Thanks for This Wonder Memory of Dotmars on Edgemere Avenue

My maiden name is Joan Cattano . My mom was Mary Cattano owner of DOTMARS. IT WAS A LUNCHEONETTE #19 on the Edgemere page when my mom, Mary and sister Dorothy bought it they turned it into a Restaurant. It had a long counter with booths on one side. A large dining room in back. To the left of the dining room it had another dining room which we opened in the summer to accommodate the crowds. The kitchen was very large which accommodated a cook and a a short-order cook, a dishwasher. At that time a dishwasher was a person not a machine. I spent my 13th birthday washing dishes as the dishwasher did not show up. I worked there all summer every year till I graduated Far Rockaway High, in 57.

My mom took over the store across the street after I left working there do to graduating high school. I do not remember the year she took over #10 directly across from there . That was a luncheonette.  By that time business was not what it use to be.

This area which use to keep the 4 corners of 34 and 35 St restaurants and luncheonettes busy and the Deli in the middle, slowly went downhill. Maybe because the big beautiful beaches shrunk to small ones where the sand washed up under the boardwalk  where you used to be able to walk.

Photo of Joan Cattano and Frankie Cinetti Taken at Dotmars

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