Update from Gordon Freed, Class of 1969

Hi Skip-

Two years ago, I was supposed to be in a VH1 segment regarding my NY METS fanaticism, but the show canceled prior to my appearance! It was very disappointing.

Last year, a crew came to my home in south Florida to film my METS collection; interview me at home and at Shea during the 2006 playoffs. It is part of a documentary film about METS fans! I was hesitant to mention it prior to now because of what happened two years ago. This time, its for real. The film is called MATHEMATICALLY ALIVE and will be shown at two film festivals. The first one is on Sat. Sept 29 (one show only) at the Coney Island Film Festival. See http://www.coneyislandfilmfestival.com  and the New Jersey Film Festival Nov 9-11. See http://www.njfilmfest.com . The main site is WWW.MATHEMATICALLYALIVE.COM.  It contains all of the info. As you can imagine, I am very excited to be part of this documentary.  I believe at least two other FRHS grads will also be in the film: Sol Passik and Joel Roberts, both 1969.

Hopefully many of my FRHS friends will come to one of the showings and see us on the BIG screen!
Go Mets

Gordon Freed, 1969    Email Address:  METMANFL1@aol.com

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