What's Happened to the Rockaway Boardwalk?

As you are all aware, the Rockaways were devastated by hurricane Sandy.  Much of the boardwalk was decimated and actually carried hundreds of yards inland.  In many places, all that remained were the cement supports that held the boardwalk in place.  Photos below taken from the same vantage point show the before and after view of the boardwalk.


Fast forward to 2016.  The boardwalk has been replaced for the most part, from end to end.  It may not resemble our parent's boardwalk or our memory of the boardwalk we spent our childhood on, but instead has become more of a promenade.     Below is a great time lapse video which will take you from 'end to end'.  Any comments you may have can be sent to me at skipweinstock@yahoo.com and I will be happy to post them.

Click Here or on the photo below to view the video




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