Do You Remember Mr. Duffy?

Hi Skip,

I am trying to get information about the English teacher, Mr. Duffy. I had him either at JHS 198 or at FRHS--I don't remember. He was really wonderful and did a great job teaching us how to diagram sentences. I found this fascinating and have never forgotten it. Now I'd like to know more about this remarkable personality. He was my teacher sometime between 1955 and 1960. Can anyone out there help me out?

Yours,  George (Berger) E-mail

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Hi Skip

I had Mr. Duffy for ninth grade English 1959-1960 in JHS 198.  I think I worked harder in that class than in any other I took throughout college or graduate school.  Besides teaching how to diagram incredibly long and complicated sentences (which I loved doing), he taught how to do research and write a paper.  I was always grateful to him for being such a great teacher.  Does anyone else remember that he used to write on the board with his left hand till he got to the middle and then switch to his right hand so he could always face the class?  Great, great teacher.

Mona Magida Odin  FRHS 1963

Hi Skip:

Mr. Duffy went from Far Rock to Lawrence High School's English department.   I had him as a teacher in the mid 70's.  He was a great teacher.  A few years later I had him as a patient at Peninsula Hospital's Coronary Care Unit.  He was a difficult patient!  I understand he went back to teaching after his hospital visit.  That must have been around 1980 or so.  After that, I don't know what happened.  I remember him telling me that he taught at Far Rock before coming to Lawrence.  He must have lived in the Rockaways or Five Towns area.  Really great teacher, really nice guy, really BAD PATIENT!!!!  Regards,

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