Mary Testa Dalton's JHS 180 Photos

 A Big THANK YOU to Mary Testa (Dalton) '64
for these great images from JHS 1809.  Mary writes the following:

Ok Skip, You asked for it! Here are a bunch more photos.  Enjoy!
Mary  Dalton

1-the Nighingales- That' what we called our little singing group: I have the program from 1960 Honor Assembly; installation of Arista members. We're on the  program singing " Swing on a Star" four part harmony!  The program reads, Deborah May, Jessica Holland, Mary Testa, Jane Wallison

2. Mr. Julius Kantor  the first Band teacher at JHS 180.  This picture was taken in 1959. We girls were ALL in love with him.

3. Mrs. Eileen Southern - She was an amazing English and Chorus teacher. Can you imagine  putting on the opera Carmen in Junior High School? Probably one of the most influential teachers I ever had who inspired me to become a teacher.  She left us to go teach at Brooklyn College.

4. Mrs Southern's 7th grade class 1960.

5. My good buddy Jessica Holland and me at Graduation.  I was so saddened to learn from Gary Bart the she passed away.

6. Class 7- 145 Mrs. Southern in 1958

7. Crazy Mr. Saster - Science but also doubled in Dramatics.  I still remember riding in his convertible sport car while rehearsing "Carousel" 1961.

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