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This new menu was designed to make it easier to find graduates you are searching for. Please remember that the listings on the menu are from graduates who have either written to me an sent a paragraph or letter about themselves, or originally registered on Larry's Reunion Hall web site. Thanks to the efforts of Carol Marston, Class of 1956, I am able to combine all of the information sent in by graduates on this one web site. It looks as if the Reunion Hall web site will not be coming back Carol and I have been working hard to put all graduate listings in one location. This web site is that location.

As you look through the menu of graduate listings, you will notice that some don't have e-mail addresses and some don't have current city or state listings. This is because the graduate who registered didn't supply that information. Please take a few minutes to check to see if you are listed in the appropriate class and that your information is accurate. If it's not, please write to me and I will correct it. You can reach me at

If you are not listed at all, please click here to fill out a registration form and I will be happy to post your information as soon as possible.

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