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Dear Skip / Stan / Alan G.:


I grew-up in Arverne from birth.  I lived in the Arverne Project (334 B. 56th) from 1954 ? 19960 and then moved to B. 60th (between Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Larkin Avenue).  I attended P.S. 105 for 1st grade, then P.S. 42 for 2nd ? 6th, JHS 198 for 2 years and graduated from FRHS in 1970.  The stores I remember along Rockaway Beach Boulevard in Edgemere / Arverne were (at Random):  two (2) supermarkets ? Asssociated & Met Foods (King Moss was more of a superette); two (2) barber shops – Gus’ near B 54th (my favorite) and Hy-Art (closer to B 56th Street).  There was Moe’s luncheonette / candystore on the corner of B. 54th.  I believe that Paul’s Pizzeria was actually on the corner of B. 56th Place (not Street) across from Rexall.  Edie’s was the best place to buy a Pensie Pinkie & a new bat to play stickball in the 198 schoolyard (who could ever forget Edie's “stencil-made” eyebrows and her mother’s heavy European accent ? boy I miss that, as it remiinded me of my own grandparents’ accents).  On B. 57th was Weinstein’s, where you could buy a new pair of “thongs” (the flip-flops, not the bathing suit!) for the beach.  Pomerantz Bakery had the best black & whites & brownies.


Some irony that Stan Lenkowsky and I met-up (on business) many years later and it took quite a few more years until we realized the common Arverne roots!


The JHS 198 schoolyard was the center of the Universe to us and we always felt that Arverne was the capital of the world!


Bruce H. Shapiro, Class of ‘70

I'm of the Class of '66, although we were summer bungalow people before we moved to the Rockaway year-round in 1961.  But from my Beach 40th Street summer days as a kid, wasn't there a appetizing store called Budney's on Edgemere near Beach 35 Street, and (2) was there a luncheonette in town called the Pickwick?  I had an older cousin, a good 10-12 years older, and I'm sure he had a summer job there.

Oh, one last question.  When we became full-year people, we lived on Beach 54 St.  Wasn't there a Jewish bakery on Edgemere Ave., around Beach 56th Street, called Pomerantz'?  I also remember a kosher deli on that strip of Edgemere (owned by the son and daughter-in-law of the Berkowitz's, who owned a ton of bungalows in Edgemere), a barber shop (?), and a candy store/soda fountain place right on the corner of B. 54.  Anyone remember these places?

Stan Lenkowsky    Email Address:

If you can answer any or all of the above questions, please write to me, Skip Weinstock at and I will post the responses here.

April 17, 2005

As did many others, I remember the Pickwick on Central Ave.  Where it fits into my memories, is having lunch there on Saturdays with my mother, after my ballet lessons at Kitty Carson’s Dance Studio. Remember her? I think anyone who took any kind of dance lessons in those days, went to Kitty Carson. Her studio was upstairs, over Grants.  About 20 years later, I was bringing my daughter to Kitty for her ballet lessons.  She was really a Far Rockaway legend.

I also remember the waitress in Pickwick. Her name was Helen and she was a tall, gray haired woman. She was there for years. 

Carole Waxman Cohen ‘59    Email Address:

April 15, 2005


I am going to take a stab at some of Stan's questions.  Yes, there was definitely a bakery called Pomerantz.  There was a Candy Store / Soda Fountain on 54th Street. There was also a deli, maybe two.  The one I recall was on Beach 57th street, a few doors down from the Rexal pharmacy.  Paul's Pizza was on 56th Street, across from the Rexal.  Hy-Art Barber shop was also in that area, as was the original Edie's, before she (and her mother) moved their store to Central Avenue in Far Rockaway.  There were at least two small grocery stores - Met Food and King Moss.  That's about as far as I can stretch my memory.

Alan K. Geltman,  Class of 1969   Email Address:

February 17, 2005

I'm from Rockaway, Class of '79.  I had a birthday party when I was 11 in the downstairs private room of the Picwick. It was a dark restaurant from what I recall.  It was on Central Ave. down the street was the famous Gino's and Carvel.
How i miss the good ole days of Rockaway....happy trails,
Hillary Seidman    Email Address:
February 15, 2005
Hi Skip,

Pickwick's was where we went after a movie, for a hamburger.  I can still remember the scent of the burgers, when you walked into Pickwicks.  When I lived on Beach 36th Street, (1959) there was a gas station right below my apt building on the corner-and the train station was across the street.  Someone told me that the building I lived in, was torn down...(332 Beach 36th Street, Edgemere) I don't know when that happened. There was a tropical fish supply store on the ground floor of the building, on the side.

Good memories...
Ethel (Glass) Wagner '62

February 12, 2005


I seem to remember Pickwick being a great source of chocolate milk during my youth. It was closer to Cornaga than Mott. I recall Tower of Pizza being closer to Mott, near Carvel. But I think in the 60's there were at least three pizza places on Central Ave. from Mott to just beyond Cornaga.  I lived on B. 12th. The only thing I remember about B. 35th was that in the summers of '75 and '76 I pumped gas and fixed flats at the Amoco station at 35th between BCD and Rockaway Freeway (I think...the street names are fuzzy)...haven't lived there since '82! Roger Baumgarten '78    Email Address:

February 10, 2005

Stan and Skip - Pickwick was on Central Ave close to the Columbia Theatre and may have been next door to the Tower of Pizza.  Crazy Eddie hung out in that area of the street.  The only time I remember eating there was with my Dad, and I had a Hot Fudge Sundae (with wet walnuts, of course). Gary Siegel '65

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