Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest # 1 
Questions and Answers

The winners of Contest #1 were:
Gayle Richter, Larry Edelstein, and Bob Natt.

Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest Official Rules
Here are the official rules for the Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest #1

Here are the questions and answers for contest # 1. Thanks again for your support of this web site.

1. Rockaway had three movie theatres in town and one of them changed names. Name all three movie theatres and give the "other name" one of them used. Strand, Columbia, Pix (Gem)

2. What former FRHS graduate played on the olympic basketball team? Nancy Leiberman

3. There was a very famous appetizing store in Far Rockaway where everyone lined up for the lox and other goodies. What was the name of this store? Toddys

4. What were the names of the 3 beach clubs in Far Rockaway? Which one had a pool? Roches, Sea Breeze, Ostends (Ostends had a pool)

5. What year did the Far Rockaway library burn down? 1962

6. What was the full name of Benny the cop? Benny Boland

7. When was the "new wing" added to Far Rockaway High School? 1957

8. Which distinguished English teacher insisted on reading all parts from Romeo and Juliet - including Juliet in high-pitched tones? Mr. Silberstein and Mr. Jagust were good answers to this one. They both did it.

9. Where did the original boardwalk end before it was extended to Beach 9th street? Beach 19th Street

10. What were the names of the two Bar and Grills directly across from Playland? Hickeys / Borgiannos and Mc Walters

11. What was the name of the Far Rockaway High School newspaper? The Chat

12. What does "G.O." stand for? General Organization

13. Every Thanksgiving, Far Rockockaway High School played football with this rival high school. What is the name of that high school? Brooklyn Tech.

14. What was the name of the bowling center located on Central Avenue? Arcade Lanes

15. What was the name of the PAL baseball commisioner? Mal Bodenlos

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