Class of 1987 Launches a Yahoo Discussion Group

Greetings from your friends from the Class of 1987.  We are happy to announce that we have created a Yahoo! Discussion Group dedicated to our class.  In anticipation of our twentieth anniversary, in 2007, we hope to promote this site and to work closely with other places in the FRHS "Web Ring," of which you are no doubt the reigning monarchs!, to boost our dear old alma mater.  We have taken the liberty of putting a link to your group on our group's page, as well as in the links section of our group's site:

We would kindly appreciate if you could give us a plug somewhere on your site, and also on the section of your site that drops down when you click on our year (1987).  Our group has been born only recently, but we look forward to promoting all things Far Rockaway, especially your group, which has performed such an invaluable service to so many generations of alumni.  We will always encourage our classmates to support you in any way they can, be it morally or financially, or in the creative solutions that Rockaway alumni should be expected to show.

A Yahoo Group is an easy way for groups of people to communicate on the internet.  A group combines the features of an email mailing list, a web page, and a chatroom to share photos & files, plan events, send a newsletter, or just stay in touch with friends and family.  Although some of us have already signed up with a variety of commercial and free sites, I think that this site will be the *definitive* 1987 reunion site for three very important reasons.  The first is that this site is *exclusively* for the Class of '87 (though we want to work in tight partnership with all other classes).  The second reason is that this site will be exclusively *controlled* by the Class of '87.  There's no commercial interest behind the curtain out to make a buck, or controlling the flow of information by tying it to account fees, or getting you to get a "gold membership," etc.  The information will flow freely, though everyone will be able to control what information they choose to reveal about themselves.  Finally, this site will provide one-stop shopping for everything relating to the Class of '87.  We will catalog links to all other websites, to personal pages of the members of our class, and we will uplink pictures and other files, including pictures of the upcoming reunion next month.

We wanted you to be among the first people we notified of our project, and we look forward to hearing about partnering possibilities or ideas that you may have for us helping you promote your site.  Best regards and God bless!

Yours truly,

Carlos Colorado    Email Address:
Los Angeles, Calif.
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