100th Anniversary Up-Date From
Larry Schiffer Posted in 1997

Let me try to answer a few questions that a lot of you may have. Those of you who received the Centennial information packet and have sent in your resonse (and money), acknowledgements will be going out sometime in August 1997. Right now, the names and addresses obtained from your yellow sheets (other people to contact) are in the process of receiving a mailing with a digested version of the original mailing. A subsequent mailing will go out sometime in August. We also hope to be able to start letting you know who has registered sometime in August also. So if you have sent in your response and money, it has been received and you will get an acknowledgement in August. If you did not get the original packet and want information, we need your name, class, address, and other information to forward to the FRHS Alumni Association (you can e-mail to me or directly to Barbara Saber Zaydas@aol.com

Signing on to this site or any other site DOES NOT register you for the Centennial. Your name, address, and class must go into the Alumni Association for inclusion on the master list for the Centennial.

Please do NOT assume you are signed up just because you signed up with your class on the Reunion Hall site or on any other site. Only names, addresses, etc. that go to the Alumni Association will get the information about the Centennial (you can read the info here and on the Reunion Hall site and can send in your information directly to the Post Office Box 375, Woodmere, NY 11598.

Any questions, ask me and we will get an answer. Thanks and hope you call can be there!

Just so it is perfectly clear, July 15, 1997 is the cut-off for submitting names, addresses, etc. to the Alumni Association for the 100th Anniversary Celebration. After that date, invitations and information will NOT be sent to late arrivals (we are all volunteers you know). If you have not submitted your name, address, class, etc., or you know of other FRHS folks, NOW is the time to send the info in so we can add them to the list and send them the invitiations/forms.


Larry Schiffer larry.schiffer@counsel.com

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