More Of Roger Koerner's
Rockaway Photos

Trivia Contest # 7

 I thought it might be fun to see how many of you can recognize
the FRHS staff members pictured below.  These were taken in
1962 / 63.  If you attended FRHS around that time, see if you can
identify these faces from the past.

I know that I have thanked Roger in the past for his contributions to
the website but this group of photos is very special.  Thank you Roger,
for all of the memories you have given us.

Send your guesses to me, Skip Weinstock, at

Thanks to Arthur Traiger, former teacher at Far Rockaway High School,
many of the missing names have been supplied.

Click on any photo  below to see it in its larger format

Nat Falkenheim - Math

Irving Richards - Math

Richard Silverstein - History

Bernard Sheinman - French

Photo # 5

Photo # 6

Richard Silverstein - History

Sylvia Storch

Coach JacK Kerchman

Arthur Traiger - English

Mrs. Ethel Mines

Bob Arneson

?, ?, Mr. Novemsky?

Mrs. Adele Hechtlinger / Miss Laura Rinaldo

Irving Richards

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