Would You Like To Be Your Class "Captain?"

After viewing my 1963 page which is loaded with graduate photos (I had the yearbook!), I received the following letter from Marty Nislick, Class of 1962.

Skip,  I have a suggestion for the website.  I have perused most of the graduation years pages and 1963 (your graduation year) contains each individual's yearbook photo along with other class photos from the yearbook.  Looking at this page is like leafing through a yearbook you have not looked at in years and finding its treasures.

This may be more work then you care to undertake, but, perhaps you can ask for a vounteer from each graduating class to scan the individual photos from his or her yearbook and send or email them to you.  If you  are so inclined you can post a photo next to each member's name on each graduation class page.

For people in classes that are not capable of scanning but do have a yearbook, perhaps you can arrange to have them send their yearbook to you (or someone designated to to the scanning) via insured mail  to have them scanned.  I believe this will dramatically increase the worth of the website as an historical archive.

Please allow me to be the first to volunteer to be a Captain for the class of 1962.


Marty Nislick

Shortly after receiving Marty's letter, he scanned his yearbook photos and sent them to me.  (Actually he posted them on his own web site and I copied them for use on the 1962 page).  Please visit the 1962 page to see the results.  (You can also visit the 1963 page as well!)  Then, write to me and let me know if you are willing and able to scan your yearbook graduate photos for use on the Rockaway web site.  If you are interested in being your Class Captain, please write and let me know.  My email address is rockaway@astound.net.


Skip Weinstock, President
FRHS On-line Alumni Association

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