A Wonderful Letter of Appreciation from Rocco Nasso, Class of 1979

Carol & Skip,

I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures you put on here. Some bring back a lot of memories. In the mid 70s those majestic hotels were just worn down skeletons and I always tried to imagine what they looked like in their heyday. Well, you helped me and thank you.

The one picture I looked at and I have to admit I cried when I saw it was the picture of Far Rockaway H. S. and the announcement that in 2010 it would be closing. It will always be my alma mater. Great memories of growing up there; I started my career because of a class I learned at FRHS. I love Far Rockaway and it will always be my home, even though Ive lived in Florida for 32 years. Ill never forget my days there. I want to thank you for the memories of what was, even before I was born.

I still have my school ring, winter jacket and windbreaker that says Far Rockaway track on it, and I'm proud to say I still have my letter R for track that I earned through hard work and a great coach (Mr. Miller). Please keep the pictures coming. I may cry every time I look at them, but I will always remember my time going from P. S 215 to I.S.53 to Far Rockaway H. S. The memories will live with me until the day I die.

Thank you,

Rocco Nasso, Class of 1979


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