Thanks to Sandy Hyman-Mehaffey
For This Wonderful Photo from PS 39 taken in 1963

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Hi, Skip,

I'm sending along the photo of my 3rd Grade class from 1963. Mrs. Gardner was the teacher for section 3-1. That was the last year for PS 39. For the next school year we moved to the new structure, which had none of the charm and historic spirit of PS 39. If only those walls, floors and desks could talk! I so loved that school - the creek of the floor, the feel of the stairway handrails, and on and on - and as it was being demolished, I retrieved a brick to keep. When I had to move away a few years later, I was struck by the difference in the level of education I had received in Far Rockaway as compared to my peers in my new school. Even at that age I knew what the NYC education system and teachers of PS 39 had afforded me. I went on to become a teacher and administrator and that calibre of education was a meter for excellence throughout my career.

The attachment is a pdf. If it's not useable in this format, let me know and I'll try taking a photo of it with my phone and sending that.

Thanks for letting me share my memories,

Sandy Hyman-Mehaffey

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