Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest # 2
Questions and Answers

The winners of Contest #2 were:
Ron Krouse, Michele Simon Blashka, & Norman Blashka,
and Isabelle Kirshner.

Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest Official Rules
Here are the official rules for the Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest #2

  • All entries must be sent by e-mail to Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest # 2. (It seems as if I am experiencing some e-mail delivery problems.) Please also send your entires to
  • Only 1 entry per person will be accepted, the first one received!
  • Winners will be selected on the basis of most correct answers and the date and time they were received. (Sorry, problems with e-mail delivery cannot be taken into consideration.)
  • 3 winners will be selected and receive a Far Rockaway High School 100th Anniversary T-Shirt...courtesy of the Far Rockaway High School Alumni Association.
  • Names of the winners and the answers to the questions will be posted at the end of the contest period.
  • Contest #2 will begin on April 21st and end on May 4th. We invite the winners of contest #1 to participate, but sorry, we can't send you a second t-shirt if you win........ Good Luck To All

  • Here are the questions to the Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest # 2

    1. What was the name of the school custodian who worked in the 1950' and 1960's? Mr. Keenan

    2. PS 105 also had an official name. What was it? The Bay School

    3. Name the 1960's city housing projects from Belle Harbor to Far Rockaway. Hammels, Arverne, Edgemere, Redvern

    4. Which teacher had the toughest reputation at FRHS in the 1940's, 50's and 60's? Mr. Tietze

    5. What FRHS basketball player from the 60's went on to play for the Knicks? John Warren

    6. What are the school colors? Blue and Red

    7. Who sold "famous" knishes at the Beach 35th Street Boardwalk? Jerry's

    8. What was the name of the hippest clothing store on Central Avenue back in the 70's? All Togethers

    9. What was the name of the diner located on Mott Avenue and Beach Channel Drive where everyone hung out on Friday and Saturday nights? The State Diner

    10. Where was graduation from JHS 198 held? Brooklyn College

    11. What was the name of the guy who use to roam around Far Rockaway and sing songs from his black and white composition books. (Everyone has to know the answer to this one!) Crazy Eddie

    12. If you could answer #11, here is the next part of the question. What planet did he say he was from?
    He claimed to come from the planet Twilight

    13. What was the name of the hospital located in Bayswater at the end of Mott Avenue? Joint Disease Hospital. Also went by the name Maimonides. Both were good answers.

    14. What was the name of the yearly summer lifeguard party during the mid 70's? The Cave Man Convention

    15. What was the name of the luncheonette under the el at Beach 25th Street? Ellie's or The Cove (aka Ellie and Phil's). During the late 40's and 50's is may have been known as Hal's, or Schain's, named for the owner at that time. All were good answers.

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