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March 30, 2005

This is not really a trivia question but one that was asked of me today.  As most of us who lived in Rockaway know, JHS 198 was also known as Benjamin N. Cardozo Junior High School.  Was JHS 180 ever known by any another name?

Next question......if you went to elementary school and then on to junior high school, you probably completed 6th grade at your local elementary.  If you can remember, did your 6th grade have an official graduation before sending you off to junior high school?

If you can answer either of these questions, please get back to me at rockaway@astound.net and I will post the answers here.  Also, if you have any class photos of your 6th grade graduation or for those of you who attended elementary school through the 8th grade, please send them to me so we can post them on the web site.


Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963    Email address:  rockaway@astound.net

February 17, 2012

I came across the question you posted several years ago about the official name of JHS 180 and thought I would add another tidbit of information.  The official name of the yearbook was Junior High Tides and the official address was 320 Beach 104th Street


Steve Siesser, Class of 1965    Email Address: ssiesser@verizon.net

February 13, 2010

Never knew of another name for JHS 180, and Mr. Gibney was the assistant principal at the time, early 1960's? Can not recall if we had a graduation ceremony or not. But I got into trouble for wearing shorts during the last week of school. I also recall that we had to wear shirts and ties, ugh, and one of the years in JHS was when the big hurricane flooded the Rockaways and the ocean and Jamaica bay met in the middle of rockaway beach blvd. Mrs. Tint was big hit with the boys in her Spanish class, and she drove what we called the Tint mobile, a three wheeler of some kind.

Wonder where Freddy Savoy, Mark Lapidus, and others ended up after FRHS? I left FRHS in 1964, and graduated from Brooklyn Academy in 1966. Wonder where Jane Heller, and her friends went, Bobby Mandel, and Howie Gannon?

George Ganak
Charles Town, WV
Email Address:  gmganak@me.com

May 10, 2008


I graduated from JHS 180 in 1965 - we just called it JHS 180, but thats not what you wanted to know - The Seahorse.  Graduated from PS 43 (thats the school for me) in 1962 - done remember if we had an official graduation.  Graduated Far Rockway - 1968

Joe Cambria    Email Address: jecam@zoominternet.net 

July 15, 2006

JHS 180 was Rockaway Beach Junior High School....And yes, I had a graduation ceremony from 6th grade.

Bruce Herbitter (FRHS class of 1971)   bherbitter@osibuildings.com

March 22, 2006

Hi... I graduated from JHS 180 in 1986. The only other name i could think of is Rockaway Beach Junior high School.  I just checked my year book and found no other name- hope this helps. Skip, thanks for the site, I'm looking for those who graduated (The Tides) JHS180 in 1986.

William Nieves Email Address:  will@rushmoreappraisalgroup.com

July 22, 2005

The name of the school according to a Red Book which is an official Directory of the Board of Education is Rockaway Beach Junior High School. This name was listed in a red book dated 1974 – 1975 I can fax you a copy if you like. In the book of 1974 the principal was listed as Mr. Oscar Wexman.  The superintendent was Ms. Rose I. Schwab.  The school Custodian Engineer was Mr. Theodore Labrie.

Joseph E. Horton     Email Address: daljoe@optonline.net

JHS 180 was also known as Rockaway Beach JHS.  Yes we had a graduation service at Far Rock.  I graduated in 1976.

Robin Outcalt   Email Address:  Robin.Outcalt@turner.com

Hello Skip,

Long time no hear, as they saying goes. I am answering your question about whether or not we had a graduation from elementary school. I cannot speak for other schools but we certainly did at PS 42 on Bch 66th Street. The principal in 1960, when I graduated was Mr. Malloff. We had a ceremony where we e put lays on other. We had to do a girl and she had to put one on a boy. So naturally, we class clowns couldn't resist saying the line, "I just got laid." The only difference between then and now is that we had no idea what that meant and the elementary school kids today are doing it in the hallways.
Hope all is well with you and yours.

Irvmeister     Email Address:  irvmeister@optonline.net

Glad to read that someone also agrees with me - JHS 180 also known as Rockaway Beach Junior High School!

Melanie (Simon) Wilner  Class of 1975

I just found my JHS 180 autograph book and the cover of the book says the name of the school is Rockaway Beach Junior High School.  Does that help?

 Bob Natt

Hi Skip,

JHS 180 did not have a name. I graduated  from PS 197 on Beach 9th and we had a formal graduation.
Stephanie FRHS 1977

I graduated from PS 215 in 1966 and as far as I recall, there was NO graduation ceremony at all.

No Name

Hi Skip:
I went toJHS 198 but did not ever here that JHS180 had a another name. I graduated P.S. 105 and we did have a graduation as I recall.

Mark Schechter   FRHS Class of 1975

April 5, 2005

Not to contradict the '62 grad, but the '63 grads who went to PS 39 did go up to 7th grade. I remember my homeroom teacher was Miss Cloke (7-1) & that it was her last year at 39, however she followed us to 198!
Gayle Gordon, Class of 1963

April 3, 2005

Hi Skip,
I graduated from PS. 39 in Far Rockaway. Our class was the last one to go through the 7th grade. After we finished we went onto Cardozo Junior High. We had a real graduation ceremony. I remember it very well. We did not receive diplomas as in high school, but there was a formal leave-taking and it was quite moving. I even remember that we all marched out of the auditorium singing Bless This House (still get teary-eyed when I hear it.)  I think we finished June, 58...I graduate from FRHS  in June, 62. I loved PS 39 as much as I loved high school. I hated junior high school...noisy, crowded, dirty, seemed like a long bus ride from home and I used to walk to public school so I wasn't used to that.
Hope this answers your query.
Best regards,
Judy Eisner nee Shulman, Class of '62

April 2, 2005

JHS 180 was also known as Rockaway Beach Junior High School.

Melanie (Simon) Wilner, Class of 1975

March 31, 2005
Hello Skip:
Regarding your 2 trivia questions:
1) JHS 180 did not have any other name.
2) PS 114 did not have an official graduation ceremony for its 6th graders.
Howard Shiman, Class of 1964
Skip....with regard to your questions: P.S.39 definitely had a 6th grade graduation ceremony. No caps and gowns but an "assembly" type ceremony with parents and family were held including the "graduates" marching in to  "Pomp and Circumstance." I went on to JHS 198(Cardoza) but I do not think JHS 180 had a name......Regards
Mark Minsky '67

Hi Skip, At PS 39 we went up to the 7th grade & only were at 198 for 2 years. There was a graduation ceremony. I remember that we had to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone." I never did make it to graduation, German Measles!
Gayle Gordon  '63

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