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I would like to clarify how to get information posted on this web site. The only way that this site will continue to grow is with your participation. If you don't send me "stuff" then I don't have any new "stuff" to put on these pages. I realize that since the 100th Anniversary reunion, interest has waned a bit. But remember, this web site was created to keep alive the memory of a place and perhaps a time that we will never see again. It was for that reason that I created the web site initially, not to promote the reunion. So, lets keep the "stuff" coming and keep this site fresh and alive.

The "Graduates of All Years "menu is located in many different sections of both the "Lots of Graphics" and "Limited Graphics" versions of the web site as well as from the Drop-Down Menu on the home page. If you would like to have something posted on the web site along with others from your class, click here to register your information.

I have created several "do it yourself" links which post as soon as you enter them. Here's how to use them.

There are several Rockaway Sites on the web. I can't edit any entries made on any other sites, only mine. If you have registered with any of them and made a mistake, my advice is to sign in again with the correct information. Please be sure to leave your e-mail address so that others can contact you. If you don't hear from other grads, it may be due to the fact that you forgot to include your e-mail address in your message.

If you have any pictures, stories, and memories of the "good old days", or want to place a 'lost classmates' listing, I would be happy to include them. Photos of "then and now" would be great! Someone send me a good picture of Far Rockaway High School and the Gino's Pizza store front, as well as anything else that represents Rockaway to you. Please send photos to:

A self-addressed stamped envelope would be appreciated so I can return your "stuff".  However the best way to send me photos is to scan them and send as an attachment.  If you can send me letters and computer images via e-mail, that would be much faster. Send your letters, and your photos as attachments, to the following e-mail address and I'll add them to this site as soon as possible. GIF or JPG images preferred.

Send me your "stuff"!!!!!!

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