Earl Jagust Would
Love To Hear From You

Although many of you thought that because we named one of our membership levels after Earl, that he was no longer with us.  Well, I am happy to report that he has written to say he is alive and well and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. 

December 7, 2007

Hi Skip,

My last email noted that FR was coming back. Today I read that it will be closed. I guess that's progress in NYC. As for me, I'm still around and hope not to be closed soon. Mail from former FR students helps.

Attached are 3 photos - 2 taken on our last trip in Hong Kong and one with my wife, Lynn Kearney, at Thanksgiving at my son's house in Oakland.



Earl would love to hear from former students.  He can be reached at  earljag@gmail.com

January, 2005
Dear Skip,
I think you might be interested in a story from today's Times,1/04, page B1, in an article about Bloomberg stating that his "efforts to curb violence had been so successful that 5 of 16 schools...would be removed from the program." Later the story continues: Bloomberg said this "at a news conference yesterday at Far Rockaway High School in Queens, one of the schools that is being removed from the program."
I guess that's one way to remind the alumni and teachers of good old FR what's going on. I didn't even know that FRHS was an endangered species.
As for me, I'm still going on and in reasonable health and still happily married to Lynn Kearney - former English teacher at Beach Channel to whom I was introduced at a UFT rally those many years ago. I still get mail from those who remember me and appreciate it greatly. Still doing pottery and now engaged in digital photography as well (would you like a current photo of me and Lynn?). We travel a lot, since Lynn's work takes her (and me as free loader) all over the world. Off to London in February and then Hong Kong and Sydney in March.
Thanks so much for the FR site.  Please note change of address and e-mail.  Also keep the mail coming.
Earl can be reached at  earljag@gmail.com

Recent Photo of Earl - 2005

Photo of Earl and Evan Garber, Class of 1967
Taken At The 100 Anniversary Reunion

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