Dear Skip,

My family was honored that our store found its way into your trivia contest. I never made it to Far Rock High but did attend P.S. 104 until 2nd grade when we moved to Woodmere. The store stayed in its location until 1974 when we moved to Cedarhurst. In 1994 we moved again to our new location on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst.

My memories are of the Pickwick, Darling Toys and the Far Rockaway Palace Chinese Restaurant that we simply called "upstairs" because it was at the top of the staircase opposite our store. The fruit on the street at Seidt's Market, the charlotte rousses in the window of Elfenbein's and, of course, Benny the Cop keeping things moving on Beach 20th.

Again, thanks for the kind words and for helping to keep the memories alive. It was a great place to have a business and a great place to live. We will always be Toddy's of Far Rockaway and proud of it.

Jay Todtman son of "Toddy"

Thanks Jay so much for taking the time to write. I spent many a morning in line waiting for the "goodies" you and your family always had waiting behind the counter. My next stop was the Wavecrest Bakery where I always had to wait again. The wonderful ladies behind the counter never failed to call me "darling". Thanks for the memories!

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