Phil Paul's Photo Album 
Class of 1963

The following photos were sent in by Phil Paul, Class of 1963. He has sent along some great photos including one of Sally and Larry's Pizza on the boardwalk, a shot of beach-goers circa 1960, as well as some photos of the Chat school newspaper. Thanks Phil for taking the time to dig out those old negatives and sharing them with all of us.


Photo on left - Phil on graduation day with diploma in hand. Photo on right - Phil pointing to UBRI on the wall of FRHS. Does anyone out there besides Phil remember what UBRI stands for? Let me know if you do!


                              Photo on left - A great shot of Sally and Larry's Pizzeria on the you remember what street?

                              Photo on right - Beach-goers on a summer day with what appears to be Atlantic Beach in the distance..


                             A few close-ups of the smaller photo above......If you have any beach or boardwalk photos, please send them in!

                                           A great photo of the front of Far Rockaway High School taken when the trees were in bloom.

Send me your "stuff"!!!!!!

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