Heather Barg Rosenhoch Photo Album - Class of 1963

The following photos were sent in by Heather Barg Rosenhoch, Class of 1963. She has sent along some great family photos. Thanks Heather for sending them along for all of us to see.


Photo on left - Heather and Joel taken on May 28, 1967 on their wedding day. Photo on right - Heather and Joel on the tennis court taken in 1976.


                        Photo on left - Mark, age 4 taken in 1984. Photo on right - Mark, age 16 taken in 1996. Boy, they grow up fast!


                                Photo on left - Heather, Mark, and Joel taken in 1995. Photo on right - Joel and Heather taken in 1995.

                         The Barg girls left to right - Linda-HILI 57, Sondra-FRHS 55, Brenda-FRHS 66, Sherri-FRHS 71, and Heather

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