The two photos below are of the State Diner in Far Rockaway, which was located at the corner of Beach Channel Drive and Mott Avenue.  The date of both photos is 1951.

The diner was owned by the Procops family and was a gathering place over several decades for Far Rockaway High School students, most recently mentioned in the autobiographical book, "Still Pitching," by Michael Steinberg, FRHS 1958, which tells, among other details of his life as a "Rockaway kid," of the social status pecking order for jocks and cheerleaders during the diner's halcyon days.  The book is available via mail order at, which is where I got my copy.

The diner was remodeled in later years before being razed to make way for a McDonald's.  At the moment Pat (Senyk) Procops, FRHS 1955, and her husband Pete are searching for a more recent photo.  If you happen to have one, I would be most grateful if you would contact me, Carol Marston.



Click the photo of the State Diner interior below to see the larger version.  This photo 
was taken in 1970.  Thank you to Arthur Ganzer for sending it.