Sad To Report the Passing of Jimmy Scaccia

Hi Skip...

I'm sad to report that my old friend, Jimmy Scaccia, class of 1968, passed away this past Wednesday from a massive heart attack. His funeral plans are being worked out. I likely won't know what the final plans are. He's survived by his 3 children - daughters Tierza and Jamie, and son, Jesse.

In sympathy,
Linda Milazzo    Email Address:

Jimmy died on the February 13, 2008 from a massive heart attack.  It was totally unexpected and we are still trying to wrap our brains around it.  I have gotten in touch with people like David Abelson, John Sargent, robin Tanner, Denise Winters.  I am not even sure any more who went to Far Rock.   I didn't but spent more time there then at my own school.   We are trying to get in touch with people who Jimmy still emailed but unfortunately don't know his pass word.  I don't want them to keep emailing and not get an answer.  It was so unexpected.   I am hoping to find Cary and Jeffrey Press, Michael Mintz, Irwin Kamin, Milton Santiago, in particular;  but jimmy was loved and I know there are others who if they knew in time would like to go to the viewing.  I don't have the address but it can be looked up.

Thursday, February 21 from 4-7 pm
Brookfield Funeral Home
Brookfield Connecticut

10am Friday
Bethel Cemetery
Bethel Connecticut

Honey Traiman   Email Address:  MACRUTHY@COMCAST.NET


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