Looking for a Yearbook

Hi Skip,
Do you know how I would go about getting a copy of a 9th grade year book for Cardoza JHS 198 for the school year 66 thru 67 graduates.  My cousin Frances Alexander and I were wondering about it.  She was a Cheerleader during her 9th grade year, and doesn't have a picture of the squad.  Would also like one for myself too, for 69. 
As you can tell due to your great web site, we have become as close as ever since we were reunited. 
Thanks for all your help, will be waiting to hear back concerning Cardoza Year books.
Roberta Liebling (Mami)   Email Address:  Diamondgirl41155@aol.com

If you can help Roberta, please write to her at the email address above.


Skip Weinstock

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