How Can I Order My
Class Reunion Photo?

Thanks to Carol Marston for the following information.

Here's the actual details on photos and videos. Flowerama's Bridal Plaza were the official photographers and videographers of the Centennial. They took tons of videos at all events and class pictures at the Prom. If you did not get the info at the Prom or want a video here's what to do. The Class Pictures are available for $15 (8x10) $12 (5/x) and $10 (4x5). Videos are $20 each. There are two videos -- Tape 1 is the highlights from the motorcade, football game (the stands), and the assembly. Tape 2 is the Prom. You can buy both tapes for $30 for the set. $40 gets you an 8x10 class photo and both tapes as a special package deal. All prices include tax and shipping. For more information and to order, call Steve or Vicki at 718-366-9656, extention 300. Please tell them that you saw this post on the Web Site so they know how you received the information.

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