Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest # 5 

The Name of the Mystery Person Below is
Mr. Louis Bach, Former Principal of JHS 198

Guesses included the following:

Mr. Case - PS 105
Mr. Block
Dr. Jonas Salk
Coach Irv Resnick
Louis Abch 198 (I think this was a typo - will give it to you!)
Mr. Bach,  Principal from P.S.105 (Did he also work there?)
Mr. Gallant
Mr.  Goros
Mr. Teitz
Mr. Arnesen
Mr. Gordon

Howerer, most of you guessed right!  Congratulations

Look for Trivia Contest # 6 Coming Soon To This Web Site

Sorry, but no prizes for this contest.....
just the satisfaction of knowing that you knew!!

Mr. Louis Bach, Principal JHS 198

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