Tony Castro's Video, Rock Rock Rockaway Beach - The Movie

Hello Skip, Family & Friends,

I appreciate all of your emails with such nice compliments about my last video. One email suggested if next time I could include more "Beach Scenes" Another person suggested that I create something from the 1970's. With those two things in mind, I pulled out some more rolls of film and created film clips of both "beach scenes" and from the 1970's. Many of the faces are unknown to me however, you may recognize some. This video is in memory of my dad Tino Castro who took most of the footage. I also added some clips from "Today" for an enhancement effect along with some 70's music.

In the process of creating this project, I reached out to Marty Nislick requesting use of his fabulous "Boardwalk" video for inclusion into my project. Marty gracefully honored my request. Marty's video can be seen unedited in it's entirety on the FR web site. A very special "Thank You" to Marty Nislick for his video use.

Thank you Skip for your continued effort (obviously a labor of love) in maintaining an incredible web site. Enjoy everyone!

Tony Castro, Class of 1974


Tony Castro's Video, Those Were The Days - The Movie

Tony's latest video is a real treat!  It's a tribute to Rockaway's past through the use of photographs.  Many of the photos come directly from the Rockaway website and have been on line for years.  So, many of you may recognize yourselves.  However, Tony doesn't stop there.  He took the old photos and where possible, revisited their locations to take pictures of what those locations look like today.  Tony took the photos and morphed them into a ''then and now" collection of very vivid images.  It's a great presentation that I know you will enjoy.  Thanks once again to Tony for creating this video for all of us to share.

Greetings ... Skip, Carol & Friends,

A year ago, before I moved out of Rockaway, I took a final ride throughout the peninsula just stopping here and there to reminisce of times gone by. My family had moved here in 1959 and like many of us, I too have seen the change. I rode through town and strolled along the boardwalk trying to re-capture (in my mind) the places I remember of 'back in the day'. I even tried to visualize what some places were like before my time! Of course knowing that I could never really know. That's when I thought "what if I could flashback and visit some of those forever gone places?" After some intense pondering, the idea came to me for this very project "Those were the Days"

Months later, I surfed the Far Rockaway Alumni web site and found many interesting photos on display. I became so intrigued that I made plans to return to Rockaway and visit some of those same places that I had seen in those photos. Obviously, most of the places were no longer there however, I took out my camera and began to snap away at what ever was there. When I returned back home I compared the "today photos" (I had taken) with the photos of yesteryear from the site. The nostalgia hit me hard and I contacted Skip and some of the web site photo contributors about using their photos for this presentation.   Enthusiastically, they gave me their blessings.

Now after several weeks working on the project, I am finally able to "flashback" to the good times and places of yesterday. As you view this presentation, I am sure that you too will . . . flashback :)

Thank you Skip for all your assistance.

Tony Castro, Class of 1974     Email Address:



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