Thanks To Steve Cohen
Class of 1969 For This Great Photo

Dear Skip

My friend Steve Cohen (1969) located the attached photo in his parents home here in south Florida. Although Steve lived near PS105 he and a few others from the Arverne area voluntarily decided to be bussed to PS114 in Belle Harbor. PS105 was overcrowded and the bussing helped to alleviate the situation.

We were only able to distinguish a few of the students in the photo.
Bottom row, Steve Cohen is 2nd from left.
Second row: Elaine Thypin 3rd from right; Wendy Ambrico (far left), Barry Zeitlin(4th from left), Tom Goff(2nd from right).
Top row:Joan Finkelstein(5th from left)

Anyone is welcome to add the names of the other students.  Thanks much.

Gordon Freed 1969

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