This Link Is No Longer Relevant

As Far As I Know, There is No Longer An Active

Far Rockaway High School Alumni Association

And Their P.O. Box Has Been Closed...Sorry!  9/8/00

As far as we are aware, the FRHS Alumni Association is no longer operating as an organization.  It's been several years since anyone has received any official word from them.

As a result of their decision to call it quits, Carol Marston, Classs of 1956 and myself, Alan 'Skip' Weintock, Class of 1963, have created the Far Rockaway High School 'On-Line' Alumni Association.  Click here for details.

 If you have any specific questions, please write to me at


Alan 'Skip' Weinstock
Class of 1963

This page is being kept on the website for those grads who may not have attended or even heard about the reunion. This in some small way, will give them the flavor of what they missed. Those of us who have been on the net for awhile, sometimes forget that some grads are just getting on line and have never seen any of these pages. Just think about how you felt the first time you clicked on to this site!

Latest Centennial 
Up-Date From Rob
Posted on August 27, 1997

To All FRHS Alumni:

Many of you have been asking a variety of questions regarding the upcoming Centennial Reunion Events. I hope the following information answers many of them for you.

Expected attendance figures as of August 20, 1997

Friday Night Cocktail Party 616
Saturday Football Game 732
FRHS Lunch/Tour 592
The PROM 1,850
Sunday Brunch 416

Checks for the events will be accepted only until September 2. (September 1st is Labor Day so you have one additional day) Those received after that date will be returned. For those showing up at any of the events who have not registered, only cash will be accepted. Please note that the cost of admission to the Prom at the door will be $75 per person, so pay in advance!

Attire for the PROM. This has generated the most queries. And the answer is... We would expect that all attendees are dressed "appropriately". We are there to honor what we believe to be a great institution, Far Rockaway High School and we should dress in an appropriate manner. What does that mean? For some alumni who enjoy getting dressed formally (tux and gown) go for it! For others it may mean business attire (a suit, cocktail dress, etc.). Yet others may want to be a bit more casual (sport jacket and slacks, nice pants suit, dress, etc.). There are some who may want to come dressed appropriate for their decade (do I see some Poodle skirts out there?). The bottom line is let's all try to look our best and dress nicely.

Confirmations and event tickets will be mailed out shortly after Labor Day. Do not panic if you do not receive yours in time. There will be Master Lists at all events to confirm paid attendance.

I plan to post the names and years (if given) of those attending the PROM shortly after Labor Day on these pages.

Regards, Rob Schnitzer (FRHS '65)

I am sure that all of you are as excited as we on the various committees are regarding the upcoming FRHS Centennial Year events. A lot of hard work has been put in by us to ensure that a wonderful time will be had by all attending the various events. At this time we have less than 3 months to go and yet a lot of work still needs to be completed and we will need your help.

There is certainly a fair amount of spirit within both the high school and the neighboring communities from Far Rockaway all the way up the peninsula to Belle Harbor. I was invited to speak at the FRHS graduation ceremonies on June 24 and am happy to report that the Principal, Minni Richardson, the Parents Association, the staff and the students themselves are fully behind our efforts to make the Centennial events as significant as possible for ourselves, the high school and everyone in the Far Rockaway extended family. While we are celebrating the past 100 years we should also be thinking of the coming 100 years and what we can all do to see that Far Rockaway High School continues and succeeds.

A number of people have been asking about how they will be admitted to the events, when will they get their membership cards, etc. A registration package will be sent out to all OFFICIALLY registered alumni in late August/early September confirming attendance at the various FRHS Centennial Events. This will include admission cards to the events paid for, Alumni Association membership cards and any other necessary informational items.

Let me please reiterate that we still have a lot of hard work to complete between now and September 26-28 and we will need your support and help in completing the various tasks. If you would like to volunteer your services or time please let us know. I have listed below the standing committees, the chairpeople and/or significant committee members, email and/or phone numbers to reach them at and a little bit of status.

See you all in September!!!


Rob Schnitzer -

Centennial General Committee
Barbara Zacharia, 516-374-7444,
All general questions and registration concerns should be directed to Barbara. Formal registration must take place via the mail to:

FRHS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 375, Woodmere, NY 11598

Simply registering on the Internet page(s) is not sufficient.

Directory/Journal Committee
Rhea Finkelstein, 718-471-8368.
We need your biographical information and we all need alumni to sell Journal ads! They can be personal or professional and do not have to be from the NY area. The cutoff date for all Ad copy will be July 15. The cut -off date for all biographical data will be July 29. Please contact Rhea directly with any questions.

Data Base Committee
Rob Schnitzer, 212-250-5083,
Ably assisted by Alayne Lichtenstrahl, Gail Ross and Barbara Tashoff Saber for updates and data entry and David Liebman for his programming expertise. We now have in excess of 9,000 names in the database!!

Transportation Committee
Larry Rubenstein, 516-223-0683
This committee will handle the transportation between the Hotel, the Motorcade, the Football Game, the Lunch/Tour and the Prom. Direct all questions or concerns to Larry.

Security Committee
Norman Rapaport, 718-423-0459
Norman will oversee a security staff during the various events and liase with the Police Department as necessary. Please contact Norman directly with any security concerns.

Friday Night Cocktail Party, Publicity and Motorcade Committees
Sharon Gabriel, 718-474-8353
Help is needed on all 3 committees. Please contact Sharon directly with offers of assistance and /or any questions.

Friday Night Hospitality Suite (Marriott) Committee
Fran Klein Saed, 516-623-4714
Help will be needed to admit alumni. Football Game Committee
Rosalie Beal, 212-486-0475. Summer number is 413-637-0121
Assisted by Jake Miller, Barbara Tashoff Saber , and Rob Schnitzer

Just to whet your appetite: - we will have at least 2 former coaches participating in the festivities - former Cheerleaders and Majorettes have agreed to participate; if you want to join in please contact us - former team members (male and female) of any decade are encouraged to attend and wear any sports clothing (uniform, sweater, skirt, jacket, hat, etc) that still fits. You will be acknowledged during haltime!! Help will be needed to staff the entry gate stations to verify admittance to the game.

Luncheon Committee
Warren Kramer, 516-569-6920
Please direct any special food concerns regarding the Saturday lunch at the HS directly to Warren. Help will be needed to staff the entry tables to verify admittance to the lunch.

Far Rockaway HS Tour Committee
Barbara Tashoff Saber,
Any special requests to visit rooms should be directed to Barbara.

Saturday Night "PROM" Committee
Barbara Zacharia, 516-374-7444,
Assisted by David Fortunoff for entertainment/music and Joyce Reback Slous,, for a retrospective of the decades. Please send any anecdotes, remembrances, etc of FRHS directly to Joyce. Help will be needed to staff entry tables to verify admittance.

Sunday Brunch (Marriott) Committee
Linda Liebman Lampert, 212-856-1500,
Please direct any special food or other concerns regarding the Sunday brunch at the Marriott directly to Linda. Help will be needed to admit alumni to the Brunch.

Souvenir Committee
Andrea Relkin, 516-599-0964
This committee will need volunteers to staff tables at the various events to sell FRHS souvenirs (hats, t-shirts, etc). Please contact Andrea directly with questions.

Fund Raising Committee
Bill Landberg, 800-662-8737 ext 301, and Fred Strober, 215-972-1985,

This committee will exist well beyond the Centennial Reunion activities. It is expected to function as a means for which FRHS alumni and friends can continue to support the High School through monetary and non-monetary donations. For those interested you can have "own" FRHS Auditorium seat for a donation of $100. A plaque will be placed on the seat with your name. It has been requested that all alumni interested in fund raising contact Bill or Fred directly.

We hope to see as many of you as possible during the various Centennial events. It will be a time to see old friends and classmates, enjoy a community and school we all loved growing up in and just to share great memories. Who knows, maybe even a few "Ghosts of Rockaway Past" will be there (at least in spirit) with us, such as Monica D. Ryan, Mr.Tietze, Miss Kraft, Dr. Moore, Mr. Seiden and Mr. Gordon!!

Centennial Review

Joyce (Reback) Slous, class of 1965, has graciously agreed to Produce/Direct a "Centennial Review" of the decades. Towards that end I was hoping that you could publish a message on your page indicating this effort. Joyce has asked if alumni can get back to her via e-mail at with the following ideas:

Rockaway in the decade (ie, 40's, 60's, etc)

Personal remembrances of the High School, administrators, teachers, students, school staff, etc - Teachers of the decades (Tietze, Kraft, etc.).

Common threads between decades (Monica D. Ryan as Principal for 3-4 decades); the school custodian from the 50's-70's, Jack Kershman, etc.

Generations of families who attended Far Rock.

Famous graduates of the high school; we have a bunch, could use more.

Where is Kimmie (the Korean child we of the sixties "adopted")?

Other SPECIFIC thoughts, ideas, etc.

The intent would be for Joyce to present this at the Prom either as a narrative by herself or with help from volunteers of the decades to speak, act, dance, sing or what ever. The whole presentation should last perhaps 15-20 minutes.

Thanks in advance,

Rob Schnitzer

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