Searching For Information About Arlene Sobel

By a very circuitous route I came across your website which contained some information about Arlene (Beth) Sobel. She is shown on your Cheerleader picture of 1963.

Arlene graduated one of the New York universities and then went on to do a post graduate degree in English Literature at Manchester University (England) around 1966/7 and I met her in London in 1969. We lived together and then got married in 1973 but unfortunately it did not work out and we separated in the late 70’s. She then was back and forth between London, New York and L.A. for a number of years.

Since then I have heard nothing and I see your site lists her as Deceased.

I don’t want to trespass on any privacy or grief but it would give me some closure on what was a difficult period for both Arlene and me to have some information about when and how she died, if you have this. If nothing else, please pass my condolences to her husband and I hope they found some happiness together.

Otherwise your site is fascinating in capturing , via the contributors, so much of how Arlene used to describe Far Rockaway “when she was young".   Unfortunately, when I went there in the” Nam 70’s” it had become quite horrible - just as so many towns did in England, for many different reasons.

Hope you can provide some info and that you may be able to use some of this to fill in a bit of detail about Arlene on the site, which looks so bare and impersonal as it stands. She did, for example, win the most prestigious award for young women writers in the UK in 1975. 

Happy to provide any further information for listing.


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