I'm Back......
It's Time To Take Your Seat!

If Mr. Teitze could speak to us today, he would probably deliver the following message:

In an effort to raise money for Far Rockaway High School, the alumni association has come up with an idea to utilize the aduitorium seating as a fund raiser. The idea is to have alumni purchase a seat upon which will be placed a small plaque with the name of the graduate and the year of graduation.

As one of the persons who attended the reunion and visited the school, I can tell you first hand that the building and classrooms can certainly use our help. The school's enrollment has fallen to about 1000 students and as you know, schools are funded based upon average daily attendance. The more students attending, the more money the school gets.

If you still feel that connection to Far Rockaway High School and want to contribute in this way, please contact Susan Gotleib, Class of 1963 at sb1118@aol.com

 Thanks for your assistance with this worthwhile project. If we all just give a little back, it will help future generations of Far Rockaway graduates to continue the tradition passed on to us.

 "It's Time To Take Your Seat!"

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