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As Far As I Know, There is No Longer An Active

Far Rockaway High School Alumni Association

And Their P.O. Box Has Been Closed...Sorry!  9/8/00

As far as we are aware, the FRHS Alumni Association is no longer operating as an organization.  It's been several years since anyone has received any official word from them.

As a result of their decision to call it quits, Carol Marston, Classs of 1956 and myself, Alan 'Skip' Weintock, Class of 1963, have created the Far Rockaway High School 'On-Line' Alumni Association.  Click here for details.

 If you have any specific questions, please write to me at


Alan 'Skip' Weinstock
Class of 1963

Where Is My Directory?

Previous Up-Date Posted

Directory Up-Date
January 28, 1999

Well I guess if my e-mail messages are correct, many of you have already received your Directory. So, we can only assume that they are in fact, in the mail to the rest of you who have been waiting over a year to receive one. Please understand that if you didn't fill out the original form with your information and send it to the Alumni Association (even though you attended the reunion events) your name and information will not be in the Directory......But, take heart....the Association has agreed to publish an addendum to the Directory which will include corrections and new listings. We are in the process of working out a procedure for this but those of you who have filled out the On-Line Web Site registration form will be included in the addendum. So, if you are new to the web site, please fill out the On-Line Registration Form.

Thanks again to all of you who have expressed your support of myself (Skip Weinstock) and Carol Marston for our part in getting the Directory completed. We hope that many lessons have been learned from the Directory project and that the addendum will not suffer from the delays that the original Directory did.

 Keep in touch...........


 Skip Weinstock

Previous Up-Date posted on January 7, 1999

Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

 I hope this will be the final update in the long struggle to bring you your Directory. I just spoke with Barbara Zacharia in New York. She has informed me that a company was in fact hired to take on the task of bulk-mailing almost 3000 Directories and that they expect to have them in the mail to you on Tuesday, January 12, 1999. I will continue to monitor the situation and let you know if there are any changes in the time-line........Keep thinking positively and keep your fingers crossed!

Previous Up-Date posted on December 1, 1998

Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

 Here is the latest from the Alumni Association regarding the Directory. I would like to tell you that the Directories are already in the mail, but alas, I cannot. The current problem plaguing the delivery of your Directory centers around the mailing process. It is not for a lack of volunteers ready to spend their weekend mailing yours to you; it has to do with the bulk mail, weight, non-profit status, etc. of the mailing process.

Barbara Zacharia is back at work following the tragedy of the death of her brother last week. She has decided to pay a professional "bulk mailing" company to complete the final saga of the Directories and will be making a decision this week about which company to hire.

I am sorry to have to report this additional delay and hoped that you would already have your Directory by Thanksgiving. As you all know, I live in California and am not a member of the Board of the Alumni Association. I can only report to you what I know. Carol and I did our part by completing the Directory and sending it to the Alumni Association back in September. Again, please don't shoot the messenger.

 I can tell you that the Directory has been completed and has been printed, bound and is ready to be mailed. Maybe you will find it among your holiday presents this year!

Previous Up-Date posted on December 1, 1998

Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

 Here is the news that we have all been waiting for. The Directory is finished! The printing, binding, etc. have been completed and the directories are being mailed out. As most of you are probably aware, Barbara Zacharia's brother Randy Fox, Class of 1979, was killed in a car accident on Monday, November 23rd on Long Island, New York. I know how hard this has been for Barbara and the rest of Randy's family. If there is any delay at this point in the mailing process, I know you will all understand. On behalf of the entire "Rockaway Community" we send our condolences and prayers to the Fox family.

Previous Up-Date posted on November 17, 1998

Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

 The printing has been completed. Lenny Kohn, Class of 1951 who is printing the Directory for the Alumni Association, ran into some problems with this very large job but as of the writing of this update, I have been told that the printing of the Directory is completed. The covers have already been run and the binding will take place during this week. The volunteers are scheduled to get together this weekend and get them in the mail. I realize that we have all heard these promises before but it looks as if this time they are very close to getting the Directory and Journal in the mail. Bob Rosenman will be reformatting the address labels to include the bar code as this will expedite the delivery to you. Keep the faith........

Previous Up-Date posted on October 20, 1998

Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

 The news continues to be very encouraging. Here is where we are as of the writing of this update. The printing should be completed by Monday, October 26. As many of you already know, Lenny Kohn, Class of 1951 who is printing the Directory for the Alumni Association, just lost his mother a few weeks ago. Needless to say, this has delayed the completion of the project. Our sincere condolences go out to Lenny and his family. Now back at work, Lenny is confident that the collation and binding of the Directories should be completed by Friday, October 30. On Saturday, October 31, a newly formed committee will be spending the day mailing the Directories out. I wish to thank the following individuals for volunteering and giving of their time to make sure that the project is completed:

 Alayne Lichtenstrahl, Sharon Gabriel, Rhea Finkelstein, Barbara Brand, Kenny Rappaport, Barbara Rappaport, David Fortunoff, Larry Rubinstein, Janet Rubinstein, Rhoda Rosenman, Bob Rosenman, Lois Meyer, Harvey Meyer, Warren Kramer, Barbara Zacharia.

 Just in case you were wondering, I have been told that if you didn't receive your Journal at the Sunday Brunch following the Prom last year, your Journal will be mailed along with your Directory.

 Also, please be aware of the following information concerning the Directory:

 The current Far Rockaway High School Alumni Association dues which were scheduled to expire in December of 1998 have been extended through June 30, 1999.  At that time an addendum to the Alumni Directory will be published with corrected information and additional new listings. Dues will be payable for the year 1999 - 2000 in the amount of $20.00 for an individual and $36.00 for a couple and can be paid in June, 1999.

If you want a Directory but aren't currently an Alumni Association member you can still receive a copy by mailing your dues to the Alumni Association.  That address is:

          FRHS Alumni Association
          Dept B-1
          P.O. Box 375
          Woodmere, NY 11598-0375

If you are not listed in the current directory and would like to be included in the addendum, please fill out the "On-Line"form located at the Directory "On-Line" Registration Form page.

Previous Up-Date poste on September 22, 1998 Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

 The news is extremely good. I am happy to report to you that the Directory has been completed and has been delivered to the Alumni Association in New York. From there it moved on to the printer and is being worked on as of the writing of this update. As many of you are aware, Carol Marston, Class of 1956 and I have been extremely busy during the past few weeks trying to keep our commitment to you that the Directory would be completed on or about the first anniversary of the reunion. IT HAS BEEN DONE. We have both worked into the late hours of the morning trying our best to put together a quality Directory and we believe that we have accomplished that goal.

The printer has received finished, formatted pages, not just a data base. We decided that if we delivered "camera ready" pages, the process would work much faster, and that is just what we have done. The finished Directory was sent via Federal Express on Tuesday, September 22 from California and received by Barbara Zacharia in Woodmere, New York on Wednesday morning.

 Carol and I wish to once again thank all of you who wrote to us expressing your confidence in our ability to get the Directory completed. Your good wishes and support did a lot to keep us awake during those long nights at the computer. We are proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to your comments once you have received your Directory. The printer has indicated that the turn-around time for the printing will be a week to 10 days. The Directories along with the Journals will be mailed out from New York by the Alumni Association. Please give them a few weeks before trying to contact them about your Directory as they will be quite busy getting the mailing done. Remember, there are 2,467 alumni in the Directory and that is a lot of mail!

 Please keep your "stuff" coming into the web site. Now that the Directory has been completed, I will be reorganizing the Rockaway web site and would like some new photos, stories, and whatever else you can think to send. Please tell any friends that may just be getting on line for the first time, about the web site and encourage them to list their information with us. Please also remember that the Rockaway Reunion Web Site at is supported totally by the Alumni Association through your dues. I will continue to do updates as often as I receive new "stuff", so keep it coming in and we will be around for a long time..............

 Take care and write when you have a chance.

Alan Skip' Weinstock
Class of 1963

Previous Up-Date Posted on August 18th 1998

 Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

 Let's get right to the point.......The Directory...... Almost a year has passed since the 100th Anniversary Reunion last September. A subcommittee of the Alumni Association was charged with the task of putting together the 100th Anniversary Directory which most of you have probably already paid for. After experiencing lots of problems with the project and trying to give us all a realistic date as to when we would receive the finished book, sadly all of those dates have come and gone.

As the keepers of the Rockaway Internet Web Sites, both Carol Marston, Class of 1956, and myself, Alan Skip' Weinstock, Class of 1963, have tried our best to keep you posted on any developments concerning the Directory project, keeping in mind that we have in no way been involved with the Directory. Well, I am happy to report that this is about to change! The torch has been passed on to us. After being as frustrated about the delays as you have been and with no firm Directory delivery date in site, Carol and I have asked, and been granted permission by the Association to take over the project.

Here is where we are at the present time. All of the Directory information forms which you were requested to fill out last year were sent to us on August 11th. We are in the process of checking all of them against the database. Once this process has been completed, we will give others a short amount of time (very short) to still be included in the Directory by completing a new "On-Line" form created for this purpose. The deadline for submitting your on-line form is September 1st. Once that date has passed, we will be busy formatting the Directory and intend to deliver a completed, camera-ready copy to the printer along with address labels. From that point on, it should be a short time before they are in the mail to you. The Directory will resemble the Journal which was distributed at the Sunday reunion brunch. Our hope and expectation is that you will receive your Directory around the anniversary of last year's reunion.

 Instead of dwelling on the past and all the reasons why this has taken so long, Carol and I decided to follow the advice that many of you suggested in your letters, mainly that we should have taken over the project a long time ago because we are the only ones who have cared enough to communicate with you. We thank you for your support and hope you will have the same faith and confidence in us that you have given all along. We will get the Directory done!

 Please keep checking the web site each week as we update you on our progress every step of the way. Please also communicate with your fellow classmates who are not on line to give them the good news. It's not too late to get your information listed in the Directory but you have to act fast.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write.

 Thanks again for your support.


 Alan "Skip" Weinstock, Class of 1963
Carol Marston, Class of 1956

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Previous Up-Date Posted On July 10, 1998

I wish I had something to share with you but sadly, there is no news to report. Each time I am able to speak with a representative of the Alumni Association, I am told that the Directories are about to be mailed. As most of you know, I am living in California and have nothing whatever to do with the Far Rockaway High School Alumni Association or the Directory project. I have always tried to post the latest information sent to me in order to keep you up-dated. At this point in time, I couldn't even guess when the Directories will be ready; I have no idea. Believe me, I am as frustrated as you are.....but please, don't shoot the messenger!

 The Alumni Association has indicated that they have run into computer problems and that is the reason for the delay. I have no other explanation to offer you. If you have any questions, please either send them to me and I will create a link for them so that the Alumni Association can read them, or write directly to the Alumni Association. Their address is:

FRHS Alumni Association, Dept B-1,
PO Box 375,
Woodmere, NY 11598-0375




Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963

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