Where Are All Of The Rosedale People?

Dear Skip!

In Sept 1961 we arrived at FRHS. I was wondering if any of the Class'65 or '66 are in touch with the alumni association. We all graduated from St. Clares or P. S. 138Q. In fact, Tim Byrnes and the Doyle Brothers were responsible for the basketball team winning the city championship.

If anyone from Rosedale reads this e-mail, let Far Rockaway know we did exist and were part of the school in the mid-sixties. What happened to all those teenagers who rode the buses from Rosedale everyday?

Kathleen Esposito Walters Class of '65        

If you would like to send in some memories of the Rosedale/Rockaway experience, please write to Skip Weinstock at rockaway@astound.net and I will post them on this page.


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