Can You Identify Either of These Photos?
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With the exception of being able to identify Mr. Teitz on the far right, we don't know who the other are.  Can you assist?

Hey Skip,

Here's a coincidence for you...

While checking out the Rockaway website (as I do periodically) I found the mystery photo of the businessmen from the Wave. Also, I've been scanning a bunch of old photos for a "Family Album" project. As a result, not only can I identify at least one of the men in that photo, but I think I can tell you where it was shot!

The man standing fifth from the right is Max Jacobs (a cousin of mine). He was a partner in Traiger & Jacobs Real Estate in Rockaway, with another cousin, Sam Traiger (Sam might be the man standing next to Max - third from left - not quite sure).

I'm attaching a photo of Max (with wife, Bessie) taken at my Bar Mitzvah, held at the Park Inn in Belle Harbor - lo and behold, same drapes and hanging plants as in the businessmen's photo! I'm guessing, shot in the same place.

Hope this is helpful.

Andy Hertz
Class of 1962

On your website you have two pictures that you are inquiring about. One is a picture of a group of businessman. My grandfather is the 6th from the right. His name is George Winkler.

Our family had owned a moving company in Far Rockaway from the late 1800's through the mid 70's. It was called John Winkler's Son's. We had multiple buildings. Two buildings still stand (I think) on Central Avenue located by the telephone company. 1520 Central Avenue (or some things I have list the street as Far Rockaway Blvd.) We also owned the building behind it with the attached courtyard. We had a few other buildings one of which was knocked down to build some bus station in the early70's. The building on Central Avenue was originally livery stables. It had ramps in it that went up multiple floors. It later was converted to a warehouse and had a furniture and carpet store on the first floor.

I am sure this is of no help to you but I thought I would share the info.

I will have to find some pictures of one of our early motorized trucks taken in the street on Central Avenue. I have it hanging on my wall but I have a scanned image of it somewhere. I also have pictures of our horse drown moving wagons as well and so real old buildings that I have no clue where they were located.

I hope you find this helpful.

John Winkler

Thank you John for this wonderful piece of Rockaway history.  I look forward to any other photos you would like to share.

Skip Weinstock, President
FRHS On-Line Alumni Association

First row 3rd from left is Milton Jacobowitz. He was the Democratic Leader in the Rockaways. The subway (IND) to Rockaway first opened June 28, 1956. It was later extended to Far Rockaway (Mott Ave) January 16, 1958. Therefore, the photo was taken sometime around either of those dates. My best guess would be around June 28, 1956 since that was a more important event than the later extension.

Eric Gray (Goldberg) FRHS Class 1949   Email Address:

Thanks Eric for yet another piece of the puzzle.

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