Thanks to Orlando Gonzales
For These Exceptional Jamaica Bay Photos

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Here are photos that I took at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Sanctuary this past week.
The sky was dramatic, the fall colors were spectacular and the light was next to perfect. Allow me to share the experience. Enjoy!

Orlando Gonzalez

Additional works of Orlando can be viewed on his website at


.....and every evening we enter once again, the theater of.......
The wind beneath my wings
There, in a painted sky, where the clouds are hung for the poets eye, you may find him.....

Too expressive to be blue, too lovely to be gray

To see the world in a grain of sand. To view heaven in a flower
Are you in a sentimental mood? I'll sigh with you
Words are the least effective communicator

Visions such as these are nothing less than a wordless poem

Those things which are most precious have the lowest price tag


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