Rockaway Wave Reminiscences

Do you remember Rockaway in the "Good Old Days?" Have you been around Rockaway almost forever? Remember Playland, Tuckee-Cups, Fascination, life in the bungalows, Lenny’s Knishes?

The Wave is looking for you. As part of our 110th Anniversary Special Issue, which will be published in late July, we are looking for people to tell us what they remember about Rockaway during the last 110 years.

The theme of the special issue will be "The History of the Rockaways Through The Pages Of The Wave." We think that it is an exciting project, one that will highlight the major events in Rockaway over the past 110 years.

If you have something to say about Rockaway in the old days, you can be part of this special issue.

Send your reminiscences to The Wave either by mail at Post Office Box 97, Rockaway Beach, New York 11693, by email at or by fax at 718-945-0913.

Please keep your submissions to 750 words or fewer.

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