Please Donate to the FRHS Online Alumni Association and the "Last Graduate"

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the FRHS Online Alumni Association and the Rockaway website located at  After more than 15 years, the website continues to grow thanks to your wonderful contributions of photos, stories, and vivid memories of the Rockaway we all remember from our childhood.

Recently, I received several letters expressing interest in supporting our efforts financially, but a reluctance to mail a check through the U.S. Mail for a variety of reasons. As you recall, the FRHS Online Alumni Association has never charged or asked for dues, but has been totally supported by the generous contributions of the alumni. During the past few years, due to diminished numbers of new alumni registering, donations have fallen off significantly.

Having said that and around the same time we received the financial support queries, Marty Nislick, Class of 1962 and creator of Rockaway Memories, wrote with an interesting idea. Marty proposed that the FRHS Online Alumni Association honor the “last graduate” of Far Rockaway High School with a scholarship in the name of the Association. As most of you know, the name Far Rockaway High School will be phased out after the graduating class of June, 2011 and no longer used. Marty took the time to contact the current FRHS administration and asked if they would be willing to allow him to present the award to a deserving graduate at this year’s graduation. The vice principal wrote back and confirmed that the graduate who is the most deserving and who has been selected to receive the award from the FRHS Online Alumni Association is Miss Latia Denson.

So, as we refer to Latia Denson as the “Last Graduate” and in an effort to honor all of us by honoring her, we would very much like to make a cash donation for her continued education.  We feel by doing so, it will serve as the last link from the past to the future. Toward that end and in keeping with those who do not feel comfortable mailing checks through the U.S. Mail, we have set up a PayPal account in the name of the FRHS Online Alumni Association located at the following link:

Contributions will be used to fund the one time scholarship for Latia Denson as well as the future financial health of the FRHS Online Alumni Association. The amount of the scholarship will depend on the generosity of the alumni. Time is short as the graduation is scheduled for June 27th at which time Marty will present the award in the name of the Association. If you are in a position to donate and are so inclined, please visit the link to PayPal above.  For those still comfortable using the U.S. Mail, the address of the Association is:

FRHS Online Alumni Association
P.O. Box 914
Concord, CA  94522

Thank you again for your continued support of the FRHS Online Alumni Association and for keeping the memories of Rockaway alive for all of us.


Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963 and Carol Marston, Class of 1956

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