Thanks to Mark Minsky, Class of 1967
For These Great P.S. 39 Photos

 If you have any photos to share, send them to

Skip....I am forwarding you two photographs from P.S.39 for your use on the FRHS website. The first picture is my kindergarten class in 1955. I'm the guy with the fashionable tie bottom row first from the left. Other people that I remember from that picture are Steven Lepow, Robert Feldman, Betty Levine, Ellen Friedman, Judd Fink, Barbara Leberwoods, Debra Washington, Iris Kanely, Joel Levy and Mrs. Fishback.

The second picture from 1962 is of our sixth grade class. That's me second from top row on the far right....also some of the people from that class are bottom row (please forgive me classmates if I get the names wrong) Linda Leavack, Susan Klein, Sari Lincoln, Ronnie Green and Ellen Friedman. Some people in the second from bottom row are Mrs. Metz, Larry Feldman, Linda Hunter and Mrs. French. Second row from the top includes Edward Rooks, Bruce Weaver, Shelly Melzer, Roger Shelling, Steven Lepow and myself. The top row includes Arnold Freiman, Steven Fuchs, Steven Scher and Marc Sussman. My apologies to the people I don't remember. Skip, thank you for the great website that you and Carol have created. Regards....Mark Minsky '67



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