Thanks to Arthur Ganzer
For This Great Photo From P.S. 42

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P.S. 42  - Class 4-6 Taken in 1961

Left to right

Top standing on chairs- Max Kolbrenner, Stephan Ginsberg, Arthur Ganzer, Larry Gold
Standing - Jeffrey Gross, Robert Krasny, Steven Mutchnick, Douglas Blank, Allen Schnier, Louis Gellman, Michael Willet, Michael Spivak, Kenny Lowenstein
Seated row 1 front to back - Allen Brofsky, James Taska, Kirk forrest,
Row 2 - Anita Silverberg, Cheryl Berry, Robin Hoffman
Row 3 - Marilyn Goldberg, Marianne Rubenstein, Glenda Stern, unknown
Row 4 - unknown, Teresa Correira?, Elise Barton?, unknown,
Row 5 - Barbara Kornfeld

Thanks were given to Arthur Ganzer for donating the picture of the PS 42 4th grade picture.   I'm Cheryl Berry(now Richman) in the 2nd row , and I think that the person sitting behind Glenda Stern is Elaine Gross. God, I remember that classoom and the kids like it was yesterday. I remember that hurriane Donna hit on the first day of school, and we were all sent home early. What a way to start a school year. It was also the year that Kennedy was elected. Lots, and lots to remember.


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