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I am keeping this link active just to remind us how far we have come.  In 1997, this page constituted the entire website.  Thanks to the wonderful support of our alumni, the Rockaway website has grown into what it is today.  Thanks as always for your support!

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The first meeting of the FRHS DC/Baltimore Alumni Chapter was held on Friday, January 23, 1998 at the Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington, DC. The following alumni attended: Norma Herschhorn Jones, Abby Propis Simms, Alan Tolk, Sol Glasner and Joy Saldinger Goldberg. Due to the success of the first get-together, the group will meet again on Tuesday, March 17, 1998, 6:30 p.m. at the China Chef Restaurant, 11323 Georgia Avenue, Wheaton, MD. Please contact Joy Saldinger Goldberg 73 at if you wish to attend.

For those of you who asked, I have just learned that there will be a financial statement generated from the reunion. As soon as I have additional information I will post it here.

This next link is on someone else's server.  I am leaving it on in hope it will return
What's Happened To Larry's Reunion Hall Web Site? Click here to find out!

Here is the answer to the second "Name This Teacher" contest. As many of you knew, Arthur Traiger was our first mystery teacher. Several of you were able to identify him. Many of you knew the identity of this FRHS teacher as well. If you have any Rockaway trivia questions for the next contest, please send them to me, with the answers. Thanks.....

Ethel Glass, Class of 1962 has sent along this Class of 1962 Reunion Photo. She has asked for assistance in identifying the members of the class. Please send in any names of the grads you recognize and I will post them for her.

Those members of the Class of 1963 who met for
dinner at Montgomery's on Thursday night,
would like to express our sincere thanks to Sue
(formerly Sue Groskin of Rockaway) for the
wonderful food, hospitality, and accommodations
she provided us. If you are ever in the Roslyn
Heights area, be sure to stop in at Montgomery's.
Don't forget to tell Sue you are a Rockaway Grad......

Montgomery's is located at 235 Roslyn Road,
Roslyn Heights, NY. Contact Sue at 516-625-5553.

Click here for information about the Far Rockaway High School Alumni Business Connection. "Doing Business With Rockaway Grads".

A big THANK YOU to all who have sent reunion photos. I am receiving
more every day and am doing my best to get them on the web site.
So, if you don't see yours yet, they will be on soon.

The very warm and wonderful Earl Jagust with Evan Garber, Class of 1967, taken
at the reunion football game. Thanks to Evan for sending it. Also, part of the
"Internet Committee", Skip Weinstock, 63 and Carol Marston, 56. Thanks to
Dave Schnitzer for this one.

Stan Cohen, Joyce Reback, Alan Skip Weinstock, Rob Schnitzer at the reunion.
Thanks to Dave Schnitzer, Class of 1959 for sending it.

Thanks to Gary Winnick, Class of 1963 for sending this great
reunion photo taken in 1988 at their 25th. Click on the photo to
see a larger version.

When you have a chance, check out the all new Rockaway Beach
Chat Connection
. Chat with grads you met at the reunion. It looks as if Tuesday
at 6:00 p.m. Pacific, 9:00 p.m. Eastern Times are more popular times to meet!

Here They Are......The First Photos of the Reunion. Thanks to
Dave Schnitzer, '59 for sharing these.   Click Here for Individual Photos.

Here They Are......The Next Group of Photos of the Reunion.
Thanks to Evan Garber, '67 for sharing these. (Evan's Link Is Currently Not
Connecting - I'm leaving in on in hopes it will return)  Evan's Reunion Photos.

They Just Keep On Coming......The Next Group of Photos of the Reunion.
Thanks to Stan Cohen, '63 for sharing these. Stan's Reunion Photos.

The Next Group of Photos of the Reunion. Thanks to
Linda Smith Roth, '66 for sharing these. Linda's Reunion Photos.

The Next Group of Photos of the Reunion. Thanks to
Andy Hertz, '62 for sharing these. Andy's Reunion Photos.

The Next Group of Photos of the Reunion. Thanks to
Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig, '65 for sharing these. Sandy's Reunion Photos.

Reunion Comments Section

Your comments started to arrive before I even left New York to come
home! I have created this "Reunion Comments" section so that you can
share your experiences with all of us. Please use this section for comments
about the reunion only
and continue to use the other "Lost Classmates"
and the "Rockaway Reunion Book" to locate lost friends and make
general comments about Rockaway or this web site. The original "Lost Classmates" listings which can be accessed from the main menu below
will continue to remain a part of the web site. If you have trouble getting
in, please keep trying! It's been extremely busy.....

Enter Comments About The Reunion Here

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Many thanks to Eric Heifetz, Class of 1967 for sending this unbelievable
photo of Central Avenue taken from the corner of Mott Avenue looking
toward the beach. This photo was taken around 1927. Can that be
"Benny the Cop's" father?

This photo was probably taken in the late 1940s or early 1950s. This is
Harold Schain (or better known as Hal). He was my father. He and my
mom owned the luncheonette on Far Rockaway Boulevard from 1947 to
1957. I am sure that there are many FRHS grads that remember skipping
a class here and there and getting a soda or malted in that store!! In
August of 1957 my father met his untimely death at age 33 in a two-seater
plane crash. His passion was flying. I was born in October of that year.
That's when Ellie and Phil purchased the store from my mom.

I hope this photo jogs some memories. I would love to hear any stories
about my father!

See you in September.


You can reach Jody at

Thanks Jody for this wonderful memory. I know that I spent many
afternoons on one of those stools.

Thanks to Richard Herbst who sent this great photo of a book of matches
circa 1952, that his grandfather printed up to sell more Oldsmobiles to
the Rockaways. He started in 1932 at 71st Street and Beach Channel
Drive and opened this dealership in 1949. The Buick is what Richard
plans to drive in the parade at the 100th reunion. Excellent!
Click on the photo to see this 1948 Buick it in its larger format.
Richard also sent along this great photo of Lisa Berman, Class of 1973

Thank you all for trying to come up with the identity of our mystery
guest teacher. It is, of course, Mr. Arthur Traiger. Five of you were able
to correctly identify him....Click on his photo to see what he has been
doing since leaving Far Rockaway High School. Arthur writes to say,
"My son's caption: Arthur Traiger, multimedia pioneer."

Hey, all you new arrivals to the Rockaway Beach Reunion Web Site, send
me your "stuff". Help keep this site growing. See information below about
where to send your photos and stories.

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You won't believe these!!! Press The Buttons To See What I Mean.
Thanks to Phil Fishgold, Class of 1972 for sending them in.

    Gold Cup Award.
    Thanks to Carol Marston for nominating the
    Rockaway Beach Reunion Web Site for the
    Gold Cup Award. Guess what? We Won!

    Check out this link and find "lost friends" who went to Saint Mary's

    If you have any pictures, stories, and memories of the "good old
    days", or want to place a classified ad, I would be happy to include
    them. Photos of "then and now" would be great! Someone send me
    a good picture of Far Rockaway High School and the Gino's Pizza
    store front, as well as anything else that represents Rockaway to
    you. Please send photos to:

    Skip Weinstock
    Olympic High School
    2730 Salvio Street
    Concord, California 94519

A self-addressed stamped envelope would be
appreciated so I can return your "stuff".

If you can send me computer images via e-mail, that would be much
better. Send them as attachments to the following e-mail address and
I'll add them to this site as soon as possible. GIF or JPG images preferred.

Please note that I have changed my e-mail address to the one
below. The Web based mail program I've been using called
HotMail, is no longer reliable and is taking too long to deliver
the mail.

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Joel's Photos
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Phil's Photos
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Heather's Photos
Class of 1963

Roger's Photos
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Hope that your photos, memories, stories, classified ads,
and anything else you can think of land here soon so we
can all share them.

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