Weep, Peep, Jeep???

April 27, 2005

Hi Skip,

Revisited the website again and am continually amazed at your dedication and perseverance at keeping it going. A hearty thank you from at least one alumnus!

A couple of days ago I had one of those "popped into my mind from the buried memory bank" moments and thought I'd pass along a possible trivia question for FRHS websiters of our generation. I won't tell you the answer until you have a guess yourself (I'm betting you know the answer):

What's the difference between a "Weep" a "Peep" and a "Jeep"? Extra points for the name of the place that spawned the titles.

Hope all is well with you.

Andy Hertz Class of 1962

If you know the answer to Andy's trivia question, send your responses to me, Skip Weinstock at rockaway@astound.net

weep=1 meatball      25 cents
peep=2 meatball       45 cents
jeep= 3 meatball hero's   60 cents
Sally and Larry's pizzeria on boardwalk between 34th and 35th
Shelly Fogel, Class of 56

Hi Andy,

Weep, Peep, and Jeep are the names of the heroes served on the Boardwalk at 35th Street.  The Weep had one meatball, the Peep two and the Jeep three (or more).

Fred Strober


The rest of the answer to the trivia question is: Sally & Larry's.  They had good pizza too (the hottest in the world - guaranteed to burn the roof of your mouth).

Phil Posner,  Class of 1965       Email Adderss: phil@axion.net    


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