Jeff 1969 Winter Park FL
Bornstein, Joanne 1967 Westbury NY
Bornstein, Phyllis (Fix) 1951 Gaithersburg. MD
Boroden, Stan 1979 Valley Stream NY
Boshak, Jack 1961 Old Bridge NJ
Boss, Steven 1967 New York NY
Bossert, Larry 1975 Patchogue NY
Bossert, Robin (Levey) 1971 Merrick NY
Bossert, Samantha (Getreu) 1983 East Meadow NY
Bostick, Marlene 1971 Far Rockaway NY
Botein-Furrevig, Alice (Furrevig) 1966 Bricktowne NJ
Boudreau, Alice (Barbera) 1974 Lake Grove NY
Boudreau, Kathy (March) 1972 Rockaway Park NY
Boxer, Phylis 1965 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Boyle, Richard 1957 Rockville Centre NY
Bozarth, Anne Crystal 1976
Brackman, Lois (Brotz) 1969 Lynbrook NY
Braddick, James 1947 Arapahoe NC
Braddy, Monica (Taylor) 1979 Houston TX
Bram, Robert  1973 Seaford Harbor NY
Brand, Barbara (Brand Silverman) 1971 East Rockaway NY
Brandes, Gail (Gurowitz) 1959 Delray Beach FL
Brandes, Hank  1971 Forest Hills NY
Brandes, Jay 1966 Boynton Beach FL

Brandl, Gary 1971 Hewlett NY
Brandl, Gayle (Rotto) 1976 Syosset NY
Brandt, Lynne (Nussbaum) 1971 Syosset NY
Braswell, Brenda (Conwell) 1983 Covington GA
Braudes, Anna Leah 1959 New York NY
Braun, Jodi (Pellegrino) 1983 Coral Springs FL
Braunstein, Andy 1964 Colorado Springs CO
Brause, Jay 1957
Brauzer, Hope (Kaplan) 1978 Manalapan NJ
Braver, Arlene "Honey" (Carlen) 1958 Tallahassee FL
Braver, Diane (Hassman) 1962 Parker CO
Brean, Stephanie (Krobot) 1962 New York NY
Brejensky, Steve 1972 Fishers IN
Brennan, Michael 1965 Smithtown NY

Brenner, David 1968 Holbrook NY
Brenner, Renee (Riemer) 1961 Paramus NJ
Brenner, Harvey 1969 Great Neck NY
Breslow, Mark 1961 Thornton CO
Bressler, Diana (Goldberg) 1956 Marblehead MA
Breth, Jill 1974 Long Beach NY
Breth, Maxine (Rubin) 1945 Monterey Park CA
Bretton, Richard 1973 Green Bay WI
Brewington, Kim (Auguste) 1987 East Islip NY
Brier, Gil  1950 Beverly Hills FL
Brier, Myrna 1956 Oceanside NY
Briliant, Rhonda (Sabbah) 1969 Boynton Beach FL
Brill, Carole (Gerard) 1953 Fresh Meadows NY
Brill, Joan (Marcus) 1961 Madison CT
Briller, Myron (Marc) 1964 New York NY
Britman, Barry 1963 Edison NJ
Britman, Norman 1953 Somerset NJ
Britton, George 1973 Miami FL
Britton, Lynne (Wittek) 1968 Staten Island NY
Brod, Doug 1981 New York NY
Brod, Shari (Silverman) 1980 Lido Beach NY
Brodbar, Charlie 1964 Plantation FL
Broder, Eileen (Sackman) 1972 Bellmore NY
Broder, Trudy (Stern) 1970 Merrick NY
Brodkin, Abbey (Herman) 1971 Churchville PA
Brodlie, Susan 1973 Brooklyn NY
Brodsky, Arthur 1959 Allentown NJ
Brody, Harvey 1968 Scotia NY
Brody, Howard 1954 Jacksonville FL
Brody, Murray Lee 1928
Brodsky, Arthur 1959
Brodsky, Janet 1970 Las Vegas NV
Brofsky, Allan 1968 Rio Rancho NM
Bromberg, Mona (Goodman) 1970 Madison CT
Bronstein, Linda (Combe) 1965 Rocky Hill CT
Bronstein, Michael 1966 North Woodmere NY
Bronstein-Krolick, Dori 1972 Napanoch NY
Brooker, Keith 1972 Jacksonville NC
Brotz, Allen 1968 Lynbrook NY
Brotz, Larry 1964
Browdy, Barbara (Prince) 1972 Old Bridge NJ
Browdy, Michael 1977 Forest Hills NY
Browdy, Richard 1969 Miami FL
Brown, Anne P. (Bernstein) 1964 Sunrise FL
Brown, Eileen (Wildenberg) 1961 Wellington FL
Brown, Ellen (Freed) 1971
Brown, Erma 1993 Greensboro NC
Brown, Estee (Richards) 1967 Pembroke Pines FL
Brown, Gail (Gisehaltz) 1967 Howard Beach NY
Brown, Gary 1974 Parkville MD
Brown, Monique Eugenia 1990 Springfield Gardens NY
Brownridge, Bill 1945 Roslyn NY
Brownstein, Robert 1967 New York NY
Bruccoleri, Michelle (Prast) 1993 Virginia Beach VA
Bruckner, Jackie (Frank) 1961 Spring Valley NY
Bruen, Lucille (Gustafson) 1942 Wantagh NY
Bryan, Lloyd 1982 Travis Air Force Base CA
Buchheit, Elizabeth (Lapaz) 1975 Stafford VA
Buchta, Daniel 1972 North Lauderdale FL
Buckley, Jack 1952 Lynbrook NY
Budick, Alan 1971 Jericho NY
Budick, Ben 1967
Budman, Alan 1971 Cherry Hill NJ
Budman, Simon (Si) 1963 Newton MA
Budney, Diane (Montalbano) 1968 Coral Springs FL
Budney, Howard 1964 Margate FL
Builder, Annette (Berger) 1953 Plantation FL
Builder, Bob 1949 Boca Raton FL
Bulger, Francis (Frank) 1952 Far Rockaway NY
Bunia, David 1987 Torrington CT
Buntzis, Emilee (Gomberg) 1965 Annapolis MD

Buntzis, Gail (Lynch) 1969 New City NY
Buntzis, Rhonda (Piemonte) 1968 Lido Beach NY
Buntzis, Sheri (Seigal) 1970 Dix Hills NY
Burd, David 1969 Elizabeth NJ
Bure, George 1947 San Diego CA
Burks, Teronia (T.J.) 1988 Blakeslee PA
Burnett, Shelley 1993 Far Rockaway NY
Burres, Michael 1960 Boca Raton FL
Burros, Paul 1963 Roslyn Pines NY
Burte, Wayne 1977 Oceanside NY
Bush, Gail (Bieber) 1961 Freehold NJ
Bush, Jon 1974 Washinton DC
Bush, Ken 1952 Leawood KS
Bushel, Faith (Friedman) 1968 Baltimore MD
Bushel, Glenn 1966 Baltimore MD
Butler, Fay (Bostic) 1960 Raleigh NC
Byer, Karen (Eisenberg) 1971 Belle Harbor NY
Byrne, John Blair 1972 Standish ME
Cabán, Jimmy 1967 Chicago IL
Cadogan, Alvin 1975 Kapa'a HI
Cahn, Barry 1960
Cahn, Charles Jack (Charlie) 1963 Marietta GA
Cahn, Marc 1977 Bayside NY
Caldwell, Clarence 1971 Aurora CO
Caligiuri, Nikki (Lanci) 1974 East Meadow NY
Caligiuri, Tom 1977 Fairport NY
Callanan, Kevin 1980 Tavares FL
Calvin, Susan (Schwach) 1960 Rockaway Park NY
Camba, Gregorio (George) 1970 Conyers GA
Cambria, Joseph 1968 Rising Sun MD
Campos, Anthony 1969 North Woodmere NY
Cange, Iris 1967 Scottsdale AZ
Cantagallo, Nancy (Angel) 1967 Great Neck NY
Cantor, Helaine (Blumenthal) 1973 Monroe NY
Cantor, Marc 1975 Ridgewood NJ
Cantor, Stephen 1955 Cheshire CT
Cantos, Joel 1963 Old Bethpage NY
Cantu, Luis 1990 Katy TX
Caparelli, Jo-Ann (Atchley) 1959 Sebring FL
Capasso, Vincent A. 1965 The Villages FL
Caplan, Beverly 1974 Pembroke Pines FL
Caplan, Nanette (Knebel) 1943 Belle Harbor NY
Caplan, Steven 1970 Tamarac FL
Cappell, Bruce 1971 Staten Island NY
Carattini, Lisa (Rapp)  987 Pensacola FL
Cardona, Lisa (Miller) 1984 Lisle NY
Cardone, Greg 1974 Tampa FL
Carlson, Matthew (BCHS) 1976 North Mankato MN
Carr, Helane (Anthony) 1972 Glen Cove NY
Carr, Martin 1956 Lake Worth FL
Carr, Melonie 1997 Far Rockaway NY
Carrasquillo, Annette (Sigler) 1986 Midwest City OK
Carrera, Nan 1975 Palmdale CA
Carrera, Violet (Frazer) 1973 Charlotte NC
Carriddi, Barbara (Derderian) 1973
Carriddi, Jim 1974
Carroll, Noreen (Wohlgemuth) 1963 Nesconset NY
Carter, Gregory 1972 Far Rockaway NY
Casimano, Buddy 1956 Merrick NY
Castar, Steven 1969 Port Washington NY
Castleman, Nancy 1966 Milan NY
Castro, Antonio 1974 St. Cloud FL
Castro, Elena (Avila) 1980 New York NY
Castro, Luis 1985 Far Rockaway NY
Catania, Jean 1973
Catania, Randy 1990 Lawrence NY
Catropa, Patricia (Murphy) 1966 Belle Harbor NY
Cattano, Joan (Bradley) 1957 Miramar FL
Cavanagh, William 1959 Lynbrook NY
Caver, Sherri 1989 Far Rockaway NY
Cavoores, Theodore "Ted" 1963 Franklin NC
Cavooris, George 1947 Clifton Park NY
Cavooris, Theodore 1949 Palm Coast FL
Cecere, Linda (Klatsky) 1968 Centerville VA
Ceder, Cheryl 1973 Far Rockaway NY
Ceder, Shaul (Steven) 1972 Jerusalem Israel
Cely, Dinorah 1986 Virginia Beach VA
Cely-Rodriguez, Monica (Cely) 1988 Severn MD
Ceren, Brenda (Rosenthal) 1957 Delray Beach FL
Cestra, Augie 1978 Plainview NY
Chaffer, Diane (Brodie) 1973 Jackson NJ
Chaimowitz, Henry "Chip" 1966 Pensacola FL
Chait, Diane (Sobel) 1968 Princeville Hawaii
Chait, Jay 1966 Marietta GA
Chait, Lee 1963 Big Canoe GA
Chait, Vickie (Senzon) 1963 Parsippany NJ
Chakeres, Mary (Nafpliotis) 1957 Jamaica Estates NY
Chakofsky {Chase}, Susan (Tilleli) 1975 South Huntington NY
Chalfin, Sonya (Lupion) 1969 Old Bethpage NY
Chalphin, Andrea (Kaufman) 1972 Muttontown NY
Chalphin, Jeryl (Bass) 1970 North Miami Beach FL
Champagnie, Marcia 1984 Miramar FL
Champion, Robert 1978  Wellington FL
Chapnick, Alfred "Fred" 1958 Fort Myers FL
Chapoteau, Jean-Rene 1976 Washington DC

Chara, John 1974 Bourbonnais IL
Charm, Sherry (Dub) 1967 Pompano Beach FL
Charne, Scott 1967 Robbinsville, NJ
Charney, Alan 1960 Morristown NJ
Charney, Phyliss (Loonin) 1962 Walnut Creek CA
Chartash, Alan 1975 Muttontown NY
Chartash, Lisa (Goldstein) 1978 Port Washington NY
Cherkoss, Richard 1956 Plantation FL
Chernin, Irwin 1969 Santiago Chile
Chernin, Russ 1974 West Boylston MA
Cheron, Jeffrey 1962 Flushing NY
Cheron, Phillip 1969 Cleveland OH
Cherry, Stephanie 1988 Topeka KS
Chesler, Eddie 1956
Chesler, Judi 1972 San Francisco CA
Chesler, Michael  1970 Los Angeles CA
Chiaia, Nicholas John 1974 Washington DC
Chiat, Loretta (Mufson) 1956 Guilford CT
Chimato, Karen (Venezia) 1979 Davie FL
Chinitz, Louise (Abrams) 1959 Far Rockaway NY
Chiprut, Larry 1973 Old Bethpage NY
Chocky, Debra (Zwilling) 1964 Brooklyn NY
Cholakis, John 1948
Cholakis, Nick 1949
Chou, Andrew 1982 Sunny Isles Beach FL
Christoforou, Elia (Lee) 1969 Astoria NY
Churchill, Cynthia (Paraskos) 1968 Miami FL
Chwick, Jacki (Chadwick) 1967 San Leandro CA
Cichy, Christina (Russell) 1975 Belle Harbor NY
Cikk, Mel (Collins) 1964 Aventura FL
Cimet, Leonard 1966 East Setauket NY
Cinetti, Fred 1952 Fredericksburg VA
Cintron, Rosa (Moreau) 1963
Cirolli, Rose 1957
Citron, Warren 1970 Boca Raton FL
Clark, Francis J. 1967 Oakland CA
Clark, Helaine 1958
Clark, Marylyn 1961 Germantown MD
Clark, Robert 1970 Coram NY
Cleary, James 1973 East Fishkill NY
Clement, Barbara 1969 Oceanside NY
Closs, Janet 1986 Redondo Beach CA
Closs, Linda (Kallman) 1963 Jensen Beach FL
Closs, Michael 1984 West Hempstead NY
Clotaldo, Rivera Jr. 1990 St. Francis WI
Coffield, Alan 1958 North Miami Beach FL
Cogan, Carolyn B. (Smith) 1964 Scottsdale AZ
Cogan, Muriel "Mickey" (Nicastro) 1951 Ormond Beach FL
Cohen, Alan B. 1968 Irvine CA
Cohen, Alan B. 1970 Pleasanton CA
Cohen, Amy (Cohen-Rose) 1969 Boston MA
Cohen, Amy (Ziegelbaum) 1973 Great Neck NY
Cohen, Andrew 1974 Seattle WA
Cohen, Arlene (Nevens) 1961 Great Neck NY
Cohen, Barbara (Director) 1965 Valley Stream NY
Cohen, Barbara (Farber) 1976 Bellmore NY (BCHS)
Cohen, Barbara (Nutt) 1967 Waynesboro TN
Cohen, Bernard 1961 Lakeland FL
Cohen, Carole (Schrager) 1960 Valley Stream NY
Cohen, Cheryl (Cheron) 1964 Baldwin NY
Cohen, Cory  1979 Redondo Beach CA
Cohen, David 1961
Cohen, Dori 1981 Bayside NY
Cohen, Dorothy (Traiger) 1947 Ridgefield CT
Cohen, Ellen "Nikki" (Clement) 1959 Los Angeles CA
Cohen, Ellen (Lavner) 1968 New York NY
Cohen, Ephram 1977 San Francisco CA
Cohen, Evan 1978 West Columbia SC
Cohen, Gail (McIntyre) 1973 Fresh Meadows NY
Cohen, Gerry 1969 Scarsdale NY
Cohen, Harriet (Selden) 1963 Massapequa Park NY
Cohen, Hermaine (Rosenberg) 1972 Coral Springs FL
Cohen, Ira 1969 Toronto Ontario Canada
Cohen, Irene (Mitchell) 1957 Sunrise FL
Cohen, Janet (Freindlich) 1979 Aberdeen NJ
Cohen, Jocelyn (Schuman) 1940 New York NY
Cohen, Joel 1967 Brooklyn NY
Cohen, Judy (Kroovand) 1964 Palm Coast FL
Cohen, Judith (Levey) 1956 Hempstead NY
Cohen, Larry 1972 Weston FL
Cohen, Laura 1975 Orlando FL
Cohen, Laura (Horn) 1969 Somerset NJ
Cohen, Leon 1949 Marina Del Rey CA
Cohen, Lisa (Shabot) 1978 Ocean NJ
Cohen, Louise (Sorrentino) 1973 East Rockaway NY
Cohen, Maddy 1972 Rockville Centre NY
Cohen, Marcia (Jean) 1969 Aventura FL
Cohen, Marsha (Abramowitz) 1955 Pembroke Pines FL
Cohen, Martin 1957 New York NY
Cohen, Michael M. 1965 Hollis Hills NY
Cohen, Natalie (Yeschin) 1968 Calabasas CA
Cohen, Phil 1972 Boca Raton FL
Cohen, Phyllis (Goodfriend) 1965 Bronxville NY
Cohen, Rayna (Kerber) 1975 Rancho Santa Margarita CA
Cohen, Richard 1972 Merrick NY
Cohen, Robert 1967 New York NY
Cohen, Ronnie (Leander) 1968 Boca Raton FL
Cohen, Ruth (Sheldon) 1959 New York NY
Cohen, Ruth (Sheller) 1928 New York NY
Cohen, Sam 1971 Los Angeles CA
Cohen, Sandy (Baron) 1963 Boynton Beach FL
Cohen, Sandy (Dettenmayer) 1974 Atlanta GA
Cohen, Selma (Holm) 1941 New York NY
Cohen, Sharon (Streger) 1974 Fairfield CT
Cohen, Sheldon 1967 Valley Stream NY
Cohen, Shelley (Cohen) 1968 Saddle River NJ
Cohen, Shelly (Gordon) 1963 New City NY
Cohen, Sheri (Parmann) 1970 North Miami Beach FL
Cohen, Stan 1963 Commack NY
Cohen, Stephanie (Snider) 1971 Commack NY
Cohen, Stewart H. 1965 East Sarasota FL
Cohen, Susan I. (Chace) 1967
Cohen, Susan R. (Strange) 1967 Coconut Creek FL
Cohen, Sylvia (Horowitz) 1946 Columbus OH
Cohen, Rena (Kozin) 1974 Merrick NY
Cohn, Abbie (Gross) 1969 Oregon City OR
Cohn, Ellen (Levy) 1957 San Diego CA
Cohn, Gary 1952 Great Neck NY
Cohn, Gerri 1959 San Diego CA
Cohn, Gloria (Garfinkel) 1946 Pompano Beach FL
Cohn, Liela (Nelson) 1958 Ft. Lee NJ
Cohn, Rosalyn 1969 Rochester NY
Colbert, Louis 1980 Arverne NY
Coleman, Barbara (Middleton) 1965 St. Petersburg FL
Colodne, Karen (Dorr) 1964 New York NY
Colodne, Lynne (Bover) 1971 Groton MA
Colorado, Carlos 1987 Downey CA
Comite, Harriet 1969 Wyomissing PA
Concepcion, Zaida 1969 Brooklyn Heights NY
Conescu, Matthew 1972 Amherst NH
Conescu, Paul 1961 Las Vegas NM
Conklin, Colleen (Romanger) 1981 Inwood NY
Conn, Debbie Susan (Rice, Susan André) 1973 Santa Ana CA
Conn, Toni 1969 San Diego CA
Conner, Robert (Chuck) 1975 Lido Beach NY
Connors, Ann-Marie (Rooney) 1974 Monroe NY
Connors, Mary 1977 Staten Island NY
Connors, Patty (Dorschneider) 1980 Manalapan NJ
Connors, Rich 1979 New Hyde Park NY
Connors, Richard 1950 New York NY
Connors, Tony 1977 New York NY
Conrad, Stephanie (Kuropatkin) 1976 Woodmere NY
Conroy, Edward 1974 Stewart Manor NY
Constantine, Elisabeth 1962 Brookline MA
Cook, Jeffrey 1974 Sea Cliff NY
Cooper, Arthur 1956 Old Bethpage NY
Cooper, Elise (Lee) 1965 Carmel NY
Cooper, Gale (Antell) 1959 Trumbull CT
Cooper, Hal 1940 Beverly Hills CA
Cooper, Judy (Macken) 1964 Hollywood FL
Cooper, Michael 1964 Stamford CT
Cooper, Rebecka (Tucker) 1962 Wilton CT
Cooper, Robert 1972 Brooklyn NY
Cooper, Roberta (Levitan) 1959 Sun Lakes AZ
Cooper, Shari (Weiner) 1963 Morristown NJ
Cooper, Stephanie 1975 Belle Harbor NY
Cooper, Teri (Sobek) 1963 Richmondville NY
Cooperman, Hedy (Siegel) 1964 Stamford CT
Cooperman, Janet (Kahn) 1958 Danbury CT
Cooperman, Howard "Jerry" 1953 Island Park NY
Cooperman, Robert J. 1953 Bellmore NY
Cooperman, Sondra (Baxt) 1949 Cabin John MD
Cooperman, Stuart 1969 Great Neck NY
Coopersmith, Mark 1973 Chicago IL
Coopersmith, Stephen 1954
Copen, Ileen (Gusoff) 1954 Woodmere NY
Copen, Linda (Rochelle) 1957 Dix Hills NY
Corb, Irene (Gaffigan) 1966
Corb, Marvin 1963 Howard Beach NY
Corcoran-Pineiro, Elizabeth (Corcoran) 1974 Belle Harbor NY
Coren, Jessica (Karmen) 1966 Huntington NY
Corn, Reynold "Renny" 1951 Norton MA
Cornfield, Ann (Silver) 1973 Sag Harbor NY
Cornfield, Cara (Golden) 1969 West Linn OR
Corona, George 1987 Houston TX
Corper, Harriet (Laskey) 1937 Hewlett NY/Hallandale FL
Corrigan, Mathew 1974 Neponsit NY
Cortes, Carlos 1987 Orlando FL
Cortes, Maritza (Arroyo) 1979 Wesley Chapel FL
Cortes, Wenceslao 1980 Land O Lakes FL
Costea, Lucille (Savva) 1978 Oceanside NY
Cousin, Elaine 1960 Port Jervis NY
Cousin, Sara (Robinson) 1985 Brooklyn NY
Coyle, Elizabeth (James) 1973 Broad Channel NY
Coyne, Marilyn (Rawlings) 1972 Pembroke Pines FL
Cox, Millie (Glass) 1960 Plantation FL
Cracovaner, Gail (Widom) 1956 Great Neck NY
Cracovaner, Jean (Silverstein) 1947 Jericho NY
Craft, Barbara (Dawo) 1961
Craft, Ruth (Lax) 1956 Manalapan NJ
Crawford, Cheryl (Schlanger)  1975 Port Charlotte FL
Crawley, Joyce (Dirosa) 1965 Lenexa KS
Cribbs-Barnett, Lashaun 1988 Far Rockaway NY
Crohn, Scott 1978
Cromartie, Joseph  1987 San Antonio TX
Crovella, Lucille A. (Moskowitz) 1957 Fort Worth TX
Cruz, Brenda 1986 VT
Cruz, Renee (Crosby) 1989 Far Rockaway NY
Crystal, Adrienne (Kaye) 1969 Westport CT
Cullen, John 1964 Fort White FL
Cunningham, Christine 1976 Gering NE
Curcio, Julie (Floyd) 1969 Royal Palm Beach FL
Curry, Karl 1984 Far Rockaway NY
Curry, Kelvin 1981 Richmond CA
Curry, Shanon (Jones) 1994 Scranton SC
Curtis, Alice 1969 New York NY
Curtis, Gerald 1958 New York NY
Curtis, William 1946 Cranford NJ
Cusack, Michael 1981 Lynbrook NY
Cushing, Frank 1939
D'Agostino, Paul 1969
Dallago, Karen (Barnofsky)  1977 Merrick NY
Dallago, Rick 1976 Venice CA
Dallago, Sharon 1982 Lynbrook NY
Dallago, Thomas 1979 Baltimore MD
Daniels, Steve 1959 Stamford CT
D'Anna, Judith (Martino) 1963 Arverne NY
Darby, Michael 1974 Vancouver WA
Darkwah, Abena  1995 Kumasi Ghana West Africa
Darnelle, Suzanne (Darnelle-Shutter) 1971 Dix Hills NY
Darrett, Elizabeth (Costello) 1984 Valley Stream NY
Darter, Joan (Fegelman) 1950 Manchester Center VT
D'Avanzo, Steve 1969 Meridian ID
David, Alan S. 1966 Roswell GA
David, Barry 1970 Lancaster PA
David, Cliff  1973 Windermere FL
David, Debi 1971 New York NY
David, Margery (Weinroth) 1956 Massapequa Park NY
Davidman, Fern (Geschwind) 1957 Palo Alto CA
Davidson, Stephen 1973 Syosset NY
Davis, Alan 1972 Las Vegas NV
Davis, Alan 1961 Olney MD
Davis, Barry 1969 Houston TX
Davis, Denise (Baker) 1967 Syosset NY
Davis, Elliot 1965 Highland Mills NY
Davis, Ethel "Ethey" 1965
Davis, Francine (Gross)  1957 Boynton Beach FL
Davis, Joe 1963 Madison WI
Davis, Linda 1965 Orlando FL

Davis, Linda (Goldberg) 1958 Port Jefferson Station NY
Davis, Lowell 1971 Great Neck NY
Davis, Marcy 1974 Superior CO
Davis, Marilyn "Mari" (Schreiber) 1963 Pikesville MD
Davis, Melissa 1983 Virginia Beach VA
Davis, Merrie 1962 New York NY
Davis, Nikki 1990 Far Rockaway NY
Davis, Robert E. 1943 East Falmouth MA
Davis, Robyn A. 1983 Far Rockaway NY
Davis, Sam 1955
Davis, Sanford 1974 Pittsburgh PA
Davis, Sharon (Greene) 1987 Avenel NJ
Davis, Sue (Wulf) 1947 Philadelphia PA
Davis, Todd 1976 North Bergen NJ
Davis, Vickie (Schwager) 1974 Reisterstown MD
Dawo, Barbara (Sundack) 1984 Boca Raton FL
DeAlto, Carl 1977 East Rockaway NY
DeAlto, Dominick 1983 Short Hills NJ
Dean, Debbie (Amiel) 1979 Coral Springs FL
Dean, Gillian 1981 St. Petersburg FL
Deane, Martha "Marti" (Michael) 1986 Salisbury NC
Deaner, Gail 1960 Lawrence NY
Debetham, Keith 1976 New York NY
Decter, Anita (Radezky) 1960 Belle Harbor NY
Decter, Neil 1956 Atlantis FL
Deignan, Gerald 1981 New York NY
Deitch, Allen 1957 Monroe Twp. NJ
De Kruyff, Cathy (Murfitt) 1964 Rockaway Point NY
De La Cruz, Julian 1981 Long Island NY
De La Cruz, Lucy (Gibb) 1978 Oak Park Heights MN
DeLaPaz, Awilda (Nunez) 1973 Bethlehem PA
De La Rosa, Mercedes (Burnside) 1952 San Francisco CA
Delbaum, Andrew 1963 Portland OR
DeMois, Ann (Neher) 1945
DeMois, Joan R. (Kelly) 1950 Bennington VT
DeMois, Vernon 1946 Montgomery TX
DeNaro, Alan 1974 Haverhill MA
Denenberg, Barbara "Bobbe" Karpay 1950 Tampa FL
Denenberg, Bruce 1955 Merrick NY
dePlante, Lance 1957 New Ipswich NH
Derck, Debbie (Hess) 1971 Wellington FL
Derck, Ken 1970 Massapequa Park NY
Derck, Linda (Casale) 1967 Massapequa Park NY
DeResto, Grace (Foster) 1964 Arverne NY
Dermon, Barbara (Kerner) 1954 New York NY
Desatnick, Alan 1970 Franklin Park NJ
Desinor, Madelaine 1989 Decatur GA
DeSmitt, Steven 1975 Fairport NY
Deutsch, Cathy 1975 Katonah New York
Deutsch, David 1960 Honolulu HI
Deutsch, Freda (Goldstein) 1956 San Diego CA
Deutsch, Irv 1968 East Montpelier VT
Deutsch, Kerri (Maner) 1963 Esperance NY
Deutsch, Leni (Puccio) 1970 Longwood FL
Deutsch, Lila (Krawitz) 1951 Fountain Hills AZ
Deutsch, Lou 1951 Cedarhurst NY
Deutsch, Marian (Zwicker) 1938 Niskayuna NY
Deutsch, Rita (Herring) 1955 Boca Raton FL
Deutsch, Susan (Kover) 1965 Brooklyn NY 3
deVivio, Anthony 1971 New York NY
DeVivio, Robert 1963
Diaks, John  1951 East Bonney Lake WA
Diamond, Bernie "Hank" 1966 Newton MA
Diamond, Harriet (Diamond Jones) 1971 Newton MA
Diamond, Janie 1963 West Palm Beach FL
Diamond, Lee 1969 Ossining NY
Diamond, Marilyn (Tribus) 1961 Oceanside NY
Diaz, Ketsy (Devis) 1988 Newburgh NY
Diaz, Raymond 1968 Edmonds WA
DiCeglio, Douglas 1980 Oceanside NY
Dick, Holly (Bergman) 1963 Potomac MD
Dicker, Carole 1962 Oak Hill VA
Dickesheid, Daniel 1970 Rockaway Park NY
Dickoff, Abe 1973 Valley Stream NY
Dickstein, Jim 1968 Las Vegas NV
Dickstein, Marion (Sherman) 1958 Sunrise FL
Di Ganci, Frank 1978 New York NY
DiGiovanna, Paul  1973 Oceanside NY
Diliberto, Patricia (Higbie) 1958 Denver NC
Dill, Karen (Porter) 1982 Uniondale NY
Diller, Ron 1974 Mohegan Lake NY
Dillon, Louis 1985 Clearwater FL
Dillon, Martin 1946 Merrick NY
DiMurro, Cristina 1971 Oro Valley AZ
Dinnerstein, Noé 1971 Lake Hill NY
Diodati, Joseph 1977 Crystal River FL
DiResta, Barbara (Gardyn) 1965 Foster City CA
Di Resta, Camille, (Schmidt) 1959 Scottsdale AZ
DiResta, Richard 1971 Fort Lauderdale FL
DiResto, Noreen (Ciotti) 1963 Maitland FL
Dobin, David M. 1957 Miami Beach FL
Dobin, Michael 1967 Sea Bright FL
Dobin, Myra (Markowitz) 1955 Hewlett Harbor NY
Dobin, Ron 1966 Fair Oaks CA
Dobin, Steve 1963 Danbury CT
Dobrin, Sharon (Goldstein) 1976 Oradell NJ
Dolan, Michael 1979 Baiting Hollow NY
Dolinko, Linda (Doll) 1975 Middletown CT
Dolman, Gwen (Eisenberg) 1973 Jamesburg NJ
Dolman, Howie 1967 Staten Island NY
Dolman, Michele (Green) 1969 Staten Island NY
Dolman, Patty (Marcus) 1968
Dolman, Paula (Dolinko) 1975 Staten Island NY
Dolman, Phyllis 1979 Las Vegas NV
Doman, Rosalind (Klein) 1970 Philadelphia PA
Domfort, Sharon (Rose) 1971 Soquel CA
Domroe, Beverly (Lowenthal) 1955 Cedarhurst NY
Domroe, Helaine (Freed) 1958 Muttontown NY
Domsky, Myron 1954
Donat, Rhonda 1953 Columbus OH
Donchey, Ed 1950 Orange CA
Dones, Michael 1981 Orlando FL
Donner, Dan 1943 Plantation FL
Donner, Renee (Kravit) 1950 Plantation FL
Donohue, Michael 1983 Roseville CA
Donovan, Jim 1983 Monroe NY
Donovan, Aiyana (McClellan) 1989 Indian Head MD
Doremus, Kathy (Chaney) 1972 Atlantic Highlands NJ
Dorfschneider, Eric 1983 New York NY
Dorfschneider, Patrice (Spitz) 1983 Northport NY
Dorizas, Elizabeth 1956 Neshanic Station NJ
Dranow, Daryle (Prager) 1955 Surfside FL
Drechsler, Gladys 1942 Coconut Creek FL
Drell, Myrna (Framhartz) 1954 Tampa FL
Dresslove, Ronald 1966 Pemberton NJ
Drew, Monique (Woodley) 1985 Middletown DE
Driansky, Harvey 1975 Manalapan NJ
Driansky, Karen (Rubinstein) 1973 Plainview NY
Driansky, Richard 1967 Narberth PA
Drozdoff, Martin 1965 Tucson AZ
Drubin, Gilbert 1956 Tucson AZ

Drucker, Bill 1962 Cherry Hill NJ
Drucker, Eric (Ricky) 1965 New City NY
Drucker, Robin (Block) 1966 Sharon MA
Drusin, Seth 1972 Holbrook NY
Druskin, Robert 1970 Saugerties NY
Duberstein, Linda1970 Sunrise FL
Dubin, Melanie (Fleischer) 1972 Plainview NY
Dubin, Michael 1978 New Port Richey FL
Dubin, Zelda (Voncannon) 1954 Charlotte NC
Dubins, Danny  1972 Lawrence NY
Dubins, Greta (Kantrowitz) 1964 Cedarhurst NY
Dubner, Edward 1965
Dubner, Julie 1975 Los Angeles CA
Dubowsky, Selma (Schechter) 1959 Lynbrook NY
Ducat, Bonnie (Hiller)  1960 Toms River NJ
Duckman, Robert 1963 Annapolis MD
Duff, Richard 1964 Stormville NY
Duff, Susan 1979 Indialantic FL
Duffy, Sharon 1969 Staten Island NY
Duggan, Janet (Mirabito) 1979 East Meadow NY
Duggan, John 1975 Belle Harbor NY
Duke, Rodolfo 1988 Cape Coral FL
Dulberg, Andrea (Platte) 1978 Purchase NY
Dulberg, Marian (Zeldin) 1976 Bridgewater NJ
Dunaif, Donna 1969 Portland OR
Dunn, Alan 1974 Albuquerque NM
Dunn, Cedie 1979 Groveland FL
Dunn, Renee 1976 Charleston SC
Dunn, Russell 1975 Hollywood FL
Dupree, Alfredo 1968 Lutz FL
Dworet, Arlene (Collins) 1964 Sunrise FL
Dworkin, David 1973 NY
Dworkin, Maxine "Maggie" (Bernstein) 1948 Barnet VT
Dworkin, Robert 1966 Midlothian VA
Dyckoff, Gail (Fein) 1965 Miami FL
Dyckoff, Robert 1974 Atlantic Beach NY
Dykoff, Mark 1978 Forked River NJ
Eadie, Elizabeth Jean 1969 Natick MA

Eadie, Janet (Guerra) 1963 Flanders NJ
Eans, Ernest Jr. 1974 Staten Island NY
Eberle, Art 1956
Eberle, Fletcher C. 1956 Breezy Point NY
Ebert, John 1972 Carlsbad CA
Echavarria, Louis 1972 Pompano Beach FL
Ecker, Estelle (Lewis) 1966 Staten Island NY
Eckman, Warren 1948
Eckstein, Stanley 1958 Great Neck NY
Edelman, Barbara (Simon) 1956 Ardsley-On-Hudson NY
Edelman, Gilbert M. 1939 Newport Beach CA
Edelman, Howard 1945 San Diego CA
Edelman, Marcia (Fabbro) 1952 Studio City CA
Edelman, Marjorie (Abrams)  1957 Santa Monica CA
Edelman, Sandra (Cohen) 1952 Valley Village CA
Edelson, Joshua 1977 Basking Ridge NJ
Edelson, Melissa (Weinberg) 1979 Woodbury NY
Edelstein, Beverly (Ecoff) 1954 Davie FL
Edelstein, Elaine (Abes) 1950 Boynton Beach FL
Edelstein, Herbert 1966 Florence KY
Edelstein, Larry 1958 Parsippany NJ
Edelstein, Maryanne (Korn) 1949 Northridge CA
Edelstein, Renee (Simon) 1954 Coconut Creek FL
Edelstein, Robert 1961 Los Angeles CA
Edley, Audrey 1973 New York NY
Edrich, Osnat 1979 Lido Beach NY
Edwards, Joyce (Schroeder) 1956 East Northport NY
Edwards, Sidney 1987 Sacramento CA
Efron, Pete 1962 Lindenhurst NY
Ehrenfreund, Mel (Evans) 1955 Edgwater NJ
Ehrlich, Barbara (Reich) 1956 Boca Raton FL
Ehrlich, Beryl (Ozechowski) 1972 Baldwin NY
Ehrlich, Daniel 1956 Barnegat NJ
Ehrlich, Dennis 1975 Lynbrook NY
Ehrlich, Flora (Texler) 1966 New City NY
Ehrlich, Harvey 1960 New City NY
Ehrlich, Jackie (Zimmerman) 1971 Rockaway Beach NY
Ehrlich, Jonathan 1989 Chippewa Lake OH
Eimer, Bruce 1970 Huntingdon Valley PA
Eisdorfer, Carl 1961 Hollywood FL
Eiseman, Michael 1968 Astoria NY
Eiseman, Ruth 1940 Coconut Creek FL
Eisen, Michael 1973 Chapel Hill NC
Eisen, Susan (Wollman) 1957 New York NY
Eisenberg, Alan 1974 Wellington FL
Eisenberg, Howard 1969 Belle Harbor NY
Eisenberg, Irving 1966
Eisenberg, Ivy 1973 White Plains NY
Eisenberg, Jay 1973 Manalapan NJ
Eisenberg, Joyce (Douglas) 1955 Hartsdale NY
Eisenberg, Lenore "Lenny" (Lippe) 1948 Franklin Square NY
Eisenberg, Rochelle (Welsh) 1968 Pomona NY
Eisenberg, Rona 1969 Pine CO
Eisenberg, Ross  1965 Stockton CA
Eisenberg, Steve 1970 Jamesburg NJ
Eisenberg, Steve 1956 Englewood NJ
Eisenstadt, Keith 1971
Eisenstadt, Lori 1977 Brooklyn NY
Eiskowitz, Jeffrey 1977 Bellmore NY
Eiskowitz, Roberta (Feeney) 1974 Hewlett NY
Eitelberg, Leonard 1951 New York NY
Eitelberg, Robert 1965 Baldwin NY
Eiven, Larry 1971 East Brunswick NJ
Elder, Chuck 1976 Woodmere NY
Elia, Gus 1963 Troy MO
Elin, Charles 1954 Mt. Airy MD
Elin, Stanley 1951 Brooklyn NY
Elkin, Lori (Forgacs) 1973 New Windsor NY
Elkin, Rochelle (Lask) 1971 Virginia Beach VA
Elkin-Andrews, Denise R. (Andrews) 1972 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Elkind, Manny 1949 Sharon MA
Ellenthal, Corey 1975 Eastchester NY
Ellenthal, Steve 1971 Coral Springs FL
Elliott, Garth 1982 Newport News VA
Elliott, Sharon 1988 Arverne NY
Ellis, Richard 1955 New York NY
Ellis, Richard 1953 Weston CT
Ellman, Barbara 1969 Secaucus NJ
Ellsweig, Art 1973 Heathrow FL
Emanuel, Matt 1961 West Chester PA
Enfeld, David 1956 Sunset Beach NC
Engel, David 1966 Plainview NY
Engel, Eric  1976 Marlboro NJ
Engel, Heather (Dubov) 1981 Allentown PA
Engel, Jeffrey 1976 New York NY
Engel, Lorraine (Weingast) 1967 FL
Engelsberg, Joel 1953 Pompano Beach FL
Engleberg, Michelle (Handwerker) 1971 Boca Raton FL
Engstrom, Mildred (Greubel) 1953 Merrick NY
Epstein, Fred 1941 Winter Park FL
Epstein, Helena 1958 Pearl River NY
Epstein, Henry 1959 Moorpark CA
Epstein, Karol (Hochman) 1961 Miami FL
Epstein, Mollie (Makar) 1971 Wilmingron DE
Epstein, Scott 1967
Epstein, Sharon 1965 Kabul Afghanistan
Erdely, Barbara (Spector) 1953 Boynton Beach FL
Erdely, Ed 1957 Manhattan Beach CA
Erdheim, Ken 1965 Lawrence, NY
Erdheim, Paul 1969 Livingston NJ
Ergas, Ruth (Pollack) 1949 Santa Monica CA
Ernstoff, Jeffrey 1968 New York NY
Ervin, Bruce 1985 Phoenix AZ
Eskenazi, Myron 1970 Forest Hills NY
Espiritu, Lyndon 1985 New York NY
Estrella, Lissette 1985 New York NY
Etkin, Jay 1967 Memphis TN
Etkin, Madeline 1966 Northampton MA
Ettelman, Gloria (Lubenstein) 1968 Westbrook CT
Ettelman, Steven 1965 Gorham ME
Ettinger, Mildren (Gordonson) 1927
Ettlinger, Richard 1974 Lynbrook NY
Eugene, Marjorie (Vrigneau) 1988 West Palm Beach FL
Evans, Andrew 1989 Far Rockaway NY
Evans, Jacque 1941 Torrance CA
Evans, Steven 1977 Pittsburgh PA
Evelyn, Dino  1983 Woodbridge VA
Faber, Barbara (Butler) 1955 New York NY
Faber, Joan (Person) 1951 Bonita Springs FL
Faber, Robert W. 1954
Faber, Rosalie (Beal) 1946 New York NY
Fabien, Didier J. 1978 Miami FL
Factor, Jane (Hazan) 1964 Setauket NY
Factor, Stephen 1960 Bronx NY
Fagelson, Marc 1969 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Fagen, Elaine (Hirtz) 1947 Pembroke Pines FL
Fagin, Audrey (Pheffer) 1959 Far Rockaway NY
Fagin, Gail (Rosenberg) 1961 Rockaway Beach NY
Fagnani, Lisa (Kahl) 1986 Oceanside NY
Falcone, JoAnn (Ryan) 1974 Dix Hills NY
Falik, Deborah 1968 New York NY
Falik, Eugene 1964 Far Rockaway NY
Falk, Alyce (Gould) 1964 Dix Hills NY
Falk, Henry J. 1968 Mendham NJ
Falkenheim, Victor 1957 Toronto Ontario Canada
Fallik, Fred 1966 Oceanside NY
Fallik, Mitch 1970 Albuquerque NM
Fallowes, Lloyd 1951
Faltz, Amy 1969 Lafayette CA
Fanara, Vivian (Campagna) 1969 East Williston NY
Fantel, Patricia (Coopersmith) 1953 Charlottesville VA
Farash, Reyna (Berman) 1972 Commack NY
Farber, Florence (Faubert) 1961 Dania Beach FL
Farber, Fran (Glat) 1981 Gladwyne PA
Farber, Sandy (Neiser) 1968 Manalapan NJ
Farbman, Steve 1963 Arlington VA
Farbowitz, Bruce 1971 Staten Island NY
Farrell, Patrice 1981 Long Beach NY
Farris, Jan 1980 Long Beach NY
Farris, Pamela (Shapiro) 1972 Belle Harbor NY
Fass, Jackie (Gross)  1963 Brooklyn NY
Fass, Rima (Smollen) 1956 Ocean Ridge FL
Fassenfeld, Ian 1960 Oceanside NY
Fast, Blanche (Moss) 1966 Great Neck NY
Faulk, Diana 1971 Atlanta GA
Faust, Mark 1969 Peoria AZ
Favilla, Nancy (Tora) 1981 Moscow PA
Febo, Julio 1974 Las Vegas NV
Febo, Luis 1974 Farmingville NY
Feder, Sue 1968
Federman, Mark 1962 Brooklyn NY
Fedich, Irene (Matier) 1955 Eatontown NJ
Fein, Barbara (Zayas) 1980 Rochester NY
Fein, Jill (Ziff) 1970 Elmhurst NY
Fein, Sharon (Feldman) 1971 Belle Harbor NY
Feinberg, Dana 1981 Far Rockaway NY
Feinberg, Edward 1958 Congers NY
Feinberg, Elaine (Bender) 1957
Feinberg, Madelyn (Kent) 1962 Larchmont NY
Feinberg, Martin 1953 Woodstock NY
Feinberg, Michael 1965 Merrick NY
Feinberg, Rhoda (Nevins) 1962 San Diego CA
Feinberg, Sondra (Alpert) 1950 Hollywood FL
Feindt, Dorothy (Green) 1952 Matthews NC
Feingold, Marilyn (Ancel) 1962 Oakland CA
Feinstein, Barbara (Gilbert) 1958 Berkeley CA
Feinstein, Marti (Schear) 1967 Emerson NJ
Feinstein, Sonya "Sonny" (Smith) 1946 New York NY
Felder, Daniel 1979 New York NY
Felder, Diane (Jackson) 1975 Far Rockaway NY
Feldman Andy 1970 Belle Harbor NY
Feldman, Anna (Feldman-Rosen) 1968
Feldman, Barbara (Marciniak) 1974 Oakland Park FL
Feldman, Carl 1951 Friendswood TX
Feldman, Charlie 1935
Feldman, David  1971 Harrisburg NC
Feldman, Fran (Shabsels) 1971 Pembroke Pines FL
Feldman, Jerry  1957 Rego Park NY
Feldman, Kenneth J.  1961 Boca Raton FL
Feldman, Madeleine (Raphael) 1971 (No city/state listed)
Feldman, Mark 1965 Roswell GA
Feldman, Marla 1972 New Rochelle NY\
Feldman, Nora (Goldstein) 1963 Vancouver BC Canada
Feldman, Peggy (Levitin) 1966 Redwood City CA
Feldman, Rita (Silverstein, Rheba) 1957 Silver Spring MD
Feldman, Sandie (Clark) 1969 The Villages FL
Feldman, Sandy (Alfasi) 1974 Coral Springs FL
Feldman, Seth 1950
Feldman, Steve 1951 Miami Beach FL
Feldman, Theodore 1944
Felder, Daniel 1979 New York NY
Felder, Diane (Jackson) 1975 Far Rockaway NY
Feldstein, Steven 1971 Columbia MD
Fell, Barry 1957 Huntington Station NY
Feller, Bruce 1970 Portland OR
Felsenthal, Donald 1943 Memphis TN
Felsenthal, Doris (Muchnikoff) 1948 Rockville Centre NY
Felshin, Emily (Ehrlich) 1960 Barnegat NJ
Felshin, Roy 1960 New York NY
Fendel, Fran (Latourelle) 1973 Winter Park FL
Fenster, Dan 1968 Oceanside NY
Fenster, Dian (Sirkin) 1963 Lake Worth FL
Fenster, Marlene (Willard) 1960 Oceanside NY
Ferber, Carol (Lerner) 1961 New York NY
Ferdschneider, Arthur 1957 Long Beach NY
Ferdschneider, Carol (Streisand) 1960 East Windsor NJ
Fernandez, Gerber 1992 Far Rockaway NY
Fernandez, John 1970 Rockaway NY
Ferrand-Carroll, Karen (Carroll) 1970 Chester CT
Ferrara, William 1968 Middle Village NY
Ferreri, Philip 1971 Oxnard CA
Ferris, Philip 1958 McLean VA
Ferrufino, Carolina 1990 Las Vegas NV
Fershtman, Gerry 1976 (BCHS) Jericho NY
Ferster, Howard 1968 Miami FL
Festa, Joe 1947 Atlantic Beach NY
Feuer, Gary 1963 North Wales PA
Feuerstein, Milton 1942
Feuerstein, Robin 1971 New York NY
Feuerstein, Ronald (Forest) 1973 Oak Brook IL
Feynman, Joan 1944 Pasadena CA
Fialkoff, Marvin 1951 Melville NY
Fiano, Arlene (Rubin) 1966 NY
Fiebert, Eric 1982 Atlantic Beach NY
Fiebert, Mindy (Rosen) 1972 Atlantic Beach NY
Field, Connie (Elkinson) 1964 Livingston NJ
Field, Karen 1974 Scarsdale NY
Fields, Amy (Puro) 1960 Staten Island NY
Fields, Audrey (Mishalow) 1967 Henderson NV
Fields, Barbara (Baruch) 1960 Whitestone NY
Fields, Doug 1957 Huntington NY
Fields, Jeffrey 1964 Mt. Kisco NY
Fields, Stephen 1957 Monroe NY
Figueroa, Candice Marie 1999 Far Rockaway NY
Finchley, Alan 1961 Long Beach NY
Findur, Ellen (Gruber) 1949
Findur, Martin 1944
Fine, Kenneth 1964 Melville NY
Fingerman, Dale S. (Lichtenstein) 1969 Cross River NY
Finegold, Aaron 1959 Longboat Key FL
Fink, Arthur 1937
Finfer, Paul 1956 Hollywood FL
Fink, Ed 1951 Edison NJ
Fink, Helen (Leiner) 1968 Fairfax VA
Fink, Judd  1966 West Hartford CT\
Fink, Lea (Seiden) 1964 St. Petersburg FL
Fink, Mike 1969 Westbury NY\
Fink, William 1965 Godfrey IL
Finkel, Nancy (Ross) 1963 Ottawa Ontario Canada
Finkel, Renee (Kleeberg) 1939 Stockton CA
Finkel, Rhonda (DeVellis) 1973 Sherborn MA
Finkelstein, Andrea "Pandy" (Green) 1960 New York NY
Finkelstein, Brad 1980 Far Rockaway NY
Finkelstein, Joan (Cohen) 1969 Merrick NY
Finkelstein, Larry 1969 Hollis Hills NY
Finkelstein, Selma (Cooley) 1944 Springfield MA
Finkelstein, Sherry (Kennedy Bresnahan) 1963 Sayville NY
Finkelstein, Vicki (Haynes) 1964 Long Beach NY
Fiore, Debra (Ruck) 1971 Poughkeepsie NY
Fiorello, Karen 1981 Brooklyn NY
Fioresi, Bob 1956 Montauk NY
Fisch, Noah 1954 Woodmere NY
Fischman, Donald 1953 State College PA
Fischell, Marilyn 1966 Great Neck NY
Fischer, Barry 1971 Stockbridge GA
Fischer, Ileene (Lampert) 1964 Golden Beach FL
Fischer, Joel 1964 Roslyn NY
Fischer, Judy (Siegel) 1959 Wesley Hills NY
Fischer, Richard 1966 Fair Oaks CA
Fish, Barbara (Densen) 1962 Boca Raton FL
Fish, Larry 1964 Parkland FL
Fisher, Amy (Sutz) 1973 Long Beach NY
Fisher, André 1971 Merrick NY
Fisher, Andrew 1981 Boston MA\
Fisher, Bette (Bloom-Kohen) 1951 Cranbury NJ
Fisher, Carole (Mauro) 1953 Massapequa Park NY

Fisher, Denise 1983 New York NY
Fisher, Ellen (Greenberg) 1952 Somers NY/Wells VT
Fishgold, Phil  1972 Claymont DE
Fishkin, Jeffrey 1971 Merritt Island FL
Fishman, Barbara (Glaberman) 1966 Mooresville NC
Fishman, Bonnie (Bruckheimer) 1962 Valley Village CA
Fishman, George 1966 Brooklyn NY
Fishman, Michelle (Buehring) 1971 Agoura Hills CA
Fishman, Myrna (Fawcett) 1966 Washington, DC
Fishon, Arnie 1960 Bayside NY
Fitelson, Sherry 1965 Brooklyn NY
Flachner, Irwin "Cal" 1969 Brooklyn NY
Flatt, Roy 1960 Mahopac NY
Flax, Linda 1956 New York NY
Flay, Harold Jr. 1979 Inwood NY
Flay, Harold Sr. 1951 Inwood NY
Flay, Kevin 1983 Bellmore NY
Flechner, Helene (Klein) 1958 New York NY
Fleischer, David 1972 Plainview NY
Fleischer, Jean (Mirkin) 1949 Rockaway Park, NY
Fleischer, Joyce (Edelman) 1946 Mission Hills CA
Fleischner, Len 1948 Boca Raton FL
Fleming, Bernard 1989 Endicott NY
Fleschner, Brenda (Bronstein) 1968 Far Rockaway NY
Fliegelman, Sheila (Zweifler) 1963 Poughkeepsie NY 
Flig, Joel 1971 Boca Raton FL

Fogel, Enid (Becker) 1951 Seaford NY
Fogel, Sheldon (Shelly) 1956 Las Vegas, NV
Folber, Louis 1969 Maitland FL
Folber, William 1971 West Islip NY
Foley, Nancy (McGovern) 1972 Beacon NY
Fomberstein, Barry 1969 North Hills NY
Fonoroff, Caron 1974 West Caldwell NJ
Fonoroff, Lloyd 1972 New York NY
Fontana, Nancy (Greenfield) 1972 Wellington FL
Ford, Maureen (Matty) 1969 Elmont NY
Ford, Michele D. 1987 Far Rockaway NY
Forer, Herbert L. 1947 Encino CA
Forer, Norman 1943
Forman, Debbie 1968 Boston MA
Forman, Harold 1973 Orlando FL
Forman, Randy 1963 Milwaukee WI
Forman, Sheldon 1972 Lake Worth FL
Forschein, Ann (Barash) 1955 Iselin NJ

Fortier, Alan 1975 Englewood NJ
Fortier, Lisa (Buckley) 1979 Carlsbad, CA
Foster, Karen (Silver) 1970 Plano TX
Foster, Sherry (Taxman) 1967 Omaha NE
Fotheringham, Bill 1979 Rockville Centre NY
Fowler, Donald 1953 Holiday FL
Fowler, Layeshia (Riddick) 1983 Miramar FL
Fox, Barbara (Zacharia-Goldberg) 1962 Jackson NJ
Fox, David 1959 New York NY
Fox, Edith (Newman) 1943 Petaluma CA
Fox, Ellen 1978
Fox, Janet (Sidle) 1958 Pikesville MD
Fox, Jeff  1967 Huntington NY
Fox, Judy (Lee) 1969 Perth, Ontario Canada
Fox, Lynda (Klapow) 1965 Roslyn NY
Fox, Margie 1963 Tampa FL
Fox, Nancy 1968 Far Rockaway NY
Fox, Stewart 1972 Aptos CA
Fraden, Rafaelito Jr. 1981 Falls Church VA
Fraden, Sophia (Maxwell) 1981 Olive Branch MS
Franck, Zelda (Klapper) 1955 San Diego CA
Frank, Anita (Stern) 1973 Pomona NY
Frank, Lenore (Friedman) 1940 Pembroke Pines FL
Frank, Melanie (Hirsch) 1979 South Bellmore NY
Frank, Michael 1962 North Woodmere NY
Frank, Robert 1948 West Hempstead NY
Frank, Rosalie (Moore) 1961 Plymouth MA
Frankel, Gail (Rosenberg) 1972 Cedarhurst NY
Frankel, Herbert 1942
Frankel, Jill (Davis) 1980 Dix Hills NY
Frankel, Larry 1965 Smyrna GA
Frankel, Minerva "Mickey" (Sanger) 1946 Belle Harbor NY
Frankel, Ruth (Wiener) 1934
Franklin, Crystal 1996 Far Rockaway NY
Fraum, Michael 1971 Hewlett NY
Frazer, Barbara (Powell) 1967 Port St. Lucie FL
Frazer, Daren 1972 Charlotte NC
Fredricks, Mitch 1973 San Diego CA
Fredson, Mark 1968 Cedarhurst NY
Freed, Gordon 1969 Woodstock GA
Freed, Marc 1971 Sylvania OH
Freed, Heidi (Rosen) 1974 Wantagh NY
Freedman, Allen 1953 Atlanta GA
Freedman, Jay 1969 Clifton Park NY
Freedman, Warren 1962 Pembroke Pines FL
Freeman, Cindi (Wellins) 1957 Jupiter FL
Freeman, Dianne (Rosa) 1986 Rockaway Beach NY
Freid, Robert 1959 Manchaca TX
Freifeld, Lois (Wasserman) 1961 West Orange PA
Freifeld, Mimi (Grahame) 1966 Upper Holland PA
Freiman, Alvin 1941 Boynton Beach FL
Freindlich, Steve 1977 Aberdeen NJ
Frey, Barbara (Mercurio) 1971 Sunrise FL
Frey, Catherine (Metty) 1959 Washingtonville NY
Frey, Irene (Scarlett) 1960 Scottsdale AZ
Frey, Marvin 1961 Bellmore NY
Friedman, Andrew 1974 Bedford NY
Friedman, Barbara (Rosen) 1951
Friedman, Charlie 1968 Enfield CT
Friedman, Daniel 1945 Unadilla NY
Friedman, Diane (Librera) 1969 Commack NY
Friedman, Edward 1940 Pembroke Pines FL
Friedman, Ellen R. 1958 New York NY
Friedman, Howard 1960 Tamarac FL
Friedman, Ilene (Brandon) 1967 Great Neck NY
Friedman, Joel R. 1965 Scotch Plains NJ
Friedman, Joseph 1961 Whitehall PA
Friedman, Lenny 1961 Coral Springs FL
Friedman, Linda (Brownstein) 1964 Hackensack NJ
Friedman, Linda (Schreider) 1965 Newton Centre MA
Friedman, Lori 1970 Westminster MD
Friedman, Marty 1978 Whitestone NY
Friedman, Murray 1948 New York NY
Friedman, Paul 1965 Coral Springs FL
Friedman, Robert 1970
Friedman, Ronnie (Wiener) 1963 New York NY
Friedman, Sheila (Butler) 1949 Atlanta GA
Friedman, Shelly 1961 Marlborough MA
Friedman, Susan 1965 Roanoke VA
Friedman, Susan (Brownstein) 1960 Delray Beach FL
Friedman, Susan (Salmeri) 1974 Coral Springs FL
Friend, Michael  1965 Cedarhurst NY
Fries, Arlene (Klein) 1968 New City NY
Frisch, Lewis 1965 Nazareth PA

Frisch, Michael 1959 Buffalo NY
Frischman, Meri 1969 New York NY
Fromm, Hugh 1976 Rego Park NY
Frommer, Alan 1953 Wellesley Hills MA
Frommer, Jennifer 1981 New York NY
Frommer, Paul 1953 (Stuyvesant HS) Alexandria VA
Frost, Alan 1963 Webster NY
Frost, Donald 1974 Altanta GA
Froster, Gail (Schwarz) 1973 Oceanside NY
Frumkin, Yvette (Feis) 1971 Melville NY
Fuchs, Amy (Zuelch) 1980 Wantagh NY
Fuchs, Debra (Nadeau) 1975 Liberty NY
Fuchs, Helene 1968 Boston MA
Fuchs, Jerry  1954 Tucson AZ
Fuchs, Michael 1983 Freeport NY
Fuller, Carol (Gamson) 1961 Rehovot Israel
Fuller, Jimmy 1979 Far Rockaway NY
Furr, Barry 1963 Oceanside NY
Furst, Carol (Schrager) 1959 West Palm Beach FL
Fusco, Guy 1972 Staten Island NY
Gabay, Karen (Leto) 1972 New Port Richey FL
Gabel, Ronald 1963 Massapequa NY
Gabelmann, Charles 1942 Mashpee MA
Gabriel, Eileen (Rothschild) 1960 Winter Haven FL
Gabriel, Max 1963 Plantation FL
Gaer, Eric 1965 San Diego CA
Gaimaro, Linda (Cooper) 1962 Medford NY
Gaines, Donna 1968 New York NY
Gaines, Jeff 1965 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Gaines, Larry 1967 East Windsor NJ
Gaines, Laurie (Barilla) 1972 Brooklyn NY
Gaines, Nancy (Shapiro) 1972 Melville NY
Gall, Nancy (Shafiroff) 1980 Chappaqua NY
Gallagher, Daniel 1980 Inwood NY
Gallagher, Patricia (Minton)1957 College Point NY
Gallagher, Patti (Zarobinski) 1970 Chandler AZ
Gamerman, Ilene (Goldman) 1970 Staten Island NY
Gamerman, Michele (Mazal) 1968 Barcelona Spain
Ganak, George 1966 Newington VA
Gandin, Barbara (Littenberg) 1961 Kaneohe HI
Gandin, Elaine (Schwartz) 1948 Lawrence NY
Gandin, Michael I. 1956 Melville NY
Gandin, Selma (Tannenbaum)  1950 Lido Beach NY
Ganer, Robert 1966 Katonah NY
Ganin, Abby (Ganin-Toporek) 1971 New City NY
Ganin, Howie 1966 Woodmere NY
Garber, Evan 1967 Sonoma CA
Garber, Lesley (Vetter) l969 Coral Springs FL
Garber, Stefanie 1969 Miami FL
Garbowitz, Rhoda (Ruggiero) 1952 Deerfield Beach FL
Garcia, Blanca (Womack) 1981 Quakertown PA
Garcia, Elizabeth (Boncore) 1980 Bay Shore NY
Gardner, Avery 1972 Endicott NY
Gardner, John 1989 Jacksonville FL
Gare, Ivan D. 1946 New York NY
Garet, Cindy (Sippin) 1976 Coram NY
Garet, Russell 1980 Ireland
Garfinkel, Andrew 1967 Asheville NC
Garfinkel, Irene (Levine) 1964 Tampa FL
Garfinkel, Nina 1971 New York NY
Garnett, Beth (Stites) 1966 Palm Harbor FL
Garson, Lucille (Boretz) 1938 Woodsburgh NY
Garten, Leslie (Conover) 1978 Cranbury NJ
Garten, Nancy (Shaw) 1974 Tampa FL
Gartner, Maralyn (Adelman) 1961 Tampa FL
Garza, Denise (Jimenez) 1980 Plantation FL
Gasner, Rachelle (Berlin) 1953 Chesapeake VA
Gavender, Helen (Bachman) 1943 Boca Raton FL
Geathers, Elizabeth (Reed) 1986 Far Rockaway NY
Gedzelman, Jack 1965 Forest Hills NY
Gedzelman, Robert 1971 New York NY
Gedzelman, Stanley 1961 Upper Saddle River NJ
Geffner, Michael 1973 New York NY
Gehlhaus, Thomas 1965 Boca Raton FL
Gehr, Joylynn 1982 Point Pleasant NJ
Geier, Patrick 1976 Huntington NY
Gelbman, Linda (Levine) 1969 Lone Tree CO
Gelfenbaum, Alan 1980 Scottsdale AZ
Geller, Audrey 1965 Coral Springs FL
Geller, Barry 1963 Somerset NJ
Geller, Diana 1971 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Geller, Trudy (Stoller) 1968 Brooklyn NY
Gelman, Jack 1974 Bridgewater NJ
Gelman, Ron 1965 Long Beach NY
Geltman, Alan 1969 Charlotte NC
Geltman, Bruce 1976 NW Hickory NC
Geltman, Sally (Erickson) 1967 Fresh Meadows NY
Genad, Steven 1965 Hollywood FL
Genden, Arlene (Sage) 1973 Long Beach NY
Genden, Janet (Zweben) 1976 Cherry Hill NJ
Gentilini, John 1980 Fredericksburg VA
Genzburg, Carolyn (Blatt) 1959 Mountain View CA
Georges, Constantine (Dean) 1954 Rockaway Park NY
Georges, Greg 1964
Georges, Helen 1951 Rockaway Park NY
Geraci, Julia (Litchock) 1976 Marlboro NY
Gerard, Leon 1972 Boca Raton FL
Gerber, James 1960 Voorhees NJ
Gerlack, Alan (Stark) 1960 Grand Ledge MI
Germansky, Larry 1961 Pembroke Pines FL
Gersch, Deborah (Burg) 1969 Washington DC
Gershengorn, Wendy (Greenberger) 1974 Yorktown Heights NY
Gershowitz, Marc 1965 Oceanside NY
Gerson, Cary 1975 New York NY
Gerson, Freda Marjorie (Rosenthal) 1945 Sarasota FL
Gerstein, Doris (Friedman) 1940 New York NY
Gerstel, Joanne 1961 New York NY
Gertler, Beth (Larson) 1976 Belfair WA
Gertz, Lucy 1977 Shutesbury MA
Gertz, Mathius Mack 1972 Studio City CA
Gertzkis, Vivian (Maskin) 1956 Delray Beach FL
Gewirtz, Andrew 1971 New York NY
Gibbs, Chamaine 1991 Far Rockaway NY
Gibson, David 1979 Everett WA
Gilberg, Glenn 1964 Jericho NY
Gilbert, Dennis 1966 Westminster MD
Gilbert, Howie 1971 Dix Hills NY
Gilbert, Stephen 1961 Santa Monica CA
Gilde, Jon 1960 Dix Hills NY
Gill, Milton 1951 Bronx NY
Gillespie, Martin 1975 Pattaya Thailand
Gilligan, Lorraine (Murphy) 1981 Staten Island NY
Gillisslee, Stella (Stephens) 1987 Tampa FL
Gillman, Arnie 1967 Agoura Hills CA
Gillman, Frances (Strauss) 1957 Mount Laurel NJ
Gillman, Sharon (Russo) 1975 Rio Rancho NM
Gingold, Andrea (Roitman) 1966 Cary NC
Gingold, Annette (Marcus) 1933
Ginsberg, Alan M.1963 Natick MA
Ginsberg, Barry 1962 Wyckoff, NJ
Ginsberg, Ellen (Bernstein) 1976 Marlton NJ
Ginsberg, Jeffrey 1968 Wellington FL
Ginsberg, Linda (Bard) 1980 North Miami Beach FL
Ginsberg, Rochelle (Lederman) 1973 Pembroke MA
Ginsburg, Frances (Parke) 1966 Island Park NY
Ginsburg, Herbert (Gayner) 1940 Boynton Beach FL
Gioria, Robert 1980
Giovaniello, Valerie (Benardone) 1970 New Hyde Park NY
Gitlitz, Eva (Epstein) 1973 Commack NY
Gitlitz, Iris (Lamirata) 1977
Gitten, Martin 1958
Gittleman, Joseph 1968 East Islip NY
Giunta, Maryann (Asprea) 1964 Valley Stream NY
Glaab, Patricia (Rockwell) 1953 Old Bethpage NY
Glabman, Phoebe (Gross) 1975 Scarsdale NY
Glantz, Michele (Salon) 1965 Putnam Valley NY
Glantz, Mildred (Stuminski) 1947 Delray Beach FL
Glasman, Dorothy (Kreppel) 1972 Commack NY
Glasner, Jeffrey 1971 No city/state listed
Glasner, Sol  1969 Chevy Chase MD
Glass, Ethel (Wagner)  1962 Yardley PA
Glasser, Jack 1972 Cedarhurst NY
Glasser, Merrie (Pinhas) 1968 Holmdel NJ
Glassman, Estelle (Matsil) 1960 Old Bridge NJ
Glassman, Marjorie (Diaz) 1973 Sterling VA
Glazer, Alyne (Bat Haim) 1959 Tel Aviv Israel
Glazer, Ilsa M. 1958 Rockaway Park NY
Glazer, Myra (Miriyam) 1961 Los Angeles CA
Gliboff, Gary 1971 Rockaway Park NY
Glick, Gary 1972 Coral Springs FL
Glick, Marian 1970 Santa Barbara CA
Gliner, Vicki (Marks) 1980 Woodbury NY
Glintz, Bernie "Binky" (Michael) 1965 Bellmore NY
Glintz, Ed 1968 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Glintz, Lewis 1969 West Palm Beach FL
Gloeggler, Eddie 1975 Long Beach NY
Glover, Jermaine 1995 Baltimore MD
Gluck, Geri (Sherry) 1988 North Woodmere NY
Gluck, Kurt 1976 Piscataway NJ
Glusman, Carol (Mountain) 1968 Westwood NJ
Gochberg, Bethe (Lipper) 1971
Goddard, Guillermo 1984 Elmendorf AFB AK
Goddin, Suzanne (Lutkoff) 1945 Longboat Key FL
Godette, Jennifer (Gilliam) 1984 Dudley NC
Godfrey, Robin 1986 Arverne NY
Goedecke, Susan (Clarke) 1968 San Clemente CA
Goetz, Susan (Reiling) 1957 Livingston NJ
Goffin, Michael 1959 Woodmere NY
Gold, Allen 1971 Freeport NY
Gold, Anita (Stein) 1955
Gold, Arthur 1968 Metuchen NJ
Gold, Hank 1965 Lanesboro MA
Gold, Ilene (Aleba) 1972 Weston FL
Gold, Janet (Creel) 1960 Mt. Pleasant SC
Gold, Leonard 1971 New York NY
Gold, Lorraine (Schneider) 1965 Austin TX
Gold, Melvin 1950 Marlton NJ
Gold, Rick 1962 Sag Harbor NY
Gold, Sandy 1961 Corrales NM
Gold, Victor 1965
Gold, Zena (Kaufman) 1973 Oak Park IL
Goldbaum, Harold J. 1949 Vero Beach FL
Goldbaum, Sharon (Zant) 1965 Rhinebeck NY
Goldberg, Agnes G. (Herman Gilbert) 1939 Lake San Marcos CA
Goldberg, Arlene (Kanner) 1966 Raleigh NC
Goldberg, Bert (Elliot) 1974 Suffern NY
Goldberg, Bonnie (Goldstein) 1969 Bellmore NY
Goldberg, Caryn 1970 West Hollywood CA
Goldberg, Eric (Gray) 1949 Carmel CA
Goldberg, Frank 1961
Goldberg, Harvey 1971 West Bay Shore NY
Goldberg, Herb 1947 Banning CA
Goldberg, Laurie (Aronson) 1973 Wayne NJ
Goldberg, Mary (Holland) 1972 Atlantic Beach NY
Goldberg, Michael 1961 Deer Park NY
Goldberg, Paula (Ziemak) 1970 Land O Lakes FL
Goldberg, Phyllis (Bernstein) 1955 Woodmere NY
Goldberg, Rita (Zipnick) 1959 Irvine CA
Goldberg, Robert (Greene, R. Edward) 1970 New York NY
Goldberg, Robin (Schafler) 1971 Jupiter FL
Goldberg, Selma 1948 Kew Gardens NY
Goldberg, Sharon (Goldin) 1972 Boca Raton FL
Goldberg, Stella (Rosenfeld) 1960 Las Vegas NV
Goldberg, Steven 1970 Scotch Plains NJ
Goldberg, Stu 1967 Commack NY
Goldberg, Sue (Pollack) 1974 Middletown NJ
Goldberg, Terry (Degatano) 1970 White Plains NY
Goldberg, Wendy (Drusin) 1972 Holbrook NY
Golden, Elliot 1965 Roslyn NY

Goldenberg, Arlene (Novick) 1960 Houston TX
Goldfeder, Janice (Oppenheim) 1974 North Potomac MD
Goldfield, Michael (Myron) 1957 Wilton CT
Goldfine, Ira 1948
Goldfinger, Dianne (Jones) 1945
Goldfinger, Howard 1949 Shorewood WI
Goldklang, Merill (Abbate) 1971 Arlington VA
Goldman, Amy (Jaffe) 1976 Katonah NY
Goldman, Barbara (Bordnick) 1960 New York NY
Goldman, Marilyn (Schneider) 1972
Goldman, Mark 1978 Merrick NY
Goldman, Martin 1963 Boston MA
Goldman, Mike 1970 East Rockaway NY
Goldman, Paul 1957 Palm Harbor FL
Goldman, Phil A. 1975 East Brunswick NJ
Goldman, Robert 1972 Chicago IL
Goldman, Robert E. 1940 Madison CT
Goldman, Steve 1962 Marlton NJ
Goldman, Susan 1979 New York NY
Goldman, Susan (Cohen) 1973 Coral Springs FL
Goldman, Susan (Perry) 1958 Northbrook IL
Goldschmidt, Paula (Kalvin) 1978 Belle Mead NJ
Goldsmith, Barbara 1959 Vero Beach FL
Goldsmith, Beth (Zinman) 1962
Goldsmith, Gene 1973 Tucson AZ
Goldstein, Alan 1979 Coral Springs FL
Goldstein, Andrew 1964 New York NY
Goldstein, Anne (Greeenglass) 1953 Avondale PA
Goldstein, Arthur 1954
Goldstein, Arthur 1959 Belle Harbor NY
Goldstein, Barbara (Gazzaley) 1965 Howard Beach NY

Goldstein, Barbara (Kane) 1974 East Brunswick NJ
Goldstein, Burton H. 1959 Vancouver BC Canada
Goldstein, Craig 1971 Chicago IL
Goldstein, David 1963 Coral Springs FL
Goldstein, Denise (Skeris) 1969 Portsmouth NH
Goldstein, Eddie 1957 Lagrangeville NY
Goldstein, Elaine (Schwartz) 1941 Hewlett Neck NY
Goldstein, Elinor "Lee" (Holcomb) 1965 Scottsdale AZ
Goldstein, Elise (Levy) 1971 Flushing NY
Goldstein, Evan 1982 Plainview NY
Goldstein, Gail (Silver) 1969 Coral Springs FL
Goldstein, Gary 1969 Berkeley CA
Goldstein, Glenn 1967 Chappaqua NY
Goldstein, Jeffrey 1982 Valley Village CA
Goldstein, Joan (Apfel) 1964 Smithtown NY
Goldstein, Jonathan 1969 Georgetown (Bath) ME
Goldstein, Joyce (Silverstein) 1958 Woodmere NY
Goldstein, Lynne (Ritter) 1974 Ormond Beach FL
Goldstein, Marcia (Moss) 1950 Reston VA
Goldstein, Marilyn (West) 1965 Bell Cann CA
Goldstein, Myra (Forte) 1956 Northport NY
Goldstein, Peter (Arnet) 1964 Lake Worth FL
Goldstein, Phyllis (Berezein  1967 Saint Cloud FL
Goldstein, Ray 1962 Rochester MN
Goldstein, Rhonda (Stroud) 1975 Charleston SC
Goldstein, Roberta (Sarria) 1971
Goldstein, Ronald 1964 Commack NY
Goldstein, Roz (Cooper) 1972 Yorktown Heights NY
Goldstein, Steven 1976 Oradell NJ
Goldstein, Stuie 1967 Brooklyn NY
Goldstein, Sylva (Meyrowitz) 1949 East Meadow NY
Goldstein, William 1969 Greenwood IN
Goldstone, Jackie (Bernstein) 1966 Baldwin NY
Golieb, Evelyn (Goldsmith) 1944
Goliger, Janet 1974 Sherman Oaks CA
Goller, Stephen 1952 Teaneck NJ
Golob, Elaine (Weber) 1966 Lake Worth FL
Golowesky, Lois (Morin) 1959
Golowesky, Michael 1965 Deerfield Beach FL
Golowesky, Neil 1963
Golub, Stanley 1958 Chester NJ
Gomberg, Jon 1965 Annapolis MD
Gonzalez, Abigail (Remka) 1980 East Greenwich RI
Gonzalez, Dennis 1973 Honolulu HI
Gonzales, Dolores (Smith) 1982 Tampa FL
Goodman, Brian 1970 Long Beach NY
Goodfriend, Sidney 1942
Goodman, Fern (Lambroza) 1967 East Rockaway NY
Goodman, George 1964 Port Jefferson Station NY
Goodman, Leslie (Blair) 1965 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Goodman, Mark 1967 Valley Stream NY
Goodman, Mitch 1972 Boca Raton FL
Goodman, Robert 1969 Madison CT
Goodman, Roberta (Mandel) 1975 Miami FL
Goodside, Robert "Goody" 1961 West Hills CA
Goodstein, Marilyn 1972 New York NY
Goorland, Frances (Bradley) 1957 Amityville NY
Goorland, Linda (David) 1962 Charlottesville VA
Goorland, Martin 1961
Gordner, Rochelle (Meyer) 1968 Bushkill PA
Gordon, Beverly (Kandell) 1971 Muttontown NY
Gordon, Bobbe 1972 Seattle WA
Gordon, Bruce 1975 Omaha NE
Gordon, Carol (Siegel) 1967 Glen Cove NY
Gordon, David H. 1970 Plainview NY
Gordon, Gayle (Richter) 1963 Oceanside NY
Gordon, Ira 1966 Livingston NJ
Gordon, Jimmy 1979 Long Beach NY
Gordon, Joyce (Perlstein)  1945 Encino CA
Gordon, Leonard 1927
Gordon, Lori (Fox) 1972 Marlboro NJ
Gordon, Margaret "Peggy" (Miers) 1956
Gordon, Michael 1973 Newton NJ
Gordon, Roberta (Brochin) 1964 Roslyn Heights NY
Gordon, Ruth (Stahl) 1958 Fayston VT
Gordon, Scott 1971 New York NY
Gore, Debra (Ginos) 1971 Rotonda FL
Gorelick, Carin (Rothberg) 1965 South Daytona FL
Gorelick, Meryl (Guzman) 1983 New York NY
Gorelick, Stacy 1981 New York NY
Gorlick, Cheryl (Freinhar) 1965 (AJHS) Oceanside NY
Gorman, Gerry 1949 Delray Beach FL
Gorman, Patricia (Feller) 1956 Haverhill MA
Gorodnick, Ann (Jankes) 1979 Phoenix AZ
Gottesman, Marie (Blau) 1947
Gottlieb, Jerry 1960

Gottlieb, Linda (Ciappa) 1982 Huntington Station NY
Gottlieb, Lloyd 1960 Bedford MA
Gottlieb, Roberta (Klein) 1958 Englewood CO
Gottlieb, Susan (Beckerman) 1967 New York NY
Gotttfried, Ira 1983 Salisbury MD
Gould, Elyse (Glick) 1981 Freeport NY
Gould, Laura 1967 Annandale VA
Gould, Randy (Brandon) 1971 Aventura FL
Gould, Robert 1964 Foxboro MA
Gould, Steven L.1968 Garnerville NY
Graeber, Roy 1949 Norfolk VA
Graf, Richard 1958 Plantation FL
Grafstein, Ann 1970 Levittown NY
Graham, Sheilah (Markham) 1974 Commerce MI
Granados, Dolores (Lloyd) 1980 Myrtle Beach SC
Granados, Maria (Granados-Boyce) 1971 Soquel CA
Granit, Frank 1965 Weston FL
Grannis, Anita (Comiskey) 1959 Margate FL
Granoff, Barbara (Schor) 1967 Plainview NY
Granoff, Carol (Young) 1960 Livingston NJ
Grant, Nicola 1989 Rosedale NY
Grassi, Angela (Wilderman) 1966 Chesterfield VA
Denise (Graves-Judkins) 1976 Nashville TN
Gray, Neil 1970 Bridgewater NJ
Greber, Andrea (Levenson) 1975 Coral Springs FL
Greber, Ileen (Herberg) 1971 Phoenix AZ
Greeley, Carole (Franzone) 1964 Monroe GA
Green, Chiquita  1991 Marietta GA
Green, David 1964 East Rockaway NY
Green, Florence (Bergman) 1940
Green, Gloria (Heitner) 1969 Hollywood FL
Green, Jack 1949 Wellington FL
Green, Marshall 1966 Leonia NJ
Green, Michelle (Dolman) 1968 Staten Island NY
Green, Samuel 1983 Freeport NY
Green, Shelley 1972 Key West FL
Greenbaum, Alicia 1964 New York NY
Greenbaum, Eli M. 1957 Lynbrook NY
Greenbaum, Leonard 1956 Wellington FL
Greenbaum, Linda (Miller) 1969 New York NY
Greenbaum, Robert 1976 Poughkeepsie NY
Greenberg, Arthur 1974 Staten Island NY
Greenberg, Fred 1973 Wynnewood PA
Greenberg, Geraldine (Walford) 1963 Northport NY
Greenberg, Glen 1971 Newtown Square PA
Greenberg, Harvey 1971 Howard Beach NY
Greenberg, Howard (Greene) 1948 Hewlett Harbor NY
Greenberg, Larry 1971
Greenberg, Lisa (Gorman) 1975 Valley Stream NY
Greenberg, Lori (Lebowitz) 1976 Long Beach NY (BCHS)
Greenberg, Norman 1944 Boca Raton FL
Greenberg, Paul 1964 New York NY
Greenberg, Richard Alan 1971 Culver City CA
Greenberg, Richard 1971 Levittown NY
Greenberg, Robin (Johnson) 1971 Indianapolis IN
Greenberg, Steve 1960 Coral Springs FL
Greenberger, John (Maccabee) 1963 San Francisco CA
Greenblatt, Harriet (Finger) 1960
Greenblatt, Irma 1947 Camarillo CA
Greenblum, Gayle (Kirschenbaum) 1977 Oceanside NY
Greenblum, Ivy (LoNigro) 1983 Elmont NY
Greene, Bob 1965 Spokane WA
Greene, Gary 1975 Avon CT
Greene, Jeffrey 1968 Whitestone NY
Greene, Johnny 1989 Long Island NY
Greene, Paula (Befumo) 1972 Pleasant Mount PA
Greene, Steven 1966 Livingston NJ
Greenfield, Alan 1972 Wellington FL
Greenfield, Ann (Liss) 1955 Woodmere NY
Greenfield, Bonita "Bonnie" (Nease) 1966 West Chicago IL
Greenfield, Deanna (Rothberger) 1962 Placentia CA
Greenfield, Murray 1944 Tel Aviv Israel
Greengard, Gloria (Weber) 1939 St. Joseph MI
Greenman, Michael (Robbins) 1970 Duluth GA
Greenspan, Elaine (Murphy Fox) 1951 Fremont NE
Greenspan, Rona (Lee) 1966 Fort Washington PA
Greenstein, Helene (Rossman) 1966 Heightstown NJ
Greenstein, Judith (Goldman) 1962 Carmel Valley CA
Greenstein, Mark 1969 Reunion FL
Greenstein, Nancie (Hardy) 1968 Fontana CA
Greenwald, Arlene (Leonard) 1967 Omaha NE
Greenwald, Carol (Kirson) 1968 Forest Hills NY
Greenwald, Harriett (Rosenfield) 1945 Southbury CT
Greenwald, Marty 1948 Middletown NJ
Greenwald, Randi 1974 Los Angeles CA
Greenwald, Steven 1961 Chestnut Hill MA
Greiff, Sheila (Weinstock) 1963
Greig, Fay 1974 Lawrence NY
Greig, Joseph M. 1985
Greig, Ronnie  1978 Inwood NY
Greubel, Jerry 1949
Grew, Michael 1975 Fairport NY
Grey, Fred 1969 White Haven PA
Griebell, Ronald Charles 1959 Las Vegas NV
Grieg, Adolfo 1979 Cold Spring NY
Grill, Mark 1966 Marlboro NJ
Griminger, Edward 1973 Levittown NY
Griminger, Fred 1966 Boca Raton FL
Griminger, Harold 1968 Oceanside NY
Griminger, Laurie 1973 New York NY
Griminger, Stuart 1977 (No city) NY
Grimminger, Harold 1964 NY
Grober, Aaron 1968 Melville NY
Grober, Joel 1971 Oceanside NY
Grober, Susan (Jurman) 1973 Merrick NY
Groden, Arlene (Cohen) 1973 Davie FL
Groden, Ivan 1945 Forest Hills NY
Groden, Karen (Schoenberger) 1971 Hewlett NY
Groden, Sheila (Shaw) 1948 Metairie LA
Grodin, Lenny 1963 New York NY
Groman, Fran (Freeman) 1977
Groman, Ronnie  1974 Rockville Centre NY
Gronachon, Robert  1948 Palo Alto CA
Gross, David  1981 Atlantic Beach NY
Gross, Isabel (Feinberg)  1967 Harrisburg PA
Gross, Leslie (Skaer)  1975 South Riding VA
Gross, Martin  1937 Poughkeepsie NY
Gross, Michael H. 1967 Glen Head NY
Gross, Roberta (Cohrssen)  1960 Arlington VA
Grossman, Bernie  1960 Sayville NY
Grossman, Eileen (Cohen) 1969 Long Beach NY
Grossman, Florence (Forman) 1959 New York NY
Grossman, Floyd 1967 Rockville Centre NY
Grossman, Francine 1970 Framingham MA
Grossman, Honey (Belson) 1955 Aventura FL
Grossman, Linda (Spanier) 1965 Massapequa NY
Grossman, Millie (Hochhauser) 1950 Boca Raton FL
Grossman, Steve 1963 Bexley OH
Grossman, Terry 1970 Palm Bay FL
Grosso, Michele (Miki) 1973 West Warwick RI
Grote, Loretta (Diceglio) 1953 Valley Stream NY
Grubelic, Robert 1982 New Rochelle NY
Gruber, Glady (Kaye) 1943 Belle Harbor NY
Gruber, Rick 1953
Grubler, David 1965 Phoenix AZ
Grunwald, Caroline (Metz) 1980 Pine Bush NY
Guber, Beth (Rubenfeld) 1970 Oviedo FL
Gudel, Morton 1953 Lakewood NJ
Gudinsky, Sherry (Isler) 1969 Hicksville NY
Guggenheim, Ellen (Appelman) 1970 New York NY
Gumbs, Allen (Grant) 1983 Purcellville VA
Gunnerson Robert 1977 Wiainae HI
Gurian, Donna 1970 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Gursky, Arlene (Sherman) 1972 Hauppage NY
Gusick, Esta (Dansky) 1952 Weston FL
Gustafson, Barbara (Koy) 1964 Bellville TX
Gustin, Eddie 1976 New York NY
Gustin, Eileen (Granoff) 1961 Alpharetta GA
Gustin, Glenda (Bobroff) 1965 Valley Center CA
Guth, Janet (Kronenberg) 1955 Albany NY
Gutkin, Harvey 1966 Richmond VA
Gutkin, Michele (Zwerling) 1966 Woodmere NY
Gutman, Renee (Schoenmann) 1964 Bellmore NY
Guttenberg, Michele 1961 Staten Island NY
Haanraadts, Elizabeth (Sclafani) 1962 Woodmere NY
Haanraadts, Thomas 1940 Far Rockaway NY
Haas, Florence (Block) 1953
Haas, Michele "Mickie" (Bachrow) 1962 Hernando FL
Haas, Norman "Bull" 1944 Monroe Township NJ
Haas, Linda (Haas-Shapira) 1968 Jerusalem Israel
Haase, Charlie 1966 Seaford NY
Haft, Debra (Monaco) 1981 North Salem NY
Haft, Mindy (Solomon) 1976 Harrisburg PA
Hahn, Ingrid 1979 Woodmere NY
Hahn, Jerry 1965 Lynbrook NY
Hahn, Thelma (Friedman) 1948 Delray Beach FL
Haigler, M. Mario 1984 East Elmhurst NY
Hall, Curtis E. Jr. 1988 Augusta GA
Hall, Kenny 1955 Boca Raton FL
Halperin, Alan 1973 Brooklyn NY
Halperin, Anita (Meisel) 1944
Halperin, Audrey (Sicker) 1962 Valley Stream NY
Halpern, Barry  1964 Houston TX
Halpern, Joy (Rosenberg) 1973 Westlake Village CA
Halpern, Ken 1969 Lakewood NJ
Halpern, Marlene (Rosenzweig) 1975 Valley Stream NY
Halpern, Martin 1973 Plantation FL
Halpern, Rhonda 1975 West Sayville NY
Halpern, Riesa (Claudio) 1976 Inwood NY
Halstead, William 1978 Keystone Heights FL
Hamberger, Arthur 1962 Houston TX
Hamberger, Beth (Chodoff) 1974 Eschar Israel
Hamberger, Robert 1976 Vienna VA
Hamburger, Enid (D'Giff) 1960
Hamburger, Fran (Scher) 1970 North Woodmere NY
Hammer, Edna "Cookie" (Schiffres) 1970 East Brunswick NJ
Hammer, Jack 1969 Wantagh NY
Hammer, Martin 1974 South Brunswick NJ
Hand, Steve 1977 Edison NJ
Handel, Steven 1961 Bridgewater NJ
Handelsman, Sheila (Colohan, Shilo) 1969 Fountain Valley CA
Handlesman, Leslie 1964 Far Rockaway NY
Handwerker, Bonnie (Horowitz) 1975 Parkland FL
Handwerker, Meryl (Vasquez) 1971 Sunrise FL
Hannon, Joe 1961 Rockville Center NY
Hanzelik, Franny (Unger) 1971 Northern NJ
Hanzelik, Wendy (Widom) 1971 NY
Harary, Albert 1970 Oceanside NY
Harary, Joe 1976 Holliston MA
Harary, Lee 1974 Winter Park FL
Harary, Susan (Murai) 1978 Mountain View CA
Haratz, Judy (Cohen) 1969 Woodmere NY
Harawitz, Gerald 1967 New York NY
Hardy, Eric 1982 Midlothian VA
Hardy, Ivey 1970 Waitsfield VT
Harper, Medina 1994 Arverne NY
Harris, Audrey (Wiesenfeld) 1938 Woodmere NY
Harris, Barbara (Ohl) 1954 New Rochelle NY
Harris, Bonnie (Brooks) 1963 Oceanside NY
Harris, David 1970 Bellmore NY
Harris, Ira 1968 Fresh Meadows NY
Harris, Jeanne (McDonagh) 1963 New Canaan CT
Harris, Jeffrey B.  977 Wichita KS
Harris, Nancy (Redmond) 1965 Morgan Hill CA
Harris, Sharon (Clark) 1971 Oceanside NY
Harrison, Cheryl 1965 Clear Lake WA
Harrison, Riva (Schechter) 1971 Westbury NY
Hart, Marlene (Silver) 1964 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Hartenstein, J. Philip (Hart) 1960 Houston TX
Harvey, Rodney (Sheldon) 1958 Beverly Hills CA
Hashmall, Paula 1964 Merrick NY
Haskell, Bruce S. 1965 Louisville KY
Haskell, Mark  1962 Carlsbad CA
Hayden, John B. "Goff" 1947 Neponsit NY
Hayes, Susan (Minor) 1971 Upper Marlboro MD
Haynes, Kenneth 1982 Grand Forks
Hays, Bill 1980 Henderson NV
Healey, Robert 1960 Dingmans Ferry PA
Healy, Edward "Eddie Boo-Boo" 1975 Inwood NY
Heard, Danielle 1982 New York NY
Hearn, John 1963 Belle Harbor NY
Hecker, Leonard 1956
Hecht, Arnie 1975 East Rockaway NY
Hecht, Mark 1973 Merrick NY
Heck, David 1979 Colts Neck NJ
Hecker, David 1970 East Windsor NJ
Hefferman, Joe 1961 French Valley CA
Heiberger, Holly (Lerner) 1962 Weston FL
Heidenberg, Beth (Paul) 1963 Irvine CA
Heidenberg, Natalie (Harris) 1958 Dallas TX
Heifetz, Chuck 1974 Orange CT
Heifetz, Eric 1967 Sound Beach NY
Heifetz, Judy (Hoberman) 1972 East Haven CT
Heifetz, Laurie E. (Gross) 1970 Thousand Oaks CA
Heinrich, Fred 1948 Commack NY
Heintz, Madelynn (Berman) 1954 New York NY
Heinz, Peter 1985 Elmhurst NY
Heisler, Lenny 1963 Brooklyn NY
Heitler, Joan (Seiden) 1954
Held, Maxine (Pascal) 1960 Fair Lawn NJ
Helfner, Charlotte (Lapidus) 1953 North Bellmore NY
Helfner, Stanley 1958 Commack NY
Helft, Elaine (Pechner) 1957 Silver Spring MD
Helft, Pat (Salofsky) 1964 Manalapan NJ
Hellenbrand, Edward 1955
Heller, Brenda (King)  1980 South Bellmore NY
Heller, Cheryl (Kitton) 1976 S. Bellmore NY
Heller, Ira 1964 Harrisburg PA
Heller, James 1964 New York NY
Heller, Jane (Katz) 1966
Heller, Joseph H. 1941 Laguna Woods CA
Heller, Joyce (Zupnick) 1981 Merrick NY
Heller, Karen 1972 Coral Springs FL
Heller, Karen (Madison) 1972 Chandler AZ
Heller, Karen (Walz) 1970 Waltham MA
Heller, Peter 1959 Jericho NY
Hellman, Jerry 1973 Boca Raton FL
Hellman, Phyllis (Jacobs)  1955 Parkland FL
Hemmer, John 1953
Hemmer, William 1959 Guanacaste Costa Rica
Henderson, Frank 1978 Baldwin NY
Henderson, Matthew 1980 Middle Island NY
Henglein, John 1957 Berlin MD
Henriquez, Glenny 1985 Royal Palm Beach FL
Henry, Robert 1987 Far Rockaway NY
Herard, Betty  1976 New York NY
Herbert, Amy (Castro) 1980 New York NY
Herbert, Ann (Roszina) 1977 Acworth GA
Herbert, Julia  1975 Oceanside NY
Herbert, Karl  1976 Gaithersburg MD
Herbert, Maura (Mirabito) 1977 East Weymouth MA
Herbitter, Bruce 1971 Prattville AL
Herbst, Jack 1956 Clifton Park NY
Herbst, Richard 1961 Lauderdale Lakes FL
Heringer, Ellen (Gorin) 1974 Millburn NJ
Herman, Adrienne 1955
Herman, Jim 1963 New Rochelle NY
Herman, Maxine (Manara) 1965 Bellmore NY
Herman, Melissa (Thun)  1965 Ann Arbor MI
Herman, Renee (Feldman)  1953 Boynton Beach FL
Herman, Roberta "Bobby" (Mori)  1952 Bloomfield CT
Herman, Tobi (Pasternick) 1985 Old Bridge NJ
Hermelin, Beth  1969 New York NY
Hernandez, Agustin  or  1989 Brooklyn NY
Hernandez, Ernesto  1981 Far Rockaway NY
Hernandez, Kenneth 1987 Jamaica NY
Hernandez, Martita  1993 Jamaica NY
Hernandez, Renee  1990 Far Rockaway NY
Herr, Dale (Holzworth) 1975 Tucson AZ
Herr, Larry  1964 Pembroke Pines FL
Herr, Norma "Norie" (Hietarinta) 1969 Germany
Herrera, Darlene (Cortes) 1982 Land o Lakes FL
Herschhorn, Alan (Hunter) 1962 Oakland NJ
Herschhorn, Norma (Jones) 1959 Fairfax VA
Hershkowitz, Harris 1972 Tamarac FL
Herskowitz, Eileen (Schultz) 1967 Inwood NY
Hertz, Andrew 1962 Norwalk CT
Herzberg, Edward 1966 Tel Aviv Israel
Herzog, Michael 1955 Cedarhurst NY
Heslin, Joanna (Holmberg) 1965 Lawrence NY
Hess, Christine (Martin) 1975
Hess, Harriet (Moskowitz) 1973 Orlando FL
Heyman, Patricia (Mandel) 1952 New York NY
Hicks, LaMark 1994 Far Rockaway NY
Hila, Elizabeth 1975 Rockaway Park NY
Hillman, Louis 1951 Gilbert AZ
Hillman, Ruth (Silver) 1945 Laguna Hills CA
Hills, David 1948 Fort Lee NJ/Lake Worth FL
Hinderstein, Allan 1956
Hines, Laletha (Moore) 1988 Locust Grove GA
Hirsch, Arthur 1956 Clearwater FL
Hirsch, Bennett 1963 Brasher Falls NY
Hirsch, Bernard 1945
Hirsch, Deborah (Taylor) 1969 Vancouver BC Canada
Hirsch, Howard 1977 Woodmere NY
Hirsch, Jacki (Wartel) 1974 Israel
Hirsch, Jonathan 1969 Oceanside NY
Hirsch, Joseph 1968 New York NY
Hirsch, Judith (Asch) 1956 Boca Raton FL
Hirsch, Lynda (Thomas) 1962 Ocala FL
Hirsch, Michael 1962 Commerce Township MI
Hirsch, Randy 1977 South Bellmore NY
Hirsch, Rhonda (O'Brien) 1971 Hicksville NY
Hirsch, Rosilyn (Farbowitz) 1959 Boca Raton FL
Hirsch, Sandra (Westcott) 1967 Scottsdale AZ
Hirsch, Wendy (Green) 1967 Washington Township NJ
Hirschbaum, Jeffrey 1968 Massapequa NY
Hirschbaum, Lori (Harris) 1971 Bellmore NY
Hirschberg, Nancy (Malsin) 1974 Woodsburgh NY
Hirschfeld, Herbert 1955 Glen Head NY
Hirschfield, David 1945 Boca Raton FL
Hirschhorn, Larry 1960 Bucharest Romania
Hirsh, Don 1971 Clarksville MD
Hirsh, Norman 1974 Randolph NJ
Hirshman, Margo H. (Roca) 1975 Port Charlotte FL
Hirst, Anna (Killeen)  1966 Dayton NJ
Hirt, Virginia (Funk) 1940 Fallbrook CA
Hirth, Howard 1970 Atlanta GA
Hirth, Linda (Calder) 1966 Sharon MA
Hirtz, Lawrence 1944
Hirtz, Nina (Meadows) 1970 Davie FL
Hladky, Joe 1973 Edison NJ
Hoberman, Harry 1934 Tamarac FL
Hoberman, Sheila (Rudoltz)  1952 Long Beach NY
Hochberger, Martha  1973 Hewlett NY
Hochberger, Richard 1967
Hochheiser, Fran Pierce (Jackson) 1959 Torrance CA
Hodes, Stacey (Nagel) 1974 Belle Harbor NY
Hodes, Lisa (Hodes-Urbont) 1973 Long Beach NY
Hodgins, Marianne (Molinari) 1980 New York NY
Hoffer, Paul 1961 Miami FL
Hoffman Arlene (Spitz) 1968 St. Lucie FL
Hoffman, Bob 1962 Oakland CA
Hoffman, Charles 1970 Vista CA
Hoffman, Dave 1970 Torrance CA
Hoffman, David 1973 Daytona Beach FL
Hoffman, Florence (Soffer) 1935
Hoffman, George 1967 Castle Rock CO
Hoffman, Joanne 1971 New York NY
Hoffman, Steven 1983 North Bellmore NY
Hoffman, Walter 1958 Seaford NY
Hoffner, Burton "Buzzy" 1954
Hoffner, Herbert 1951 Lawrence NY
Hoffman, Ellen (Lambiase) 1965 Patchogue NY
Hofman, Lydia (Rosenblatt) 1970 Niskayuna NY
Hogue, Wynona Elaine (Bradwell) 1964 Verneuil, Poitou-Charentes France
Holden, Carole (Marvelli) 1964 Baldwin NY
Holland, Robert 1971 Atlantic Beach NY
Holland, Roberta (Schildkraut) 1962 Delray Beach FL
Hollander, Gloria (Sunshine) 1951
Hollander, Gertrude (Brown) c/o son 1933 Rye NY
Hollander, Helen 1965 Denville NJ
Hollander, Martin 1963 New York NY

Hollich, Stephen E. 1950 Huntsville AL
Hollins, Julie 1968 Woodbridge CT
Hollins, Mitchell 1963 Glencoe IL
Holmberg, Frances (Jonza) 1960 Cedarhurst NY
Holtmeyer, Deborah (Solina) 1972  Boynton Beach FL
Holtz, Judie (Posner) 1972 Shirley NY
Holzer, Morty 1954 Woodmere NY
Holzman, Lew 1962 Tenafly NJ
Holzman, Marvin 1946 Long Beach CA
Homan, Christopher 1973 Woodstock GA
Honig, Howard 1970 Warren NJ
Honig, Michael 1967 Secaucus NY
Hoodes, Michael 1958 Seattle WA
Hopenwasser, Fran (Teglbjaerg) 1965 Copenhagen Denmark
Hopkins, Erica 1990 Beaufort SC
Horak, Rosemary "Cooky" (Rizzo) 1970 Inwood NY
Horan, Jack  1965 Richmond Hill NY
Hores, Marianne (Valentin) 1980 Manalapan NJ
Horlick, Cindy (Davis) 1971 Norwood NJ
Horn, Shelli (Zimmerman) 1969 Bellmore NY
Horne, Jody (Leshinsky) 1975 Lauderhill FL
Horne, Shari (Marino) 1970 Ormond Beach FL
Horowitz, Alan 1965 Pleasant Hill CA
Horowitz, Amy (Hernandez) 1967 Scotts Valley CA
Horowitz, Ann (Rosenbloom) 1973 Vienna VA
Horowitz, Arlene (Diamond) 1955 Las Vegas NV
Horowitz, Barry 1975 Manalapan NJ
Horowitz, Darryle (Gillman)  1961 Lincolnwood IL
Horowitz, Marilyn (Taksen)  1966 Bradenton FL
Horowitz, Neal  1974 Staten Island NY
Horowitz, Rita (Resnick) 1961 New York NY
Horowitz, Stanley  942 Columbus OH
Horowitz, Steve 1972 Ridgewood NJ
Horton, Keith 1984 Greensboro NC
Horvitz, Garry 1969 Shoreline WA
Horwitz, Ray 1963 Winhall VT
Hovatter, Ellen (Oates) 1974 South Amboy NJ
Howard, Mary (Murray) 1967 Valley Stream NY
Hrehor, Doreen 1984 Tampa FL

Hubschmitt, Thomas 1986 Elmira NY
Hughes, Michael 1981 Stony Brook NY
Hundt, Pamela (Reid) 1974 Basking Ridge NJ
Hung, Gary 1975 Lynbrook NY
Hung, Jeanet (SooHoo) 1969 Howard Beach NY
Hunt, Gary 1965 Oak Park CA
Hunt, Lutricia (Milien) 1966 East Stroudsburg PA
Hunt, Michael 1965 Linares Spain
Hye, Lilith (Kopman) 1951 Wantagh NY
Hylton, Miguel  1999 (No city/state given)
Hyman, Joyce (Rappaport) 1966 East Meadow NY
Hyman, Bob 1970
Hynes, Audrey A. (Corde) 19

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