Looking for Information About an Old Rockaway Property

August 24, 2008

I am trying to find information on a cottage built in Far Rockaway in late 1895 (probably on Franklin Avenue). I believe the cottage was named "Dixie" and was owned by a "Mrs. C. Friedenberg" of New York City. The company hired to build the cottage was
J. G. Wilson (of Far Rockaway). Do you happen to know if there are any historical archives in Far Rockaway that might include information on this cottage (such as a deed?). I called the County Clerk's office in Nassau County, but I got lost in a bureaucratic maze and wasn't able to find anyone who could help me.

I'm also looking for any other information that someone might have on the following Far Rockaway residents of the 1880s and 1890s: Theresa Einstein, Jacob Einstein, Edgar M. Friedenberg and Carrie Friedenberg. I believe Jacob and Carrie may have lived on Franklin Avenue. Theresa was Carrie's mother.  Thanks.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
 With best regards,
 Darrell Massie    White House, TN      Email Address:  dmassie@viafamily.com

Hi Darrell,

Thanks so much for your note. As a school alumni site, I don't have any records at all but rely on our viewers to send me information. I am more than willing to post your letter on the Rockaway website in hopes that someone 'out there' can help. Please let me know.
There are 2 other possibilities you can try.

1. There is a History of the Rockaways 1685 - 1917, by Alfred Bellot linked to the Rockaway homepage. You can access it directly by clicking on http://www.farrockaway.com/bellotshistoryoftherockaways.html  Once there click on the link to the pdf version of the book. Then try to do a search within the document to find what you are looking for.

2. Nassau county would not have any records because Rockaway is not part of Nassau county. I do believe that Rockaway has always been part of New York City.
 I hope this helps. Please let me know about posting your letter on the website.


Skip Weinstock

August 28, 2008

Hi Skip,

Rockaway was part of Nassau County, but that changed some time in the 60s.

Michelle    Email Address:  mb_esl@charter.net

If you can help Darrell, please write him at dmassie@viafamily.com

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