Richard Feynman Photos from 1965

Hi Skip,

I should have included the two attached photos in my recent message which maybe would be of use for the FRHS website of one of FRHS’ most distinguished alumni, Richard Feynman who was an honorary visitor to the high school shortly after he won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1965.   (I was the staff photographer for the yearbook and charged with documenting the visit.)   Can’t be sure whether Feynman visited in 1965 or ‘66.   I think it was ’66, the year that I graduated.   I was enrolled in Mr. Goros’ physics class and part of Feynman’s itinerary for the visit was to do a guest lecture in that class.   I have no recollection of the content of his lecture but I can recall that it was riveting in way that Mr. Goros (a lovely person but not a particularly inspiring teacher) was not.   I’m not sure that any of us in the class understood what a privilege this was.   I can’t identify the two gentlemen on either side of Feynman in the other photo.   Is one of them principal David Gordon?   In any case, feel free to use these or post them.  


Lou Marcus


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