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Trivia Contest # 4
Questions and Answers

The winners of Contest #4 are: Billy Schwartz, Ann-Marie Connors, and Roz Farbowitz. Once again, Gayle Gordon Richter impressed the judges with her outstanding knowledge of Rockaway Trivia but, she has already won and received a prize for Trivia Contest # 1. Sorry Gayle, no prize this time!

 Thanks to all of you who entered. Look for Trivia Contest # 5 coming soon. Or better yet, how about a lottery to see if you can pick the exact date your journal and directory will arrive in the mail? If you are interested in playing, please write and let me know.

Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest Official Rules
Here are the official rules for the Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest #4

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A big THANK YOU to Melanie Frank-Hirsch Class of ' '79, and Randy Hirsch Class of ' 77 for supplying the questions for this contest. Please don't ask them for any answers!!!!!!

 Thanks also to Eileen (Gabriel) Rothschild, Class of 1960 for sending in additional answers which fit the questions.

1. What was the name of the main travel agency on Mott Avenue, near Beach Channel Drive? (70's, 80's, may be still there). Town & Country

2. What is the name of the auto school on Mott Avenue? (70's - still there). Franks

3. What was the name of the physical education teacher who taught Driver's Ed.? (70's). Jack Cohen

4. What was the name of the little kiddy park, on the boardwalk, near the nickel pitch? (60's). Cinderella Park

5. What night, during the summer, was the fireworks show from Playland? (60's - 70's) Wednesday

6. What was the name of the beauty parlor on Central Avenue, across from Zomick's Bakery (next to St. Marys Church)? (70's). The Clip Joint

7. What was the name of the Chinese Food takeout on Central Avenue near Zomick's? (70's, 80's, possibly 90's). On On Kitchen

8. What was their "specialty"? The rice cup (rice with orange gravy)

9. What store sold kinishes, on the boardwalk on Beach 69th Street? (60's & 70's) Marty's Kinishes

10. What names did the main hospital in Far Rockaway use during its existance? (50's to present) St. Josephs, Long Island Jewish, St. John's Episcopal Hospital

11. What was the name of the kosher take out place on the corner of Beach 19th and Cornaga? (70's) Carmels

12. What were the names of four Far Rockaway bakeries? (60's, 70's, possibly 80's). Zomicks, Elfenbeins, Sari's, Wavecrest, and The Victoria Bakery

13. What was the name of the restaurant on the corner of Central Avenue and Cornaga Avenue? 60's). Pink Poodle

14. What were the phone numbers of the taxi cab companies on Mott Avenue (last four digits)? (60's - 80's). 4444 & 7777

15. What were the names of the 2 Delicatessens in town; one was on Central Avenue, the other, around the corner? (60's - 70's). Central Delicatessen and Bergers

16. What was the name of the stationery store on Central Avenue? (60s, 70's). Nevaloffs

17. What were the names of the 2 pizza places located on Central Avenue? (60's to present). Gino's and The Tower of Pizza (also known as "Freddies"

18. What were the names of the two toy stores on Central Avenue? (60"s, 70's) Darlings and Harvey's

19. Name at least two stores that were in the Waldbaum's Shopping Center on Mott Avenue? (70's & 80's). Martin's Lighting, Thriftway Drug Store (still there), Michael Frank's Beauty Salon, Burts Clothing Store, Jamaica Savings Bank, Farrell's Restaurant, Pergament Paint

20. What was the name of the specialty candy shop on Central Avenue, the store had a huge striped candy cane door handle? (60's & 70's). Bartons

21. What were the names of the two mini department stores on Central Avenue? (60's & 70's). Woolworth & Grants

22. What was the name of the store on Central Avenue that sold the latest 45's and instruments? (60's & 70's). The Music Place

23. What was the name of the pharmacy across from the 25th Street train station? (60's & 70's). Sarett's

24. What was the name of the grocery store across form the 25th Street train station? (60's & 70's). Sam's Grocery

25. What was the name of the candy store/hang out on Mott Avenue, near Beach Channel Drive? (60's - 80's). Milty's

26. What was the name of the men's clothing store on Central Avenue? (60's - 70's). Meyer's, Max Srollers

27. What was the name of one of the main jewelry stores on Central Avenue? (60's - 80's). Skolnick & Kravitz

28. Name as many principals of Far Rockaway High School as you can. (1897 - present) Sanford J. Ellsworth, 1897 - 1936; Ludwig Kaphan, 1936 - 1937; Agustus Ludwig, 1937 - 1941; Monica D. Ryan, 1941 - 1965; David Gordon, 1965 - 1976; Carl Berlin, 1977 - 1983; Diana Cagle, 1983 - Spring 1989; Paul Kantrowitz, Spring 1989 - Fall 1989; Robert Kane, 1989 - 1994; Minnie Richardson, 1994 - Present

29. What was the destination of most of the senior trips during the 30's - 60's? Bear Mountain

30. As a result of the senior trip, what generally turned up missing from the inventory of the transportation provider? Deck Chairs, lots of them!

Editors Note - Here is my favorite entiry received for this contest. It really put a smile on my face.

#7 On On Kitchen - 609 Beach 20th St. Far Rockaway, NY 11691.718-471-5118
#8 "Rice Cups"

 Ok, I cheated. My parents owned the place....... David W.Lim

 Thanks so much David......

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