Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig's
Photo Album, Class of 1965

The following photos were sent in by Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig, Class of 1965. She has sent some great photos of members of the Class of 1965, The Wavecrest Corner, as well as the front entrance to Far Rockaway High School taken in 1982. Also, a photo of me (can it really be), Ted Moskowitz and Peter Silverman, Class of 1963 at Dale Schecht's "Sweet 16" party.


Photo on left - Phyllis Boxer, Helene Savitt, Sandy Resnitzky, Steve Genad, Irene Kreitzman, Helen Bergman, Judy Neistein - Class of 1965 taken in 1995 at the Deerfield Beach Resort.

Photo on right - Helene Savitt, Anita Levine, Steve Genad and Sandy Resnitzky, taken in 1983.

Helen Weinstock, Linda Grossman, Sandy Resnitzky, Irene Kreitzman and Helen Hollander

Juanita Brooks, Leslie Goodman and Sherry Fitelson

Ellen Soloway, Janice Rothenberg and Renee Argule

Nancy Meltzer & Hubby, Nadine Kaplan, Barbara Cohen & Ronda Billig

Members of the Class of 1965 at the Deerfield Beach Reunion in 1995

A photo of the Wavecrest Corner

Ted Moskowitz, Alan Weinstock & Peter Silverman at Dale Schecht's "Sweet 16" party

Far Rockaway High School as it looked in 1982


Max Gabriel and Nat Rothenberg, Class of 1963, and Steve Genad's photo from the 1965 yearbook

Legendary football coach Jack Kershman in the center

Members of the Class of 1965 taken at the reunion in 1989. Can you recognize anyone?

Helene Savitt, Steve Siegal, Joyce Reback & Irene Kreitzman

Gail Dyckoff and Jerry Linker taken at the 1989 reunion at Crystal Lakes Country Club

Phil Cangiano (1964), James Geraldi (1965), Joyce Uller Geraldi (1964), Barbara Kanter (1965) & Hubby taken at the 1989 Reunion at Queens College

Bobby Beacher, Edward Roth, Anita Levine Jennings, & ??? don't know name but also a 1965 graduate with his wife (the blonde).
Can anyone recognize him?

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